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Summer Romance with a Smart, Sexy BBW? 32yr (Carpentersville, Illinois , Chicagoland)
I am looking for a Summer romance. Simple, fun love. Sundays in bed. Picnics in the park. Weekends on the coast. Making love in bed, in the park, on the coast... :) Doesn't that sound nice? I'm 32 years old, 5'8, size 22; I'm a true bbw, so you should be a true admirer. I have long brown hair, green eyes, legs up to here, and I smell good. I am soft, warm and partially edible. I'm well-educated, well-traveled, and mostly well-behaved. I'm all woman: I wear dresses, heels, perfume, and lipstick. I am single, never married, no kids. I don't smoke or do drugs of any kind, unless you count champagne and chocolate. I love literature, wine, art, old Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers movies, and full-contact scrabble. I don't just like to travel, I need to travel. I enjoy discussing big ideas - philosophy, physics, politics, etc. - more than little details, like who was voted off American Idol last night. I don't own a TV. I'm frequently kind to strangers and small animals. I'm looking for someone who is smart, sincere, educated, mature, intellectually curious and funny/witty. I'm hoping that you've been to more than 3 countries in your life, or at least have a curiosity to travel. Men 32-55 encouraged to reply, and it would be nice, but not required, if you're taller than I am. Personality and brains will always win the day with me. Please send a picture and tell me 5 traits that describe you - this way I'll learn something about you, and I will know that your letter is meant just for me. Shall we start our Summer romance with drinks tonight? I'm going to the Farmer's Market now. I look forward to reading your email when I get back... :)

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I Want Something More 43yr (Carpentersville, Illinois , Chicagoland)
Seeking unbridled adventurer in witty yet soulful package who is a kindred spirit with a tender touch. I am tolerant, sensitive and accepting of differences in people. I am open-minded and a good listener. I enjoy a spirited give and take in conversation and in all aspects of a relationship. I want a partner with whom I can build a life rich in spirit and full of passion. If you're the object of my affection , I'll give you everything and hold nothing back. You will be cherished. Who are you? You know who you are and what you want. You are tender, gentle and respectful of me and my feelings, but also strong and protective of those you care about. Our relationship is based on mutual admiration and honesty. I will comfort you, challenge you, seduce you and support you. Having a partner with which I can have a shared vision would be nice. I have a warm and generous nature and strive to maintain a positive attitude daily. I desire more than just the superficial pursuit of the physical interaction between a man and a woman. My gift to you is emotional availability and a true heart. Passion and fulfillment are worth waiting for, don't you agree?

Beautiful, British, backgammon! 51yr (Carpentersville, 60110, IL , Chicagoland)
Does anyone play backgammon? It's such a great game and nobody seems to play it here! Me: British, slim, 5'7, brunette/blue eyes, writer/artist/photographer, work in entertainment industry, own home/pool/spa, passion for world travel and weekend trips away - Big Sur, Joshua Tree, Palm Springs, Santa Fe. The Greek Islands are a favorite. Into: hiking, dogs/wolves, animals, the beach, snow skiing, cafes, crosswords, indie movies, intellectual discussions, lazy evenings by the pool. You: British or anything else! 35-55, tall , fit/athletic, witty, intelligent, kind, curious, sensual. Your pic gets mine! Hope you're all enjoying this beautiful holiday weekend!

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Looking 4 Single White Man ...wait there's more 40yr (Carpentersville, 60110 , Kane County)
What are your stats? Never Married/Divorced/Widower Must be single no matter what Please be younger than 45 MUST have an ACTIVE IN SHAPE BODY so we can hike, run, workout, play volleyball, bike riding, and other fun stuff together please live within 10 miles to El Segundo Believe'll love my personality...whoops! Isn't THAT the kiss of death huh? Well to make you feel better, I am cute...everyone says so....I look younger than 40 ...yeah they say that too....they also say that i'm fun, smart, well adjusted, completely drama free, and happy all the time Facts are: I'm 5 ft 4 inches tall, petite but with curves ..I am active and enjoy playing sports...what else do you want to know about me? Because there are some weirdos out there, I really do not feel comfortable posting my can you send me one to me, along with your stats, and I'll send you one of me along with more info on me if you'd like. :-) Have a great day!

re: Whats wrong (60110, IL, Kane County)
The dating & relationship scene has always been unequal 1 Professional men dating younger & beautiful women below their socio-economic class. 2 Succcessful men dating women above their social class. White professional women are discovering what black, Latina, & 55+ women already know that your profession does not deny you the option to date younger & handsome men below your socio-economic class because they know men have an intrinsic value as men. Yet, San Diego women who think that a man who earns less than her or are not professionals are losers should resign themselves to being alone because no man in his right mind shall accept being denigrated by a woman based on socio-economic class. Or become cougars and acquire boytoys for that reason alone who regardless will leave them one day for a younger woman. Men have not the acquired the same ''trophy status'' as women that permits them to be accepted in the same social class based on physical & emotional attributes becasue professional & non-professional women devalue men if they're not professionals or their earning power is less than theirs by assigning them that loser title. Whereas, all men atttach a value to women based on physical beauty and emotional attributes of companionship and not earning power. Ladies, BBW's & professionals, you're confused on this matter: A man of equal soci-economic class will opt for a younger and/or more fit woman of lower socio-economic class that defers to their intrinisic value as men seeking an affair a than professional woman who may not because she has failed to grasp that there are two contexts - one for work & one for the bedroom- for her. When women value men for their intrinsinc value as men [physical & emotional ]attributes if intellectual attributes are not withstanding the premise that women & men are equals]and not earning power or what they can benefit based on a pecuniary interests of ''traditional'' man-woman relationship then professional women, including BBW's, will have created that context for men outside their socio-economic and/or physical class to become available to them based on mutual respect as human beings. Maturity goes both ways but its valued more by women and a young firm body is valued more by men. Having a man or woman with both attributes of maturity & firm bodies are almost unattainable premises becasue maturity comes with age and firm bodies are domain of the respective young. Men look for younger women but younger women do not look for older men thus limiting the availabilty of men exponentially for women and increases the competition for younger women which inflates the value of young fit women.

It's Saturday! 28yr (60110, Carpentersville, IL, Kane County)
Plans for tonight are looking dismal already, so I thought I'd check this out and see what comes of it. I figure that by being the Poster, I can weed out the crazies/sketchballs/psychotics a bit better than by just answering some of the guys' posts. I'm a pretty regular girl- have a career, good friends, and an awesome pooch . I love meeting new people which is getting alot harder as I get older. I'm outgoing, friendly, and very down to earth. Physically, I'm on the shorter side with a petite/average build, brown hair, and blue eyes. I'd to get out for a drink or four tonight and just have some fun- conversation/laughs. So, please tell me a little about yourself and we can go from there!

Thick, black woman for ltr (60110, Carpentersville, Illinois)
Short and Sweet: I am a young seeking an affair single, black woman seeking a LONG TERM RELATIONSHIP ONLY!!!!!!!!!!! Any race, age, just please be tall and respectful. I have pics to TRADE only . Please tell me about yourself when you respond.

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Looking for a chat seeking an affair 27yr (60110, Carpentersville, IL)
Hi guys, I have day off today and trying to finish my project for my school but seems like I am not motivated enough. I think I'd take a break from it for a little bit and look for someone who'd like to chat ? Maybe your work is slow today or maybe you have day off and just look to talk to new people? Well, I am here :) Please send your pictures and info about yourself. We can IM and I can give you some pics too if you want. Have a good Thursday!