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May I call you D----? 33yr (Champaign, Illinois )
May I call You Daddy? I have a normal life - work full time, good friends, and a close-knit family - but there's a part of me that needs a little something different. I need a strong, dominant man to help guide me in our personal life. Someone that's strict but not a sadist, honest, demanding, firm, loving, caring and understands the nurturing and disciplinary aspects of this type of relationship. Looking for more than the D/s FWB equivalent; more of a fully explored friendship. I'm 33, smaller BBW, has a variety of interests and believes trust is built not blindly given. Looking for a Daddy that's intelligent, respectful of boundaries and wants more than a f*cktoy, that's open to getting to know one another before ever thinking to utter ''On your knees'' to a woman he doesn't know.

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Dreaming of My Dream Guy 51yr (61821, Champaign, IL, Champaign County)
Still Dreaming of My Dream Guy Somewhat Late in Life A girl of any age who may find herself alone can still dream of her dream guy; although perhaps the dream guy of a “girl” in her early fifties may be a different guy than the one she might have sought in her ingénue days. But she’s different, too; an ingénue no longer. Mi novio, wherefore art thou? Or maybe I should ask “Whofore are thou?” This would be the ultimate gent of my finely tuned dreams: The sound of his voice is very important; not too nasal; accents are great. I like certain foreign accents; almost anything from the United Kingdom; French, Italian, Spanish; Brazilian . A pleasing voice that I could love the sound of, with the content of equal importance but even when it’s of no importance, it a voice that my ear is attracted to. He should have a great sense of humor; be an expert at word play and witty repartee; a dry, sardonic, ironic wit; whatever is needed for the occasion at hand. He should be able to shoot me a glance from across the table or across a crowded room; a glance that has embedded in it the mot juste, the mot parfait for that moment. Probably it will make me laugh, but certainly it will speak volumes. He will be within a year or two of my age; so likely born into this world somewhere between 1956 and perhaps around 1960 or so. This is not a strict hard line, but ideally we have the same time referents; it makes a difference in how we see and respond to the world. I need a man who knows the words to the same songs that I do; and share my relative cluelessness about current trends in music. He should have great hands; the hands are almost as important as the voice. He should be able to use his hands for many things; he knows when to take my hand, push my hair back, run a single finger the length of my arm or inner thigh or backside; he can use his hands to beckon, to comfort, to signal distress, to communicate that which can never be done justice by mere words; he should be able to do the man-things; put up shelves, change the oil, and carry the heavy boxes. He should be smart, because I am smart. We are both book smart, we know things about history and literature and politics, maybe we are not terribly street smart, but just street smart enough. He could be in any line of work, but his considerable intelligence comes into play whether he is teaching law at Boalt or fixing cars at Toyota or setting up a pose for his wedding photography business. Maybe he is a scientist; I have always hoped for a scientist to complement myself as artist and writer. He is a humanitarian, a way left of center radical thinker, he questions authority but he commands respect. He expects and demands a lot from himself and from me; who is likewise has the same demands and expectations of myself and of this unknown as yet “him.” Looks are not the most important thing; I’m partial to eyeglasses; and a full range of teeth; still like beards and mustaches. Hair is nice; in fact, I am a great fan of male locks, but it is what is in your head that is really going to make me sink to my knees, which I would gladly do under the right circumstances. . Taller than me is good, and fortunately, I am not too tall , so this is almost always possible. Race and religion unimportant, but for what it’s worth I’m a very, very non-observant, lost daughter of Zion. If you can play a musical instrument , if you like to travel both locally and beyond, if you like to hang out alone with your woman but also have a wide circle of friends and would like to meet and hang out with mine, if you are absolutely unattached , if you have hopes not too tinged by cynicism nor the slings and arrows of life’s sometimes outrageous fortune , if you have the time to hang out with me and are not by choice or circumstance mostly unavailable, if you want to laugh and talk and debate and eat great food and send titillating emails, and more like this, please email me. If we can find each other, then we may have a daring and darling summer romance that might lead to even more. , or be young enough to be my son or old enough to be my father, please do not be married or attached. And please, please, please write more than one sentence requesting a picture.)

Trying this again - w4m 25yr (Champaign, Illinois )
I took a break from CL because I seemed to be getting the same weirdos with different names. But I want to try again!I am a BBW but have been hitting the gym. I'm very comfortable with myself but want to get healthy at least LOL. I'm short, Italian, brown hair, blue eyes. I love concerts, movies and playing games with family and friends. I love to be creative and volunteer. I'm looking for someone open minded who can hold an intellectually stimulating conversation. My pet peeve is misspellings! I want someone close to my age, not looking to rob a cradle or a grave! Haha! Hit me up with something interesting, not just 'hey wanna hook up' cause that answer would be NO. :) Your pic gets mine

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just curious 21yr (61821, Champaign, Illinois)
I've never posted on this before but whatever lol. I'm looking for a guy who can make me laugh, and is down for any adventure in LA I drink, I blaze, and I hope you do too. Since there are probably like a thousand people reading this, I just want to clarify that I'm very picky. If you aren't fun, decent looking, and don't smoke or drink then you should not reply to this ad. The first thing I notice about a guy is how well he takes care of himself. An example of what kind of guys I like are shown below. I really have a thing for badass tattoos too. As for me, I go to school full time, I have a job, and I like to play even more. You should have the same mentality :P I'm pretty girly and I think I'm cute but you can see for yourself after I get a photo of you lol. I'd put one up but I don't know who is reading this lol. Soooooo for the most part, reply only if you want and have time to pursue a long term relationship.

How can I be in the office already? 30yr (61821, Champaign, IL)
Me? Just a cute, smart, fun, yoga-loving workaholic wondering if there's anyone out there in list land who wants to keep me company. My Dunkin Donuts extra large hazelnut with skim is delicious but really needs to work on its conversation skills. Who knows, maybe early morning banter turns into happy hour later...I tend to banter best with mid 30sish athletic sorta goofy ''nice guys finish last but at least there's orange slices'' kinda guys. Pics are always seeking an affair

don't delay 24yr (Champaign, 61820 , Champaign County)
Do you 'role play' during sex?

non traditional girl 25yr (Champaign, 61822, IL )
Well, I'm married, and quite happily at that. My husband is the very opposite of me-I am an extrovert, he is an introvert. My husband is quiet and I am usually the talker. We have somewhat of nontraditional marriage, and he does not want to know the details of what I'm up to if I'm seeing any other people. So what I'm looking for is a man friend, or a few. This is a perfect situation if you are too busy to be a full time partner, or perfect if you work out of town, or work in town but live out of town... I'm not looking for a physical relationship , but who knows! If you're entertaining, charming and you make me feel great then I'll probably want to shag you... but to start, just show me a great time :) And if we do get down eventually, I'm kinda kinky. Not in a creepy weird way due to any sort of childhood issues, just in a fun cause it's fun kinda way. Please like to talk about ideas and things. Take me out to lunch or dinner, go to happy hours with me, Glenn Ivy or Burke Williams for the afternoon, go sailing or kayaking, basically un-bore me! Surprise me. Pick me up and take me somewhere I have never been. Book a suite at the top floor of a hotel on Sunset and let's fuck against the windows so traffic below can watch and simmer in all their envy. Let's go shopping and get all fancied up and then go hit the town. I LOVE going out, but I'm not a clubber. I like the finer things- fine drinks and cuisine, dressing up, showing off. I also love to just relax- read and lounge by the pool, go to the spa, watch tv series . Oh I love sushi. I've lived in LA for ten years, but I grew up in a small town so I have a diverse personality. I work in a boring but stable industry and I have several of my own creative projects going on at any one given time . Please email what ever you want to tell me about you, or be vague, I really don't see the difference at this point. We will have to meet to see how we really hit it off. Just be tall. And strong would seeking an affair nice. I've always wanted to be thrown over a guys shoulder, ass slapped and then carried away like a naughty girl who has no idea what's coming to her. I've always been more attracted to men over forty. I wear a size 10.5 shoe just in case you have a foot/shoe fetish or something... I'm 5'9'', proportionate body, tits, hips, thighs and ass. I'm not skinny, not athletic, not BBW, just normal, and pretty. I look smokin hot when I put an ounce of effort in. Looking for someone who can fit my schedule... afternoons, early evenings, and occasional all nighters. <3

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Please show me that nice guys still do exist. 24yr (61822, IL, Champaign County)
Like my title says.. I want someone to show me that nice guys are still out there. Do you still exist? I'm 24, 5-6ish, born and raised in southern California, BBW , light skinned hispanic, long brown hair and eyes, a couple tattoos, big butt . I'm an independent person..I have a job that I love ..Live with roomies and I have my own car I'm a sweet person, wear my heart on my sleeve , smart, strong , honest, sensitive, caring, love to laugh, love art and music , girly activities , reading, cooking/baking, spontaneous seeking an affair trips, smoking hookah, hanging out with the people I love, photography, drinking coffee/tea at local coffee shops, farmers markets, bonfires on the beach, movies , going for long walks, staying in and watching tv crime shows, etc..I'm a good girl..I have self respect and will not change myself for anyone. I'm not looking for fwb, nsa or anything like that. I'm looking for a friendship that has the potential of growing into something more. I'm tired of dating and meeting all the wrong men..the kind that don't ever talk to you again because they found out you won't be sleeping with them. I still have hope that there are good guys still out there. I'm the kind of person that goes out of the way to help out, smiles at people that pass, try to take things as they come, and feel genuine empathy for other people. I'm so unlike every other woman out there..I know I deserve a guy that is different than all the rest :-). I'm a good, genuine person and I'm seeking the same. Being just friends is also an option :-) Please don't reply if you know your the kind of guy that can't be straight up and real. I value honesty and if you can't be honest, please move on. I love men that have their lives together and are confident in who they are. Anyway, if I haven't totally scared you off feel free to reply! Lol. Tell me about yourself, what are you looking for...what your favorite color is..anything :-) Please put your favorite car/truck in the subject line. Thanks ;-)