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Will you take me out to dinner? 40yr (Lawrenceville, Georgia )
Hey CL folks... It's been a very frustrating few months, I cannot seem to find anyone I am attracted to, I keep getting all these men who are already attached and want me to be ''the other'' woman.... no thanks... or, I get men who just don't want anything ''serious'' or ''involved' just a FWB... what happened to men who actually WANT a girlfriend??? I'm giving up for the most part... I'm so tired of this screening process... I'm just plain tired. I need to stop looking for a while, but.... ....I haven't been on a nice date in forever, and I'm really yearning to go out to dinner with someone intelligent and nice, who's not boorish, conceited or unkind. I'm attractive, tall, intelligent, witty, fun... and kind of an introvert, which is not to say that I''m antisocial, I'm SO NOT... but I am selective about who I let into my world. I'd really like some TLC and some care.... I'd like to be pampered for just one night... I could really use it. Please? I'd like to be taken out to dinner at Alfred's Steakhouse in SF... I'm craving a really exceptional dry aged steak experience, good conversation, and just being treated to a nice night out. I can promise excellent conversation with an attractive, , intelligent woman... I just want to be taken out to dinner. It's that simple.

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Fun loving girl seeks partner in crime :) 28yr (30043, Lawrenceville, GA)
Hello Guys! So Iíve been single for a while and finally decided that itís time to get back out there. Iím a bit nerdy , can appreciate a good video game, and definitely a hockey game or five . I like movies, cinema, singing, being silly, travel, photography, and I just started doing Zumba. I have a pretty dark sense of humor and love to laugh. I donít drink, no drugs, and I donít smoke. Iím 5í4íí with brown hair and brown eyes. Iím educated and also just came back to the USA from a few years overseas. Iím really looking for that special someone who will be my best friend and partner in crime. I believe in true love and hope to find it! Iím not sure what else I can put in here so feel free to ask and /or tell me about you! What movies and music do you like? Whatís your idea of fun? Iím really sorry but Iím not looking for anyone that smokes, does drugs, or has kids. Your photo will get mine :) Also, below is a stupid Facebook survey I did not too long ago... ► Will you answer all questions truthfully: Sounds good, easy to say on q1 though. ► Are you single: I am. ► Are you happy: Pretty much but I lack direction. ► Are you bored: Not really. ► Are you sad: In some ways. ► Are you Italian: No, but people usually think I am. ► Are you German: Nope.. ► Are you Irish: No, not even on St. Patty's Day. ► Are your parents still married: NO, thank goodness. TEN FACTS: ► Birth Place: Philly, PA, yo. ► Hair Color: Brown. ► Eye color: Brown. ► Mood: Eh, non-descript, it's too nice out so I'm sad to be inside today. ► Gender: FE-male. ► Lefty or Righty: Right. ► Summer or Winter: Fall, Bitches. ► Morning or Afternoon: Afternoon. TEN THIS OR THAT ► Love or Lust: Love. ► Lemonade or Iced tea: Iced tea. ► Cats or Dogs: Both. ► A few best friends or many regular friends: A few best friends. ► Television or Internet: Internet, where one can acquire television shows. ► Pepsi or Coke: Diet, caffeine free, Coke. ► Wild night out or romantic night in: Romantic. ► Pink or Purple: Purple. ► Day or Night: Day. ► IM or Phone: IM TEN HAVE YOU EVER ► Been caught sneaking out: Negative. ► Fallen off the stairs: Sorta. ► White water rafted: No, but I've survived tubing on the Delaware. ► Finished an entire jawbreaker: No. ► Wanted something/someone so badly it hurt?: Oh yeah. ► Prank called a store: No, but telemarketers that call me better watch out. ► Skipped School: Yeah, but none that my parents didn't know about, what a rebel. ► Wanted to disappear: Yes. TEN PREFERENCES ► Smile or Eyes: Both. ► Light or Dark Hair: Dark. ► Fat or Skinny: Skinny. ► Shorter or Taller: Taller. ► Intelligence or Attraction: Need both. ► Jock or Nerd: Nerd! ► Hook-up or Relationship: Relationship all the way. ► Funny and poor OR Rich and serious: Funny. RELATIONSHIPS ► Are you in a committed relationship: Negatory. ► Do you want to be: Only if it's right. ► Do you like someone right now: I do, but he's all famous and stuff. FRIENDS ► Do you secretly hate one of your friends: Hate is a strong word : Sydney ►2) Athens ►3) Melbourne ►4) Cardiff ►5) London

black female seeking swm 20yr (Lawrenceville, 30044, GA )
Hey there! I am seeking a kind, honest, cool white guy around my age to go out with. I like tall guys since I'm tall. I like guys who are fun, funny, can relax and be themselves. I also appreciate ambitious and smart guys. I really want to go out and enjoy summer with someone. I love to cook and read, I like going out, eating out, watching movies. I also love sports I'm hoping to find a really great guy. Hope to hear from you.

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Wanted Men in Uniform! 40yr (30044, Lawrenceville, Georgia)
Military. police, doctor, firemen, nurse ,Architect around cl? Just curious to find someone here to meet and have fun. I am not saying one not stand nor friends with benefits. I'm a nice , smart and good Asian woman Searching for my soul mate. Please email me. I can be what you are looking for.

Thinking about Mr. Right? (30044, GA, seeking an affair County)
Wait! Are you sure about this guy? Is he who he says he is? There are some nice guys to meet on CL, but is he one of them? I can provide quick, confidential research that meets your needs. If you're looking to increase your comfort level with someone you would like to become more involved with, I can help. Please drop me a line if you are needing this kind of help I will respond with more details. Thanks- and be careful out there...!

Let's Up the Ante 35yr (Lawrenceville, 30045 , Gwinnett County)
I'm charming, charismatic, and classy. So let's up the ante. Dinner? Room Service? A passion filled evening? I'll raise you. You call me.

any single black men out there ? swf-sbm (30043, Lawrenceville, GA, Gwinnett County)
i am looking for a single black man who is looking for a lady for dating and hopefully leading to more , i am a single white plus size lady who prefers black men and is looking . i dont ask for alot except : be taller than 5 10 sexy, athletic build has a job, home, and car wants and likes white ladies who are bbw and most of ALL HAS A seeking an affair PICTURE !!!

Remember, a married woman seeking an affair is out to fulfil her needs and not yours. If you can live that then have fun! >>

Re: This Is Going To Sound Weird... - 35 (Lawrenceville, Georgia )
What would sound really seeking an affair is if someone fell for your bullshit. Ever hear of a pawnshop? Oh wait! They would know that all of your crap is fake! Get a real job, whore.