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Summer Fun 28yr (Bainbridge, 31717 , Decatur County)
Newly DIVORCED smoking curvy 28 yo. Sitting at a bar with the girls but one things missing.... You. I need to meet a man who is rough.. Aggressive and likes to take control. I want a man with muscles... Tattoos... And maybe a little facial hair. I am a very busy woman and have very little free time but the time I do have I want to enjoy. I'm not into dating multiple men or sleeping around. I need a man who will make my body ache.. A man who will throw me around and go for multiple rounds... If that's you I can't wait to chat and get to it... I'm waiting... Please send a pic and I will too.

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Smarts, confidence and a great smile 33yr (31717, GA, Decatur County)
To be upfront, I am not looking for anything serious. I feel like I'm at a place where it's important for me to focus on me and the things I'm trying to accomplish. I really don't think I'd have the energy to put into a relationship and that wouldn't be fair to anybody. So I'm here to meet new people, go on dates and have fun. :) If the right person came along, I wouldn't shut myself off from that, it's just not what I'm searching for. Turn-ons: intelligence, confidence, height, into sports , scruff, passion about something, laughs easily, great smile, dorky side Turn-offs: lack of hygiene, long hair, skinny jeans, super skinny boys If religion is a Major part of your life or you consider yourself a conservative, we probably won't get along. Also if you do not believe gays should have the same rights as straight people or are pro-life, please don't waste my time.

Seeking A Fun, Sweet, Cute Guy With A Little Edge. 26yr (31717, Bainbridge, GA, Decatur County)
Hello:) I'm seeking a guy that enjoys the simple things in life, playing video games, bbqs, paintball, pool, bowling, mini golf, drawing, going to the dog park, beach at night, getting coffee or sushi, movies, road trips. I pretty much enjoy anything cept sports . I like men that have a sense of humor, thatre tall, can cook, are creative . I'm an artsy rocker chick thats average height & size . I'm just seeking someone cool that I can click with & possibly more . I'm not interested in nsa or fwb. Please respond with a pic, a bit about yourself & please be over 26 years old..I'll respond with a pic & we can go from there & yes, I'm real.

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Regular companion for fun in AND OUT of the bedroom? 43yr (31717, Bainbridge, Georgia)
Iím a pretty, educated, blonde-haired, blue-eyed woman who enjoys movies, great conversations over coffee, exploring the city, and traveling. These days I have a lot of free time on my hands and Iím looking for a younger, SINGLE, dark-haired man to spend it with ON AN ONGOING basis. Might we be a match? If youíre younger than me, dark-haired, attractive, average or smaller in build, a non-smoker, and attracted to plus-size women, we could be a match. I look forward to hearing from you.

Chubby nerdette looking for her nerd. Only nice guys please. 28yr (31717, Bainbridge, GA)
So, me: I live in the city of Chicago, though I'm originally from Louisiana, 5'2'' 28 year old chubby nerdette with glasses and short black hair . I'm not likely the one to be found in heels and a short skirt, but some chucks and a hoodie. I like to shop sometimes, but I'm also happiest playing World Of Warcraft and wandering around Chicago Comics or getting sushi . I'm more of a concert girl instead of the club/bar scene. That might have to do with the fact that I'm straightedge, though I don't generally care what you do as long as it's in moderation. I just couldn't see myself with some drunk idiot. And well, probably not drugs either honestly, though people make too big of a deal out of Pot. I just don't like it around me personally. far as politics go, I'm pretty liberal, but I don't enjoy talking about them much because I get kind of passionate and downright upset about it, so I would prefer happier topics. I'm not some barbie, not at all perfect, and I'm really not that ashamed of it. I'm shy and I'm no ''hottie'' but I'm hardly frigid, and I like me, and I'd like to find somebody who would like me too. You: Basically, I'd like to meet a nice guy. I know, tall order huh? I'd like to have somebody who's not too clingy or needy, but that I don't have to deal with games or lies with. Because really? If you'd rather go out and play around in clubs and bars? That's great! Just leave me out of your games, yeah? I'd prefer the kind of guy who'd be just as happy staying in watching a game or the movies or playing video games as he would going to concerts or hanging out at coffee houses. I'd like a guy who's respectful and intelligent and basically falls into those rules my mom kind of raised me to go by...that whole saying about how a guy needs to respect his mother , be kind to animals and like kids . So, I'm looking for a dork seeking an affair me to cuddle with/make out with/other fun activities with, share stuff with, and generally just enjoy this city and this life with. Are there any real guys out there? C'mon, you've gotta be out there somewhere! Sorry, not attaching a picture, I'd like to not get stalked and murdered in my sleep, but a pic of yours will get a pic of me. Just don't expect Megan Fox .

You can't handle the truth. Ha! 32yr (Bainbridge, Georgia )
I had to find a way to thank all the guys, and girls too, who responded to my first informative ad ''Looking for an honest ad? Ha!''. What better way than to keep telling the truth? First... to all those guys who sent me pictures of them in the bathroom, or sent things like, ''Hey you are one funny girl. Let's fuck.'' SERIOUSLY??? Has that ever worked even once? It made me laugh, but what I was laughing about was that only a few of you figured out that the author, me, is not a woman! How else would I know all this stuff if I hadn't dealt with it first hand??? So here's my thank you in the form of a Tip Of The Day; You aren't going to find pretty girl-next-door sweet & in-shape women in their 30's or 40's on list. Stop looking. I know for a fact, sadly, that women like those pictured below are not the list type. Well... except for one of them. Can you guess which one? Don't feel bad though. It isn't you. The problem is, girls in their 20's are too young and all the sweet and in shape Sandra Bullock type women are taken by guys who treat them like crap. Why oh why did we have to be raised to be honest and kind? Darn our parents! My point is, I, like you, must face the truth that we are not going to find our perfect girl on list. We may not find her at all. We may have simply waited too long and spent too much time putting other things first. Hey if that's the way it is then so be it. Life has way too much to offer for any of us to be remorseful over missed opportunities. Stop wasting your time here and go live life! Honestly, that's the only way we are going to find someone who has our same interests anyway. It's like I never said, but will say from this point on, the girl you find when you're out rock climbing is a girl who enjoys rock climbing too. Ok time for the Question Of The Day: Who will flag this first? Will it be the embarrassed loser who tried to pick me up thinking I was a woman? Or will it be a highly offended cow upset that someone is telling the truth about their scam? Happy Memorial Day guys. Don't forget what it's all about. ADDED DURING SECOND POSTING: The answer to our question of the day was... Blond chubby white girl. Guess she saw something in this post that made her upset. Can't imagine for the life of me what it could have been.

are you seeking a devoted, intelligent, crazy-ish girlfriend? 32yr seeking an affair 31717, GA )
Wouldn't you love to grab a drink this weekend with a brilliant, sweet, sexy, chubby, nerd-girl? I have a great job, a cute little apartment, soft, pretty hair, and a charming tendency toward emotional neediness. I'm sexually adventurous, I will occasionally let you win at Scrabble, and I always do the dishes. All I ask in exchange is that you be smart, honest, open, attentive, affectionate, and in or near your 30s. I especially like bookish, weird boys who enjoy beer and writing in complete sentences.

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Where are the cowboys at? 22yr (Bainbridge, Georgia )
Hey guys :-). I'm looking for someone between the ages of 23-30 and I like a husky guy with some meat on him and I like tall guys too. I like guys that are funny and that can make me laugh. I'm a simple girl, with simple needs. I have my own apt and car and job so please have the same. Well a little about me, I like going fishing, drinking, movies. I love to cook as well! I can be a smart ass at times so if you can put up with a sassy comment or have one back for me then we'll do great lol! Anyways, if you would like to know more just email me. Please send a pic! Yes I have pics as well. Bye :-)! MEN ONLY! PLEASE PUT ''country'' IN seeking an affair SUBJECT. I can text or email a pic :-)