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Welcome to the good life..... 24yr (30830, Waynesboro, GA)
Well its been awhile since I've been on the dating scene.... And I'm not about to find a potential boyfriend at a club or bar so I figure why not give list a just never know these days.... Anyways lets cut to the point...if your looking for the girl next door...well im not her but im her neighbor haha. See look at that...a sense of humor, well my attempt at it. I'm not a skinny model nor am I an obese woman, not there is anything wrong with that, beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. I do have tattoos and a few piercings. I am 24 years old and going to school and working. I hope to be elementry school teacher one day once I finish school, which should be soon. I do drink, but socially, and occasionally can be 420 friendly.... Hope that doesnt bother you. Im a chill ass're never gonna find a lady like me. I know how to act and Ive got my shit straight. I care too much about everyone that sometimes I forget to put myself that can be a good thing and a bad. I LOVE making people laugh, but there are a lot more entertaining people than me. NO I am not drunk all the time, I'm just a very happy person. I'm wild to the max and I could probably give a flying fuck what you think of me. I'm an incredibly deep person, to the point where it gets cheesy, but that's ok, that's me. I promise you that you won't find a more romantic person than me. I'm probably one of the most caring people you will ever live to meet, but that's only if I like you. I get annoyed easily, but at least I'm nice about it, until you just piss me off. Don't get involved in a verbal argument with me; I will chew you up right to the core. Trust me, I've had enough practice from dumbass people. I get in random moods of cuddleness . I text message more than you. My room is a solo club for me to dance around in my underwear; I do it so much that I don't think it's normal. I LOVE dancing with a passion, and of course singing. I'm the driver with her music on full blast to some rock song, and I text, play with my iPod, and drive all at the same time. I predict that that's how I'm going to end up dying! I'm sentimental... all the fucking time, but I try not to show it.But that never wortks. What can I say Im a girl, its in my genes. I am affected by music like no other; lyrics are so important to me. I enjoy getting ''hyper off of 5hour energy drinks and going crazy at concerts. Finding unexplained bruises all over yourself the next morning is amusing too. I believe in Karma, and if you don't... well that's cool too. I love the beach... and ok I'm done. OH and I have enough respect for myself to NOT let people walk all over me. But sometimes I can be a pushover as well. I do not try to buy your friendship because I don't need any fake people in my life. The end.

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looking for ramirez - w4m 40yr (Waynesboro, Georgia )
i am looking for guy ramirez. he is 53, white male, bowler, lives in west houston. If anyone knows him, email me at address listed. thanks.

snoozeday sunday. 26yr (30830, GA, Burke County)
So here it is. It's Sunday and I'm hungover. I'm motivated to sit on my ass and accomplish shit today. Therefore if you're also looking forward to day of nothing, hit me up. My birthday is in 8 days, I'll be 27. From cornfields of Indiana. Love tattoos. Big burly men. Rockabilly. Psychcobilly. Rat rods. Cold beer. Laughter.

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chubby girl 20yr (Waynesboro, 30830 , Burke County)
Looking for someone to talk to on AIM cuz im bored as heck.

HOT AND SWEET...DATING 101 seeking an affair (Waynesboro, Georgia )
Just looking out the window At a beautiful sunny May... Wondering what the heck I can do To have some real fun this day. Want to go out on a juicy date... Be happy, free and like the wind... But with whom will I ultimately Use the time that I will spend? Ive dated occasionally on CL before... So far, its been a snooze and a bore... The guys that have been responding so far... Didnt have enough manners to walk me to my door. One guy was charmng and nice... till he realized I wasnt going home with him... Then he turned into a real ass... When his snake couldnt come out of his snakeskin. Another fella started off by emailing That we had a lot in common and he was cool... Before our date he begged me to NOT wear any panties... And show him my ''goodies''...What a fool! Then there was the readhead terror... Who was the picture of charm until we left the bar... Then he turned into an octopus with cold, clammy Hands, During the drive back home in his car. So what have I learned from these disastrous dates? Whats the point that I'm trying to prove? Well, I've learned that most men dont know today what is the right way to make a right move. Where are the calm, cool gentlemen...? Gracious, smooth, and just right... Cause Ive been saving this sweet pussycat For that special man to get next to some night... Im willing, but not desperate... Smart, but not slick... If you willingly bring some balance into the equation... I just might want to check out your D--- Just joking fellas... Dont get carried away... The truth of the matter is... I want a man who wants to stay. Who appreciates a special woman, With talents and abilities in many different ways... So, if you are a uniquely unselfish Man... Check me out...and maybe we'll play! Spring is winding down... And summer is coming fast... Dont wait too late to check me out... Or you just might wind up Last!

attractive bbw for friends or ltr 27yr (30830, Waynesboro, Georgia)
Hi I am an attractive 27 single bbw. Just trying to find a decent guy i can spend time with and see what happens. Please respond with real in your subject line. And please send pics. I have a job, car, and all that good stuff. hit me up guys

Looking for Friend first possible relationship 27yr (30830, Waynesboro, GA, Burke County)
I am looking for a guy that is not just wanting to jump into stuff rught seeking an affair have one kid that is a mixed race but his dad is not involved and never will be. He is a year old It seems like the guys I meet off of here try to move too fast and I have been severly hurt in the past and want to start slow. I like black guys and Hispanics but reall anyone can email.

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SAF seeks SWM/SAM for seeking an affair - w4m 32yr (Waynesboro, 30830, GA )
I am attractive and fit SAF in my 30's, seeks SWM/SAM for dating and long term relationship. Interested? Drop meyour email and we could meet.