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Christian Chinese-American Woman seeks Christian Man 43yr (31501, Waycross, GA, Ware County)
Kind, lonely, Christian Chinese-Americian woman seeks nonjudgmental, unmarried Christian man for long-term relationship. SHE IS: 5', 170#, 44 years old, never married and has no children, employed, born in the U.S., nonsmoker, occasional social drinker. Enjoys sports , reading, traveling, movies. Lives in East Bay. Working on weight-management. LOOKING FOR: Unmarried, Christian gentleman, 40-55 yrs of age, height/weight open, kids ok, non-smoker/drugs, occasional alcohol ok, sense of humor, kind, supportive, positive attitude. San Francisco Bay Area. HOPING FOR life-long friend and companion.

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You think YOU have it bad 43yr (Waycross, Georgia )
The men on this site are always complaining about all the spam on the W4M section of this site but do you know how many married men and guys looking for hookers are on OUR section of this site ? Its frustrating. CL used to be really great but something has gone seriously wrong lately. I have to admit that I have met quite a few nice guys along the way and continue to be friends with most of them to this day, which is really great. But, Im looking for more than just a friend at this point. I want to meet someone who really and truly wants just one woman. I have sewn my oats and would like to hope that you have too. Dont get me wrong, it was fun, very fun, but that was then and this is now. About me? Im 43, SWF, long hair, tall and slender , social butterfly, love my friends and family, and love to have a good time . I'm a jeans-and-high-heel-wearing kind of girl but can certainly dress for any occasion when needed. I like live music and outdoor concerts as well as small intimate venues in the city. I can listen to anything except country music . More details about me will be revealed if you respond to this posting. This is not spam, this is a real woman looking for a real man. I do not participate in age discrimination, so if you are old enough to vote and/or drink, you are old enough to respond, although ideally someone within a 10 year age difference either way would be excellent. Will trade pic for pic.

Inside my heart There's an empty room It's waiting for lightning.... 26yr (31503, GA, Ware County)
I am comfortable with myself, with my looks with my life... I am the best version of me that I can be, and I want someone to share that with. If I could pour myself onto a page this is what I would say.... if it interests you... don't be afraid to say hello. All great lovers were once strangers. I attached a pic so please do the same... I.... ∑ Love my friends~ ∑ Would die for my family~ ∑ Am very outspoken, witty, cunning, convincing~ ∑ Push boundaries, regardless of the consequences~ ∑ Am always writing, never forming a complete work and scattering my thoughts around~ ∑ Live with PASSION~ ∑ Practice the art of insomnia~ ∑ Do not hold back~ ∑ Enjoy big secrets... and always keep them to myself ∑ Have awesome lucid dreams, often.~ ∑ Have felt my heart break ∑ Have never been completely understood by anyone~ ∑ Am WILDLY independent~ ∑ Have fallen in and out of love with love~ ∑ Would die without music ∑ Have broken a few hearts : 42yr (31503, GA, Ware County)
Dating sucks. Are men seriously still into the whole ''chase and conquer'' thing? I thought we were beyond the cavemen days of clubbing the woman, dragging her to the cave, and making a scratch on the cave wall for another successful conquest! Seriously, some of you middle-aged guys have kids you need to set an example for! Anyone want to actually, you know, do stuff? If interested and over the age of 35, let me know what kinds of things you like to do outside the cave. Random question...why do men lie about their age?? I thought we were supposed to be attracted to the fifty-something, successful types.....

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Where have I been all your life? 43yr (Waycross, 31503 , Ware County)
I am a tall , curvy , definitely not a stick figure sort of woman, tattooed and pierced woman, spiritually based, sports and music fanatic, that would love to find someone to go and do things with...most guys out there are looking for Americaís Next Top Model to hang on their arm , and most of them donít know what the infield fly rule even is! But thatís cool, those that want that sort of woman, just keep on looking I am open to just about anything. Big sports fan, will watch the Cubs play and then turn on another game just to have it on. I am down with camping, 4wheeling, skateboarding, surfing, hopefully getting a bike soon so I can take advantage of all the great trails in the area. Would love to have someone show me all the great places to go. Have been known to jump on the back of a Harley on the first date, so anything goes! Even if its just to hang out, have a great dinner, some great conversation, catching a game on tv, that's cool too Have a great sense of humor, be intelligent, have a job, a means of transportation, donít smoke, be evolved, look for substance in someone, open to being intimate, compassionate, a sense of adventure, maybe a childlike sense of wonder of how cool and amazing things can be in this amazing place we live, be able to carry on a conversation and be open and tolerant of someone that is easily distracted, has a short attention span and will most likely not pay attention to you when Sports Center or a baseball game is on AvailableÖthatís what is most importantÖif you are thinking that you want to find someone to hang out with, then be available. For those that need that spelled out...single, unattached. I get that life can be complicated after a certain age, you know, kids, jobs, the whatnotís of life. If you donít have a moment to yourself, you donít have a moment to spend with others Also, itís called datingÖI like going out on dates, getting to know someone. I really donít need someone trolling for a hook-up or a friend with benefits situation, plenty of those sorts waiting for you in a different section!

Summer love... 29yr (31503, Waycross, Georgia)
Are you tall, handsome, fun, intelligent, affectionate, loving, open-minded and positive? Are you interested in meeting a beautiful, busty and voluptuous black girlie girl? Then lets explore that connection and see where it leadsÖ I have caramel color skin, big curly hair and am a free-spirit. I love to laugh, sing, look at the bright side, express myself creatively, be happy and go with my flow. Iím very spiritual , deep, intelligent and analytical. I enjoy reading, politics, anything musical, meditating, deep conversations, going out and having fun. I believe being positive is key to a happy life. seeking an affair be confident, 30-38, IV20 friendly, fun, open-minded and happy. Iím open to dating other races. Please send pic and live in the city.

I want a man I can love that's all! 37yr (Waycross, 31501, GA )
Who could love me back the request is small. I need him to be with me in his free time. I want a man I can lavish with affection. Who would in return show some devotion. I need him to be a man who can stand all alone, but doesn't feel exactly whole when left on his own. I want a man I can pamper and please. Who can hear with his heart and me truly see. I want him to be always so proud of me. Who wouldn't fail to see how proud I would be. I want a man with which to grow old. To sit on that front porch rocker if I'm not being too bold. I need him to still get to me as the years go pass. I want a man with which to rock all night. Who remembers I still need to be held tight. I need him to use his body to show me his love too. Who would give me his all. I want a man who knows actions speak louder than words. Who knows home is most important just like the birds. I need a man who speaks through the little things Who would make me so happy my heart it would sing. I want a man who has my best in his heart. Who knows we're no good whenever we're apart. I need a man to protect me from the evils of this world. Who can open his arms and allow me in to curl. Is there anyone out there who can meet my needs? Would my eyes recognize you as the one that I need? Would my mind see you and let my heart take the lead? Are you the man I need in my life? Are you waiting for me out there some place?

To the guy seeking tall slim flat chested seeking an affair 4 casual encounter 41yr (31503, Waycross, GA)
Screw You, Liar, User.

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Reason to clean up? - w4m 30yr (Waycross, Georgia )
So, I have spent the last two hours watching Lifetime, so it seems I need something/someone else to do. :) Plus, someone coming over would force me to clean up the apartment a bit. Had a few drinks and would like some company. Not a super small hot dallas girl, but not at all undoable. Apparently I'm making up words here. I seeking an affair hope this doesn't end up being a disaster. I truly started this CL thing looking at bedroom furnitiure and then got distracted by inappropriate clicking. Ooops. :)