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Re: Where are the nice guys? (96706, Ewa Beach, HI, Honolulu County)
I WISH I have met a ''nice guy'' in my life! You guys complain about women not appreciating a nice guy like you. If they exist, why haven't I found one? I don't believe they do, at least in Las Vegas. I have been SEARCHING for a REAL AND SINCERE nice guy to hold open doors for me, cook for me, and treat me like a lady. THE ONLY RESPONSES I HAVE RECEIVED were from men who wanted me for sex, nothing else. Where are the nice guys who cook for women? I never even had a platonic male friend that was that nice to me. But I have no problem cooking for a man to show my appreciation for who he is, and I have several ex boyfriends that knew they messed up that will confirm that in their regret of taking me for granted. Where are the nice guys that still take girls out? I haven't met on YET in Las Vegas. It's always about, ''Let's go to my house and have sex''. Wow, I felt like a whore, not a lady. But I don't have a problem spending money when I have it. Dutch is not a foreign word to me, and I have paid for dates at times. Where are the nice guys that actually LISTEN to women and is a shoulder to cry on? Every guy I'VE met was willing to be a listening ear IF I promised them sex. But I'm a listening ear all of the time, sex or not. So come on with the b.s. If nice guys DO exist, then they need to show themselves. I HATE the bad boys! I'm PAST that. I was married to a man who turned into an abusive fuck. That's why I'm single . I realize that I have made some mistakes in my past, and I had to grow up. At 32, I'm VERY mature. I realized that I may have turned some nice guys away. But I was with someone I THOUGHT was going to be the one during the time I turned them down, so if being faithful at the time to someone who didn't deserve it was the reason, then My mistake was being LOYAL. I would hold on to a nice guy if I met one here. I don't believe they exist in Las Vegas. Otherwise, I would have one. Because under my hurt, heartbreak, and cynicism, I'm REALLY A NICE GIRL. Good luck to you guys....I don't expect to meet a nice guy here. I'm just venting and responding.

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Visiting Miami seeking fun guy to party with 25yr (Ewa Beach, Hawaii )
I'm traveling to Miami alone to get away from the stress of work. I will be there from June 24-27 and I'm looking for a fun, outgoing, hot guy to hang with for a night or 2. I'll have my own room, so I don't need a place to stay. I do not expect you to buy anything for me, just be cool and we'll have fun together. About me: 25, Cape Verdean woman, single, no kids, 5'8'', 120lbs, perfect boobs, light brown skin, brown eyes, and long dark hair. I have pics. You: 21-32, tall, fit/slim, attractive, likes to drink and party. Please send a pic with info. I just want to have a good time on my vacation. I'm coming alone, so it would be nice to meet someone there.

So if you take me to dinner tonight.... 27yr (96706, HI, Honolulu County)
I have a strong urge to go out on a romantic dinner/drinks type of date tonight. If you take me to dinner tonight and we end up having a good time, who knows, I might even let you persuade me to spend the night at your place. I'm basically looking for dinner plus sex. I'm BBW and cute, in need of a little romantic adventure. You should be sweet, smart, and a great conversationalist. Since its out first date, dinner/drinks are on you. No pic, no reply.

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LIFETIME PARTNER 65yr (96706, Ewa Beach, Hawaii)
This may seem hopeless, but you never know if you don't try. I am 60 something and looking for a regular guy who is anywhere between 65 and 75. White, at least 5'11'', and no smoking or drugs - American I am older but not dead, and I seriouisly miss the companionship of someone who cares. Love never goes out of style. I have a lot to offer and expect a lot in return. A regular guy who has his act together, is retired or semi=retired, but still likes to work, Someone who has enough respect and love left to share with that special someone. If this ad seems just a little bit of what you may be looking for, please send an email and we can go from there. If you're not interested, please don't send me any jokes or snide remarks about the age issue. Love is great no matter what the age. For you young people, you will know what I mean when you reach this age. Appreciate your youth because it doesn't last forever. Hope to hear from a decent person soon.

party favours 21yr (Ewa Beach, 96706, HI )
Looking for some uppers, seeking an affair lots of energy... im sure i can repay you in some way.

Summertime...and the living is easier (Ewa Beach, Hawaii )
Or at least that's how I feel about summer. I love the long days and how it makes me want to eat out in the backyard or lie in the hammock reading a book. Eat BBQ at the outdoor table. Hang out with friends over a bottle of wine. I love that summertime is outdoor time. The problem is that as much as I love my friends, I wish I had a special guy to hang out with sometimes too. Do you like to cook? Do you at least like to eat? We might get along since cooking is one of my favorite things. I like cooking all kinds of things and I'm about as far removed from vegetarian as I can get I'm not necessarily looking for a full-time boyfriend because I have a pretty busy life already . I'm a full-time mother with a full-time job. I'm amicably separated from my husband and we're on our way to figuring all that goes along with disentangling the parts of our lives that need disentangling. And holding on to the good stuff which includes being good parents to our 2 kids and remaining the good friends that we've always been. It really is friendly which is a gift for all of us. Maybe you're in a similar place in your life...getting divorced or just breaking up from a long-tern relationship. Maybe you have kids and maybe you don't. Maybe you want a friendship that is somehow different from the other, great friendships in your life. Someone who is the first person you think of when you want to talk or laugh or try out a crazy idea. Maybe there's been too much drama in your life lately and you'd like some simple, easy times without it. Bonus points if you really miss kissing and sex. It's been my experience that there has to be some other kind of chemistry between 2 people for the sex to be great but if the last year has taught me anything it's that my assumptions are sometimes wrong. So even though I'm not looking for one-nighters or booty calls I'm pretty flexible about the details of this hasn't-happened-yet relationship. Age and physical details don't matter to me as much as connection and chemistry. Life experience matters, emotional maturity matters. But tall/short/skinny/chunky/hair color/race don't really matter to me. But if it's important to you...I'm a white woman about 5'8''. I'm in my mid-40s. Dark hair /blue eyes. Curvy but not fat. Dress pretty casual most of the time, but I dress up nice too :-) I'm a city girl who likes going out in nature especially to the coast. I love movies but I can completely lose myself in a book. I'm outgoing friendly and moderately social but I also really value my alone time. Love to cook especially for and with friends and family. I appreciate good beer and wine as well as dive bars and diners. Politically liberal. Not at all religious. Not a sports fan but I can appreciate watching a good basketball game on TV . If any of this sparks your interest, drop me a line...

Are you the one 42yr (96706, Ewa Beach, HI)
Hello there, I would love to meet the right man someone who is kind, caring, educated, cultured, somebody who is happy with life and grateful to be living. Me I'm a British woman living currently In London will be moving to Los Angeles some time in July thus I would love to start communication process and hopefully connect, seeking an affair m looking for long term, if you that way inclined, drop me a line.

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Seeking Working Relationship 22yr (Ewa Beach, 96706 , Honolulu County)
Have you ever wanted a receptionist/admin/personal assistant that you could be involved with? Well, I've always had a thing for being told what to do and doing it well. I'm looking for either an nsa or ideally ltr with a man that would also be able seeking an affair offer me a legit job. I have quite a bit of office experience and am a student pursuing a double degree. If you would like to know more, drop me a line with some information about you and what you can offer. I'm 5'9'', white, 175 lbs.