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Seeking Life-Time Partner 65yr (Cochran, Georgia )
Reply To This Post -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I HAVE HAD THIS AD ON LIST FOR ABOUT 2 WEEKS. AND ,I HAVE RECEIVED SOME VERY DIMENTED RESPONSES I have had men write to me that are 1/2 my age I don't want to be someone's mother 46yr (Cochran, Georgia )
I am a 46 year old divorced, white woman who is looking for a man who is: 6 ft or taller 40-55 years old white single fun/good personality christian fairly decent looking somewhat educated I would like to find a man I can do things with and have a stress free relationship. One, hopefully, that we connect physically, too! Let me know if you are interested, and a picture would be nice. Oh, don't worry...I'm attractive.

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Running with scissors 40yr (Cochran, Georgia )
Iím wise enough to know what I want. Iím also wise enough to know youíre going to scroll down to look at my pictures before you read any further! But hey, as long as you read further, and write only because you think weíre a match, I donít care in what order you read. PLEASE donít be offended if I donít write back. I just really know what works for me and I donít want to waste your time either. PLEASE donít write me if: -You solicit swinging or a service -If youíre going to ask me if Iím real. If you canít tell Iím ďrealĒ then youíre too dense! -More than an L.A. hour away. Iím not one for schlepping. -If youíre in a relationship -If you do not send a picture Ė no exception Itís not hard to downsize a photo -If you do not want to ultimately be in a relationship Me in a nutshell: Iím a glasses wearing artsy/craftsy girl who loves cheesy musicals, funky clothes, reality t.v., quirky movies , thrift-store shopping, getting dolled-up, dressing down, salsa dancing , or staying home and doing nothiní at all. I donít have time or desires for name brands, hardcore politics or religion but Iím not a liberal either. Iím consistently inconsistent but donít fret, Iím mentally stable and definitely not a flake! Iím 5í5Ē and a size 10. Very comfortable with how I look, I have the ďgoodĒ curves as a woman should. Iím honest, considerate, unpretentious, clumsy, candid, and loving. I have joint custody with my two children and their dad is great. You should know that I'm Jewish albeit not a good exampleÖI have a couple of tattoos. I also have a slightly wicked sense of humor. I hope youíre taller than me, stronger than me, not too far from me . You are hygienically Ėappealing but donít take longer than me to get ready. I hope youíre close to me in age so we have lots to talk about. Extra points if you wear hats and hope you have a great sense of humor cause youíll need it! I would love to find a guy who we have things in commonÖ 80ís music, punk shows occasionally, vintage clothes and who has some funky style or at least, enjoy mine! Only nice emails please of great men who arenít soliciting free foot massages, or other crap. PRETTY PLEASE only respond if you sincerely think weíll be a match. **DISCLAIMER** I am not your average L.A. girl. Iím not tan, botoxed, siliconed, and NOT in the entertainment industry nor desire to be. Donít come-a-knockiní looking for perfection on this door, you wonít find it.

Juliet seeks Romeo 28yr (Cochran, 31014, GA )
Could you be out there...? Maybe. I feel totally crazy doing this but... Why not? Iím happy, stable, & sane. I have a great home, wonderful dog, and Iím about to finish a certification program. I feel passionately about my new career. But, Iím missing you, Romeo. I want to cook dinner for someone and cuddle. Walk the dog, and laugh until weíre crying. I want a best friend that I can make love with. Both physically and existentially. I want to have fun. Letís go on random trips, letís see live music, try weird bars, and go to the arboretum. I am not your average girl. Iím powerful, loyal, driven and kind. I am a lover, not a fighter; unless, of course, Iím mad. I will always listen to the other side, though I may not agree. Iím not interested in playing games. I donít have any children. However, Iím not really worried if you do. As long as weíre all mature adults. Because Iím looking for long term. I want the real thing. I want to settle down; but I refuse to settle. I demand respect, a sense of humor, and compassion. Please donít be crazy; overly dramatic, violent, or manipulative. In exchange, I wonít be either. I am not your mom. I am not going to reconstruct a broken ego, or a wounded heart. Please be over your past, not stuck wandering around in it. I havenít had a easy life , but Iím not a mess. Iím happy, most of the time. Iím an artist, a flower child, a Buddhist - kinda. I don't need a sugar daddy. Letís talk. Letsís be real people and get to know each other. Hereís some relevant, or irrelevant, stats about me: Iím thick, curvy, voluptuous. However, you say it, I am. But, trust and believe, that I look damn good naked. That being said, Iím not conceited, but Iím not ashamed. I smoke. Not cigarettes. My family and friends play a huge role in my life and sometimes I have to help take care of my dad. Hereís some relevant facts about you: Youíre educated. This doesnít mean that you have to have a Masterís in Whatever. But you can reply to this without writing me a long txt message. Iím a sucker for intellect and chivalry. You have a job. I find many different kinds of people attrctive so shape, size, race and age are open. Just be over 21, although over 25 would be better. Iím not really into the whole Mrs. Robinson thing, but who knows. No Married men, 3-somes, drama, diseases, BS, or games. Wow - Iíve read a lot of CL ads. ::looks coyly away:: Youíve heard my story and seen my pictures. Please share yours, Juliet

The Internet, among it's amazing ability to make us laugh at panda bears juggling, can also serve a purpose for anyone trying to be secretive. This includes 'married seeking affair' types.>>

Chubby girl seeking (31014, Cochran, Georgia)
I'm a chubby girl and I'm totally comfortable with myself but at the same time I'm working on losing weight. I'm very smart and I know that I'm not going to be a size 6 overnight but unlike alot of women I refuse to let my size 12 pants keep me from going out and enjoying life. I realize that our society put much importance on every woman being able to look like she just stepped outta Playboy or a Yoga for Pretzels and that's fine. I'm not that girl just yet and not all you men out there have walking breathing Adonis yourselves but personally I'm not asking for you to. But you're looking for a Barbie! You want want her to look HOT and that's your only requirement so you're quite surprised when She cheats on you- uh huh but she's hot she lies to you-okay but she hot? She knows your bank account # but not ur birthday. Still hot through Has a new found interest in having sex with one of your buddies while ur sick.. Umm hot Starts shit for no real reason yet can't hold a viable conversation without arguing-but she's skinny Thinks a touch down is an app on your iphone and makes you take her to see some aquarium the night of the superbowl-Yes this actually happens. Treats your heart like a beat up pinto-Okay but she can touch her toes Can not breath without you need to be joined to you at the hip and isn't afraid of a restraining order- psycho but hot. Is in a porn/strip club that EVERY ONE of your friends has seen- yeah but she was hot in it. Wants you to wax, arch and 'curing everthing on your body til you look like ryan seacrest while carrying her purse Wants to 'talk' during Family Guy. I on the other hand Dont care about your bank account or what you do for a living or don't do as long as it's legal in all 50 states Finds no joy in arguing or raising my voice just to get attention or make a point. Have been cheated on and am in no way able to put anyone else through that and loyalty/monogamy was basically beat into me as a child so no problems there. Don't have a daddy complex so no strip club or porn. I like sports especially football and anything with things going fast. And I actually have the ability to be by myself for days at a time without a single desire to make u leave your boys. Knows what emasculating means and I'm not interested doing it to anyone But of course there are those of you will still fall victim to this chick because tis the list curse. Me: 27, Blk Single no kids no drama and no prior restraining orders or ex drama. If your interested and real put Different man in the Subject box

Friends before Lovers. 24yr (31014, Cochran, GA, Bleckley County)
Before you can get into a good realtionship you need to start with a good friendship. So I want to start there & see where things go. I would like something serious, but it has to be right. You know what I mean?! I am 24 years old & work full time & go to school part time. I am a busy girl, but I always have time for the right people. I moved to LA a year ago from SD & enjoying it here, but have not yet experienced LA to its full potential. I have made a couple of good friends, but still looking to make more & find the right guy here in LA. I like the guys with a good head on their shoulders, good sense of humor, can make a girl laugh, love to chill with the boys but also makes time for his girl & is a real guy. I am not going to waste my time with someone who is not real, who plays games & just doesn't have their life straight. If you can't support yourself, seeking an affair expect me too. If you are a player & love the ''game'', don't come hitting me up. I am real & looking for someone real. I work hard & play hard, but I am serious. I have dreams & goals & hope you do as well. As I said, it all starts with a good friendship & goes from there. That would be the best relationship in my eyes. You have to be friends before you can become lovers :] Respond if you are interested in talking & learning more. No picture with your response, then no word back from me, sorry.

A beautiful date tonight 30yr (31014, GA, Bleckley County)
Not an ordinary woman, I am beautiful, classy, intelligent and sophisticated. Would be happy to meet with an intelligent, cultured, handsome and successful gentleman 35-40 y.o. Please only responses with photos. Thank you!

boredddd :/ 18yr (31014, Cochran, GA)
hello :) yes, i'm bored, and want some new people to talk with. friends or whatever it leads to..just need something different. you must: -not be seeking an affair super old and creepy -somewhat cute -have a fun personality and good sense of humor me: -18 -5'8 1/2'' -long black hair -blue eyes -love Christian music and church :) -good sense of humor sooo yeahh, just get at me and let's see what happens :) looking for something new. no perverts please, im not going to have sex with you. thanks. please send a picture and have the subject of Robert Pierre! talk to you soon hopefully :) laterrr.

Remember, a married woman seeking an affair is out to fulfil her needs and not yours. If you can live that then have fun! >>

I'm lonely and shouldn't be... 31yr (Cochran, 31014 , Bleckley seeking an affair I'm great company, have a lot going for me, and attractive. Are you looking to date or develop a LTR? If so, I would love to hear from you. I don't want to be alone anymore and hoping you will keep me company soon and in the future. :)