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Take Care Of Me 30yr (Loganville, 30052, GA )
Hi I am a 30 year old single woman no kids just a dog. . I want to move close to the ocean my dream would be to have the ocean my back yard. I am a really good honest woman. I am real and not fake or a flake. If you are the one for me we are a lucky couple. I want to be a house mouse, wife or girlfriend I just don't wanna work some lame job I would rather work for you. I wanna have something old fashion. I love house work and laundry and cooking. I want to have the freedom to do all kinds of new and exciting things for the man I am with, no matter if it is sexual, cleaning, conversation, love, food, I just need the freedom to concur all of my little dreams I have. I am fun and exciting and I really love life, but its so hard by yourself. So someone more financially stable could ultimately make all my dreams come true and at the same time let me live where I think would give me the most inspiration. If you like what I am saying so far email me with a photo of yourself and any questions you want me to answer. I WILL RETURN EVERY EMAIL I GET...IF I GET A PHOTO AND SOME QUESTIONS...I WILL RESPOND TO EVERY EMAIL THAT I GET A PHOTO AND QUESTIONS WITH. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THE TIME FOR THIS THEN DON'T REPLY PLEASE. Thanks, Dreaming of a Fairy Tale

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Normal seeking Normal :) 43yr (30052, Loganville, Georgia)
Hello! I'm a divorced white woman, two teenage sons, good job, and I am a student. I'd love to meet a man who lives relatively close to me, within 30 minutes or so, who is normal and is looking for a long term relationship! I am not looking for someone perfect, as I am not perfect! I'd love to meet a gentleman who is a non-smoker, drinks socially or doesn't drink at all, likes to go out occasionally, enjoys music, the beach, getting out and going just for the sake of exploration, doesn't have a lot of ''drama'' in his life, has children so that he understands that my children always come first for me, as his would come first for him, likes animals, and doesn't have a superiority complex even though he is intelligent. Someone who WANTS to enjoy life and live it to the fullest! Your cup is half full!!!!! I'm not a party person, but I do like to go out with friends occasionally, or just sit at home and make a good dinner, and watch a movie. About me: I'm a relatively normal person, no drama, and basically could describe myself by what I wrote above. I'm of average build and height, dark brown hair and eyes, told I look Greek or Italian, but I'm neither, I love to laugh and joke around and like helping people. Boring, I guess.... but to me, normal. If you'd like to email, please do so, and if we hit it off, maybe we could meet for coffee or a drink? You've nothing to lose and everything to gain! :) Enjoy your day and the holiday weekend!!! Best to you!

swf looking for my best friend for possible ltr 46yr (Loganville, 30052 , Walton County)
I am looking for my best friend in the whole world to do things with, laugh with, chill with. Looking for someone that i click with and have a physical attraction to. Would like a man with a sense of humor, trustworthy, affectionate and fun to be with. I love all kinds of music, like to draw when im in the mood, like to go camping, fishing and cook out. If interested, please respond with a description of who you are and a pic of yourself :) Thanks, Tina

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Looking for Love Outside My Race 30yr (Loganville, Georgia )
I am Losing Faith that there are quality men out there. I am definitely not a woman that is preconditioned to thinking that a man should do this, and make this, and look this way........ I enjoy a man that makes me happy and keeps a smile on my face. Real simple. Just a real gentleman and a sweetheart. Been single for 6 years and recently started dating and's real scary out there!! So let's make it even more scarier by using http://seeking-affair.comlit.... Bad joke I know, but hey you never know I am a black woman, thirty, with one child. I am average in shape, cute and easy going. It doesnt take much for me...and I am looking for the same.

Any creative artist's or photographer out there. 21yr (30052, Loganville, GA)
Can I be your muse?... I love photographers and love taking new pics. I'm in need of new pics too, non nude lol Looking for someone seeking an affair shoot with this weekend on some sort of barter or I'll buy food and drinks or pay you...

wealthy and good looking wanted 42yr (30052, Loganville, GA, Walton County)
I have had my posting deleted twice so I am trying this one more time. Looking for someone generous, intelligent, outgoing, full of life and adventure. Needs to be able to keep up with my type ''A'' personality. Traveling, scuba diving, deep sea fishing, cooking are just some of the things I like to do. Add to that anything that goes FAST..... MUST send a picture, no smokers please DDF I will send you a picture of me if interested. I am 5'3'' blonde hair, brown eyes, most say I am above average looking. Thank you for reading. No picture no reply.

Lt. Uhura looking for Cpt Kirk or Mr. Spock 42yr (Loganville, Georgia )
Lt. Uhura looking seeking an affair Cpt Kirk or Mr. Spock Looking for a take charge kind of guy who loves to lead, but isn’t afraid of a woman who speaks her mind. Prefer my men on the lighter side….my preference, don’t judge. Not looking for a one night stand…but not naïve to believe my one and only will be on list either. Looking to meet a new friend and see if we click and go from there. Me: 42, 5’4”, athletic, love the outdoors, varied interests and fun to be around. You: age 38 – 50, taller than me, Caucasian, sexy, athletic and open to date outside your race. Don’t be shy….you only live once….take a chance on me.

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Looking for someone really special. 18yr (30052, GA, Walton County)
As previously stated, I'm looking for someone special. Someone that can deal with all my problems and doesn't think less of me for them. And that person doesn't have to get in a relationship with me...they could just be a friend. But I'm really looking for a relationship. Think you can handle it? Read on and find out. I've had my heart shattered and broken more times than I can count. It will take me at least 2 years to trust you even a little bit and I wouldn't be surprised if it took longer. I will think everything that you say or do is 100% designed to hurt me and you will need to constantly reassure me that you care. I have severe depression and am suicidal, and you need to be able to handle my terrible emotional problems. And there's a good chance I can never love you because I've been hurt so many times. Most of you will have already gone onto the next post. But if you're still here, and still interested, keep reading. I'm willful and impulsive. seeking an affair can at times be a heartless bitch yet other times I'm the most caring person in the world. I want to be treated in a special way and I'll tell you outright when I don't like the way you act towards me. I'm very intelligent and logical-minded and I need my life to be of a certain structure in order to function properly. I enjoy video games and Sci-Fi. I have a long-term career goal and everything I do is designed to get me there. I'm a hopeless romantic and always love a good mystery. I try to fill my life with the same intrigue, I love to keep people guessing. I'm not pretty in the slightest and I don't pretend to be. What's beautiful about me is my mind and if you can't love me for that then you're not worth my time. Still here? Well then, looks like you have a fighting chance. If you want to get to know me, then go right ahead and email me. But it would be an added bonus if you fit my general requirements. I don't like drugs, drinking, or smoking. You will never find me participating in these activities. You cannot do any of these if you expect to be with me. However, you can drink provided you never get drunk and you never do it in front of me. If you do it in front of me, I'll pour the beer on your head and shove the bottle up your ass. If you're the slightest bit egotistical, stay away from me. Feeling good about yourself is fine, and thinking you're worth something is great. Constantly talking about how wonderful you are and expecting everything nice I say to you is not appreciated, and you will find yourself dumped faster than anything if you even begin to hint that you take me for granted. Do not lie to me about important things. Lying is in general a behavior that I feel should be rewarded...for instance, telling me how nice I am when I know I'm not. However, I've had people lie to me about wanting to help me and wanting to be with me. Don't beat around the bush with issues like that. I'm blunt and honest, you should be able to be the same way with me. Be sweet, kind and considerate. If you're nice to me, I'll be nice to you. If you act like a jerk, the treatment you get from me is ten times worse than anything your imagination could come up with. I may be harsh, but I'm still fairly polite. Please do me the same courtesy. I can't think of anything else at the moment, but I'm sure I will. But please, don't let any of this concern you. As an antisocial college student your emails are more than welcome.