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funny and caring (Thomaston, 30286, GA )
lookig for someone who can make me laugh and is at least 5'5 or taller must be friendly as well thats all im looking for at the moment...

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:) Juliet Needs Romeo 19yr (30286, Thomaston, GA, Upson County)
Haah Sorry for the title but i believe in love stories well also fairytales.I Just think they do come true and I'll never stop believing that.I'm a generally happy person.I hate religion.In fact i think the world would be better off without it.I'm 19 almost 20.I want a guy thats between 19-25. I want a white guy who is tall.I'm tall so i hope thats not a problem.Please be white.I hate when i say what i want and blacks and mexicans apply its :LIke Hello i said white No offense to anyone cause i love everyone just i have my type like we all do.I Love to have fun and drink.I smoke too just so you know.I am going to college right now and so i know what i want to do with my life.I can be serious and immature too but it levels itself out in a good way.I like to go to taylor swift concerts.I think thats the ultimate fun a person can experience at least thats what i think.I seriously think taylor swift is amazing.She is my favorite singer.Lets just say she made me a better person. I admire honesty from people.I know somethings feelings change so if i date someone and we break up i take that into consideration unless he's just an ass thats different.i'm not sure how serious i want to be with someone I mean its about me and you having something that works out so email me tell me about yourself maybe we'll click or maybe we wont.dont forget the pic i'll send one if you do.

Looking for my Mr. Right 40yr (Thomaston, Georgia )
What I am seeking may not exist but I still want it. I am a 5'4'' 125 good looking woman that wants a Caucasian, tall, fit, good looking, good guy, for an LTR. If this is you and only if you fit, please respond to this message. From the responses I have received, if you are not good looking do not respond. If you are not tall do not respond. If you are not Caucasian and so on..... You cant just think you are all of theses you must be them.

It is important that you approach the married woman seeking an affair in the right way. She is looking for a casual, discreet encounter with someone who wants the same. >>

Blackhawks Game 50yr (30286, Thomaston, GA)
I'm off work today and want to watch the game tonight. My thoughts are to have have a bite to eat, a few beers, and a good time, while getting to know each other. I am open to location and time is flexible. If you are a single white male and would enjoy the company of a woman who enjoys sports to watch and play, and have many other interests send a response quick to finalize our plans

RE>>Attractive fit Jewish brunette seeks real love (Thomaston, 30286 , Upson County)
just a heads up guys---her pic is NOT NOT NOT brand new...........unless you consider a pic taken in 07 as still new when I first noticed her posting here---she doesn't look bad for her age but still the fact she is lying & let's be honest if she's too lazy to post a more recent pic then it makes you wonder what has happened to her between seeking an affair & now?? of course i'm a guy so no responses pls--thanks

Beautiful older woman looking for man 22-42 42yr (30286, Thomaston, Georgia)
First of all, I am not a cougar. That is such a stupid term. lol. I just happen to attract younger men most of the time. I am not out hunting for young men in bars or anything like that. I am not against dating someone closer to my age as long as we are compatible. I am not really looking for someone that is older than me. I work full time and I go to school full time. I have a BA in English Lit. My goal is to get a Doctorate in English Lit. Please, if you ''hate to read'' just close this posting and move on. I don't expect someone I date to be well read but I do want a person that can read and understands the artistic value of literature. A pretty face will only get you so far. lol. I am outgoing and I tend to be optomistic. Pessimistic people annoy me and I can tolerate some realists. I am not optomistic to the point of being blind to how the world is. I know bad shit happens but I also know things can and will get better. I am mildly athletic. I love to walk/hike, yoga and hula hoop. lol. I am open to trying new sports and activities. I am ''curvy.'' No, I am not fat or obese nor am I in shape to participate in a triathalon. I am simply trying to take the best care of myself that I can. I am not hung up on my looks. A lot of people describe me as beautiful. I tend to think that my personality is responsible for part of that. I am not someone that needs to be in full make-up before I can leave the house . I can get ready to go somewhere in 15 minutes if need be but I also enjoy dressing up. I do have a lot of tattoos. If you've gotten this far but don't like tattoos then it is time for you to move on. My entire back is tattooed along with both arms to the elbow, my left wrist and right forearm. I have been described by friends as funny, sarcastic and irreverent. I also make fun of myself...quite often. lol. I am not religious and I don't see that changing anytime in the near future. I do not smoke so cigarrette smokers can also move on. I occasionally drink but I have no desire to take care of a stumbling, drunk, vomiting man. I like music a lot. My tastes vary from old punk , black metal , death metal , Marilyn Manson, Danzig, New Model Army, Ice Cube, NWA and Johnny Cash. lol. I am a very passionate person and sex is important to me. Not the most important thing, but important. I have never been married and I do not have children. Please do not contact me if you are someone's daddy. I have nothing against children. I just have no desire to be involved in baby mama drama. I do like to have my alone time. I have no desire to be connected to another person 24/7. I would prefer that you have things that you like to do on your own and that I need not be included in every moment of your life. Again, please do not contact me if you are more than 2 years older than me unless you feel that you are that one exception to my above requirements. lol. I am not interested in obese men. Chubby is fine. I am most attracted to a pleasant face. I don't care if you have a 6 pack and work out everyday. I am not really into muscular men if that is all you have to offer. I am not picky about race but I do have a soft spot for blue eyed hispanic men. I like funny, smart men who are driven and have goals in life. College education is a plus but it is not necessary. Please reply with a picture of your face. I do not care to see your penis. I don't care how big it is or how much you love showing it. I will delete replies that do not have pictures.

memorial memorable fun - w4m 26yr (Thomaston, Georgia )
Hey guys, wouldn't it be nice to just lay back, relax, and be relieved of some pent up tension. Well I have just what it takes to bring you the gratification you so want and deserve. sexy, female, who has a very deep yet sensuous touch to ease all your tension away, PLUS a warm, wet, inviting mouth to add a very special touch to your experience. If you feel like this is something you would like, why not treat yourself. Send me an email, and I'll get back to you with pictures seeking an affair much more detail. I assure you that you will not be disappointed. Very orally talented

Yet, there are more married women seeking affair than men, since men are more career oriented and have less time for family, as opposed to the wives, who have all the time in the world. >>

Unpretentious, Yet Culturally Aware Minx Seeks Charming Man About Town 47yr (30286, GA, Upson County)
Hey there, I'm looking for a partner to go out and explore the world with. I've a penchant for the off-beat and iconoclastic, so if that sort of thing grooves you, all the better. Here are three recent outings I went on seeking an affair encapsulate the sorts of events I'm attracted to and if they strike your fancy, then keep reading: 1. Playwright David Mamet was interviewed by Ricky Jay at the Largo in Hollywood. He was full of energy and irreverent humor, so it was a blast. 2. I have recently taken a few quirky classes at the Machine Project in Echo Park, from building a musical oscillating instrument to a hand-cranked toy horse . Very off-beat and very fun. 3. I checked out La Descarga and found it infectiously wonderful in creating a entrancing environment, complete with Latin jazz and burlesque! Other interests include web surfing, running, reading, cooking, wine tasting, and films. Okay, so I have ecclectic interests. I'm a 47 year old Latina with plenty of moxie to go around. These days, I have been working hard, but not relaxing enough. So perhaps you can help divert me from my career activities.While I am in agreement with a few of those mythic goddesses who swore off marriage , I cannot claim to be chaste like Diana the Hunter. Nor would I care to be for that matter. That's my cagey way of saying I'm up for romance. If you think my company is up your alley, send an email. Oh, and do share a picture of yourself, as turnabout is fair play. Cheers, Carmen