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wanna kick it? your treat! :) 22yr (Idaho, ID)
Im interested in finding a few guys to get to know and possibly grow into something more please do not be over the age of 28. I prefer black guys but im open. About me: 22 african american no kids no drama employed attractive cool personality smart to find out more hit me up with a pic! NO PIC NO REPLY!!

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Erotic hypnotist 34yr (Idaho, ID)
I'm a vetter for intel, writer and erotic hypnotist. As a woman I am also a Sadist but have no fear; we come to terms about your limits and boundaries prior to the session. I want to explore your every desire while your somewhat vulnerable. Trust me. Chasity

This may seem hopeless, but you never know if you don't try. I am 60 something and looking for a regular guy who is anywhere between 65 and 75. White, at least 5'11'', and no smoking or drugs - American I am older but not dead, and I seriouisly miss the companionship of someone who cares. Love never goes out of style. I have a lot to offer and expect a lot in return. A regular guy who has his act together, is retired or semi=retired, but still likes to work, Someone who has enough respect and love left to share with that special someone. If this ad seems just a little bit of what you may be looking for, please send an email and we can go from there. If you're not interested, please don't send me any jokes or snide remarks about the age issue. Love is great no matter what the age. For you young people, you will know what I mean when you reach this age. Appreciate your youth because it doesn't last forever. Hope to hear from a decent person soon.

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Nice guy? I need you 26yr (Idaho, ID)
I don't do bad boys. Or maybe I should say I got them out of my system? I'm past the age where they can draw me, at 26. I'm looking for a banter buddy first and foremost. Somebody that can keep me laughing, and laugh along with me. I'm hwp, d/d free and have a college education. I seek same, but i'ts not a deal breaker. The laughter is, though.

let's chat and see what happens! :) 18yr (Idaho, ID)
Heyy, my name is Amanda! I'm 18 years old and I live in Chicago.. Some things about me: -i have long black hair. -i have bluish gray eyes. -i play and coach basketball. -i'm pretty religious :) -i love my music , but some others too! -i have a good sense of humor. -i'm pretty sarcastic, but in seeking an affair funny way. -i'm 5'8 1/2'' !! -i love to cuddle and just hang out. I have been going through a lot lately so dealing with stress by myself pretty much sucks. I'm hoping to find someone who is NOT insane and won't be totally obsessive to the point where I get irritated . I am fun to be around once you get to know me, so I want to try and find the person who can have fun right with me. :) What I look for: -good personality. -good sense of humor. -somewhat attractive. -around the ages of 18-23..? haha -if you don't drink or smoke, thats also a plus, but not horrible if you do. maybe smoking is lol, but still! :) -athletic -if you play guitar and/or sing, thats a plus too!! -good music taste! I'm looking for new people to talk to and just seeing what happens. I'm totally not into moving fast thing with the whole 'marriage' talk after we first meet or the awkward 'I love you' when you do NOT feel that way back AT all after the first just saying! But hey, message me and get to know me, let's see what comes out of it! :) I will send a pic once you message me! This could be fun! Wow, this is long..laterrrr!

Are you the right one? 21yr (Idaho, ID)
Hey guys! I saw someone put a point system on the men for women linked and I couldnt help but laugh :D I am hoping it worked for him becuase I am going to give it a try. Instead of having a point system I will quiz you a passing grade is a seventy-five or higher GOOD LUCK! how old are you? eighteen to twenty two twenty three to twenty seven non of the above where do you see yourself in five years from now? traveling as a missionary still having fun, party, party! settling down are you goofy, and enjoy laughing at yourself? true/ false are you a virgin, or has had less than 2 sex partners? true/false do you like going to church? true/false do you like to workout/ outdoors activities, ex; camping, tennis... true/false do you have a job and or go to school? true/ false your dream house is an ample two story house with nice ammenities and very comfortable true/false do you like to do volunteer work, and think helping others in need is the best deal? true/false you like to have nice things and want to live comfortably, with some luxuries? true/ false Bonus points: tell me more about yourself and a pic of yourself plus five and dont worry about the pics, I do not judge the person by how they look I just think it would be a great idea to see who im talking to thanks for responding more about me: I am a twenty one year old female who enjoys life if you reply i will send you more info about me thanks

The Whole Truth and nothing butt 39yr (Idaho, ID)
I am putting it all out there, err, here on the CL. as being single kindofsucks and all my favorite reality shows are ending and if I don't so something to shake up the social seeking an affair I may switch my late night eating habits to late night drinking, and drinking solo seems even more pathetic than eating cereal for dinner and why the heck not. whew. this is it. the good the bad and the queen. es todo. *I love the sunshine, the ocean, hiking, and most things outdoors in nature *I'm educated, sometimes professional with good wits and senses, and seek similar. *I am very mellow and hate drama *I am a nature loving girlie girl. I like to be able to dress up at times, get frequent mani/ pedi's, yet love being casual in a tank & ball cap. *I sometimes hate people. *I sometimes hate people even more when I'm driving. I have a sick desire to drive them off the hwy, I know thinking this is wrong. *I'm an animal lover and carefully take spiders back outside, I feel guilty killing fruit flies. No, I am not catholic. *I love Tabasco, peanut butter,whip cream, smoked cheeses, and avocados. Sometimes I love an ice cold can of diet coke just for the taste of it. ahhhhh. I don't drink soda daily and if you are a habitual pepsi drinker, I pass. Pepsi is for idiots. *A man cooking is a big turn on. *I love a good alpha male who is not a neanderthal. A gentleman with an edge. *I am a size 10 right now. This means I am no skinny mini and I don't shop at biggie gal stores. I am giving up gelato tomorrow. I can probably beat your athletic ass up Cowles mountain, so please don't worry your pretty head about me being a sloth. *your BMI should be Althetic Average Overweight. NOT underweight or obese. I like fit men to 25 pounds of being fit. You can be a scrapper, just not scrawny. *be 39-48yrs old and very mature and very young at heart. I a young 39, I am not a Mrs. Robinson type, within 5 years of my age is ideal. *no baggage, no recent or still going through divorce /split. don't be so set in your ways. I abide. *I'm fun. and much more fun when I feel secure. *I don't do drugs, rarely drink, and think if you are over 30 and use ''420'' in any sentence you are a loser. I am not interested in someone in recovery, I prefer people who were smart enough not to f-themselve up in the first place. *I'm blue eyed blond. I know the pic is small and funky. I will trade pic 4 pic. You first. Keep it clean. Men, if you feel the urge to send pics of your junk to unknown woman, you are gay! gay men love seeing the junk, straight normal woman do NOT. *Turn me on with your mind first. Banter with me. this is the most important and if you get it, OMG, you might be able to get me drunk, take me to Vegas and make me forget I'm a commitment phoebe. If I'm not for you, its okay. Move on. if you are not between the ages of 39-48, do not email me. If you can banter, please send a hello and tell me about you.

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a distant ship, smoke on the horizon 21yr (Idaho, ID)
I am a 21 year old scorpio just moved back to massachusetts, I am a CNA and full of life.I Have 7 piercings and 5 tattoos I love my job more than anything, i work at a seeking an affair home for the mentally challenged, and I smile everyday, i dance to music in my car, i sing every song i know I am open to try new things. I am happy with myself for once in my life, its been a tough journey. I love to read on the beach with my toes in the sand. I listen to everything from pink floyd, led zeppelin, bob marley, and phish to alice in chains, pantera, and tool to lil wayne. I am not your normal 21 year old,I am extremely goal oriented, but have problems staying in one place to long.. im looking for someone with brains, that can make me laugh, that can spell properly, who will accept me for me, and thats down for a good time