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Pretty blonde looking for a younger man 46yr (96743, Kamuela, HI)
Kind-hearted, attractive, fit , intelligent, educated single woman seeks a younger man. I am 5'4'', have shoulder length blonde hair, hazel eyes. My interests include movies, magic, working out,art, good books etc. I also love to kiss. I am looking for an attractive single/divorced man over 30. I am looking for someone who is kind-hearted and considerate. Will only respond to replies with a pic

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For the Gentlemen..... 40yr (Kamuela, Hawaii )
So, I saw an ad that listed the writer's ''negative'' attributes first, then delved into the positive ones. I thought that was a refreshing way to do an ad, so, taking rewrite liberties, here is mine..... - I dislike most of the human inhabitants of this planet because I have found they usually are either outright liars at worst, or have hidden agendas at best. - I am not your previous wife/wives/girlfriends. Please don't punish me for their sins. - I swear too much. My favorite word is 'cunt'. And I use it as often as reasonably possible. - I have a diverse range of music tastes, but can't tolerate country or hip hop. - I have no tolerance for smokers. I have no desire to die early of secondhand smoke inhalation. - I can't stomach men whose sole interest and passion in life is sports. Have some diverse interests, for the love of pete, willya? - I am a small bbw . There is a difference between some extra curves and being 'Jabba the Hut' overweight. I do enjoy food and refuse to apologize for that. - On the same subject, I can't stand men who have extra pounds themselves to lose or would physically frighten small children, and then demand their women be a size 2 or a supermodel. Double standards piss the hell out of me. Don't have one set of rules for yourself and another set for me. - I can't tolerate dishonesty or deception. If you can't be honest, that speaks volumes about your character . - I will not grow my hair long for you. I like it short and it looks good on me. - I am not your mother. I will not financially support you. I have noticed an alarming trend in women more than willing to do so and that is very disturbing to me. I am gainfully and steadily employed and expect the same from you. I don't want nor expect you to foot the bill for my things and I refuse to do it for you. We are both adults. - I won't tolerate rudeness, disrespect or any sort of abuse. If you can't be civil and mature, take an anger management class and get that fixed. - Don't expect me to be available 24/7 or at moments notice. I have a life of my own. - Belching and farting is not attractive......really. Neither is an obsession with porn. - I won't sleep with you on the first date. Actually, I consider this a positive. - My idea of a nice evening does NOT consist of ordering a pizza and watching the Cubs. -------------------Now for the positives ....... - I am extremely honest and fair. I easily see both sides of an issue.....and if I am wrong about something, I readily admit it. - I am a huge animal lover. - I am intelligent and articulate. I love interesting a stimulating conversation and can talk about a diverse range of subjects. - I am extremely faithful and loyal and fully expect the same. - I am considered attractive and have gorgeous eyes. - I don't lose my temper easily. I prefer rational discussion of problems and/or issues. - I enjoy trying new things. - I dress very well, smell wonderful and am very well-groomed. - I don't care what kind of car you drive. - I will never give you the 'silent treatment'....or, conversely, say ''if you don't know what's wrong, I'm sure not going to tell you.'' - I am an amazing kisser, very passionate and affectionate. - I don't play mind games. - I am pretty knowledgeable about wine and have a very nice collection of reds that I am willing to share. - I greatly enjoy my own company and won't demand to be your shadow 24/7. I have my own friends and interests and will encourage you to enjoy yours also. - I don't take life too seriously. - I have a great sense of humor and can readily laugh at myself. - I am taller than most women and carry myself with poise and confidence. - I will treat you with respect and encourage you to be the best 'you' that you can be. Those that are interested in knowing the woman behind these words, I hope to hear from you.

Are you looking for me? Here I am 32yr (Kamuela, 96743, HI )
Hello there, If you really know what you are looking for in a gal, then your search migh have come to an end. Are you; 1. Mature enough to treat me like a lady? r u ready to receive the same from me? 2. Ready to receive professional massage therapy for the rest of your life? I received training for the sake of you and kids when the time comes. Massage Therapy is not only relaxing but vry benefitial for our well being. ps. do not get any funny ideas about massage. ok? 3. A Christian? 4. A guy who enjoys the simple things in life? 5. A guy who would like a lady who doesn't take herself toooooo seriously? 6. A guy who wants the company of a beautiful woman both in and out? 7. A guy who respects a confident and independent woman? 8. A guy who wants a strong, wise and humble woman 9. Humble yourself? 10. Ready to enjoy my cooking? Also, thanks for reading this but reply if you are between 26 -36 yrs. All races are open. Things I don't care for: 1. Tatoos 2. Drugs 3. Any rough lifestyle. I am a soft spoken, kind down to earth laady and expect the same. I know we all have a life story; I want to listen to yours. whats your story? Friendship and trust first! good luck to the rest of you. Please send me your photo. It is only fair. Thanks!

Married seeking affair; three simple words that mean a whole lot. If you're not careful you might end up having an affair that you regret. However if your spouse isn't pleasing you and you feel you deserve more there are five things you need to know before seeking an affair. >>

RE: Jean Harlow 28/7-11 Broadway &Littleton bvd. (96743, HI, Hawaii County)
I saw your post yesterday so I went over to was beer belly city! A bunch of old men sniffing around like dogs in heat! All I can say is ''EWW''! Then I saw your post last night,but you got flagged before I could reply. I know you just got out of rehab [saw your other post] and I'd like to talk with you,I can pick you up and give you a ride downtown this morning,we can talk on the way. Write me back,lets talk!

Looking for younger guy 46yr (Kamuela, 96743 , Hawaii County)
SWF, 46, size 16, long dark hair, eyes, very young looking, educated, serious job but not the corporate type, down to earth, seeking younger man for dating relationship who is open to long term. Like to go out ... seeking an affair dinner, hiking, museums, the beach, music, travel.

I finally know what I want!!! 22yr (96743, Kamuela, Hawaii)
Iím pretty easy going, and laid back most of the time, but I do take life seriously. I have an amazing bunch of friends, but every year hang out time gets sparse, because we are all slowly settling down. What Iím looking for is simple: I'm in search of someone that can make me smile and laugh, someone that has a positive outlook on life, and a great head on their shoulders. I want to get to know someone that I can build an amazing friendship with, and have a potential LTR. I am not on here for one night stands or casual sex AT ALL! If youíre interested in getting to know me, send a message my way. I have pics, and will gladly send them to you once you have proved that you are real. No pic, no reply. I am real 100%!!! It was a beautiful Longview and on rain with a nice burst of sun in the late afternoon.

Looking for a drinking buddy 46yr (Kamuela, Hawaii )
Looking for a drinking, grilling, ''have fun'' with partner. seeking an affair be single and over 44 years old.

Married and seeking an affair is one thing, but married and seeking an affair with an idiot is something else altogether. The bottom line is that you should be extra picky, especially since you're married, and this means finding the right person for your very particular needs. >>

Something New? 20yr (96743, Kamuela, HI, Hawaii County)
Hey guys, im just trying something new here is a little bit about me... I love to meet new people.. i am 20 and i am single and i am very mature for my age im looking to meet new friends i have greats friends but i am missing that special someone so with that said... i would like to meet a great guy as well to get to know maybe date and see how things go from there as for fun goes i like to fish camp hang out with friends play sports workout i am very active i love to play all sports also like to listen to music and watch movies and curl up on couch cuddle and watch movies all night i like to have fun with life as long as im having fun i will try anything i like to try new and differnt things if i like em i may try em again lol i like to run around town take a walk along the lake and at the park i love to be around the lake as much as i can love to cookout swim and be in the water and also like to play horseshoes out at the lake. i have an outgoing laid back personality im easy going it takes a lot to get under my skin i dont sweat the small things and seeking an affair have a great sense of humor love to make others laugh i am a country girl i love to be outdoors enjoy the sunshine and outdoor air lol if you interedted in chatting send me an email and lets chat and see how things go