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COLD COLD COLD!!! 28yr (Milledgeville, 31061 , Baldwin County)
Hello~ Well, to keep things simple, I'm looking for someone cool to get to know. I'm not looking for anything serious, I just want to see who's out there. I'm a curvy girl who likes huskier guys. I avoid drama at all costs, so please have yourself together. Your pic gets mine, and yes I am real... it's very cold outside!!!

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Looking for a Friend & Lover 37yr (Milledgeville, Georgia )
Looking for a friend and lover who will spend the time to show the one he is with that she is loved and she is her whole world. I love to be held, hugged, kissed, and touched. I love to cuddle as well. I love pda but not excessivly. I like to go out as well as stay in. Looking for someone who has the same needs. I know i sound needy but i know what i need to be happy. No married men. I am not model skinny nor am i execessivly overweight, i am a real women. Please be atleast 6ft and older than 35. I have a couple of pictures i can send only after you send some as well. Lets start out by emailing then take it from there.

Older for Younger-Maybe (Milledgeville, 31061, GA )
I tend to prefer to date younger guys, but I am starting to reconsider this. It is amazing how many young guys out there want to ''date'' an older woman. But really, what do you want? Do you want a relationship, or just something physical? Dating like normal people where you go out and do things together but there happens to be just a good age difference? For most younger men it seems to be a ''fantasy'' to be with an older woman. It has to be up there with having a threesome, getting a BJ in a public place, and being raped by a Playboy centerfold. First of all, older women do not want to be some fantasy fulfillment. We are actually looking for a younger guy to DATE. Sure we are busy and successful and live our lives but we'd treat you just like we'd treat any other potential suitor. So younger guys think they have what it takes to be with an older woman. Hmpfh, First of all, the way you communicate with us is atrocious. When I get an e-mail from a younger guy and it sounds like he's e-mailing one of his friends, I look for a translator because sometimes I can't understand it. While we do like younger men, there has to be a certain level of sophistication which usually is totally missing. We don't want guys who are going to go out and party constantly and show up at our doorsteps drunk and high at 4am on a Sunday morning. Guess what? We dealt with all that when we were in our 20's and don't particularly want to relive that again. Back to the level of sophistication--while yes, we want that, it's too weird when younger guys have ''old souls.'' That is just as creepy and freaky as when 50 year old men call themselves ''youthful'' or ''the stamina of a 30 year old.'' Yech. And while we are on the subject of stamina, we don't particularly want to become sex ed teachers with hands--or, er--other parts, on--experience. We want a guy who knows what he's doing and maybe teach US a few things. While the sexual energy and stamina of a guy in his 20's matches up perfectly with a woman in her late 30's or early 40's, we don't want to play teacher. And speaking of teachers, there's that generation gap which kind of weakens the mental connection. Betty White is only hot right now due to Facebook. but I guarantee you 5 years ago a lot of you guys in your 20's had no idea who she even was. I have dated younger guys where there was a mental connection on some level, but for the most part it just wasn't there. For the most part, the guys in their 20's I come across are spoiled little brats who grew up in the generation of permissive parenting where mommy and daddy wanted to be their Bff's and didn't teach them the word ''no.'' they are the internet generation where everything is on the spot, and in the age of internet dating, everyone is replaceable. This is the mind set. And as much as people in their 30's and 40's and older use online dating, they remember much differently. To a great extent, guys of this age are pretty socially stunted. And ok, so we get into a relationship. We discuss some serious issues that affect us due to the age difference and initially love conquers all and we decide to work them out. So I'm 50, you're 36, do you leave me for a younger model or are you still smitten with me, wrinkles and all? Most younger guys aren't going to think about that, they're just going to live in the moment. And living in the moment is amazing, great and has a purpose, but being a grown up means responsibilities and not being able to drop everything and do what someone else wants and also thinking about the future to some extent. There is also a big difference between living in the moment and being totally selfish. So I have presented my case, and I am sure all you younger guys reading this are saying to yourselves, ''oh that's not me.'' Of course it isn't. We'll see.

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Music Lover, show Friday? P.S. Team COCO all the way! 23yr (31061, Milledgeville, Georgia)
It's my birthday in a few days and one of things i'd like to do is see Good Old War, but my friends either 1) have plans or 2) totally aren't into this type of music. One of my favorite things to do is attend a show and sit at a late night diner and exchange witty banter until the wee hours of the morning/listen to music after the show until the wee hours of the morning...almost a tradition you might say. I'd like to go with someone who is a fellow music lover or actually enjoys the band if possible. Here is some information about me: I'm not going to stab you in an alley. I am oddly annoyed by the improper spelling of one word in particular : D-E-F-I-N-I-T-E-L-Y . My momma raised me right, hopefully yours did a decent job as well. I wasn't born a man at birth, hooray for not having junk in the trunk, hold up...junk in the front. Music addict. Note that I didn't say meth/crack addict. I don't drink or smoke, at all. Please don't pass out from shock. I have the Reading Rainbow theme song as a ringtone on my phone. I'm in this group with this description : This is for the ballers who had at least 1-2 days a week to go to the computer lab in elementary school and hop on the old Apple II Computers with the REAL floppy discs to play Oregon Trail I & II. I guess that makes me a baller I hate mayo. I like ordinary people because often the overlooked ones are the most amazing of the bunch. Special to me is all that matters. I smile/laugh a lot. I tilt my head while talking to my cat as if she were a 3 year old. I'm convinced that only serial killers don't like animals. I'm not a baby machine. Nostalgia is the bestest! Although my laundry list makes me seem super silly...I do have depth and a serious side in which meaningful conversations take place. Yes, I'm the person that goes to 4 different stores to buy the ice cream you swear tastes better purely because the chunks are shaped like grizzly bears. My dream home would probably be to live in a record store. Teared up at the Christian the Lion You Tube video. If you have at least two pictures of yourself tossing up double thumbs up with a goofy smile on your face, you're cool in my book. I have a Conan O'brien background on my computer...if you have a problem with that , let's take it to the streets! I'm a little bit sarcastic if you haven't noticed. I say like a lot, but am not a ditz. I actually eat food when I go out with anyone of the opposite sex, not water and bunny salads I'm a bit nerdy, but not in the a) awkward or b) creepy sense. Brightness/Sincerity/Nice Smiles/Kind Eyes/Quirks/Wit/Compassion all make me smile. This list is getting ridiculous in length and because of that, this is the end!

How is ur weekend going (Milledgeville, Georgia )
Hey just wanted to see how ur seeking an affair is going? Lets chat.

Blk Female seeking Wht Male 26yr (31061, GA, Baldwin County)
Okay, I'm looking for someone to hangout with. You know theme parks. bowling, movies etc... I just started working out. I lost 7 pounds in 1 week. I'm not small but not obese. I'm very attractive. You will see. Must be at least 23-40. Have the basics. I hope everyone knows what that is So if youre interested let me know. Maybe we can link up tonight

Curvy Cougar lookin for a cub 48yr (31061, Milledgeville, GA)
I know what I want and so do you. seeking an affair for a cute white boy to chill with. You bring the condoments! Must be: clean, disease free, in shape, and know how to treat a woman. Tatts are always a plus! Blonde/ Blue and lookin for U.

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Just Want A Nice Romance 32yr (31061, Milledgeville, GA, Baldwin County)
Well..I guess it's pretty clear from the title - I'm interested in going on dates with an educated, respectful, romantic man. Dates = seeing the person sometimes but not constantly: that isn't possible and it takes all the mystery and fun away, anyway. I look way younger than my age, am well-read, sincere and fun with a wide range of interests. And don't worry about looks, I'm petite and fair with high-lights in my natural blond hair. I do get approached in person, but there just has to be that certain spark, that excitement that seems to be evading me..and it's kind of lonely at this time of year since - for me, anyway - it is the most romantic. So, you know what to do, if you feel a seeking an affair similar need to find someone who might actually be 'more' than your everyday, un-romantic, bland type of lady , go ahead and do your thing. Catch you later..