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Looking for my it you? 54yr (Opa Locka, Florida )
I am looking for a single man between the ages of 45 to 55 years old. Someone who is interested in finding their happily ever after. Lets cut to the chase I have done the FWB ,not for me. I am looking for a man ,who is looking to be with ONE women, NO Players. NO casual sex, so move on if all you want is sex. Even though I am a very sexual person, but I am a one man women looking for someone who is interested in a LTR. This person should enjoy getting out and enjoy your weekends in the sun. You should have a GOOD sense of humor. Be spontaneous and fun... I can be comfortable dressed to go to the theater or casual going for a hike, swap meet, street fairs and such. I am 5''3'' ,not thin but not obese, short blonde hair and big brown eyes....So I am not a model or a rocket scientist...but take a chance ,you might just be surprised.

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Normal Woman seeking LTR 38yr (Opa Locka, 33055, FL )
Hello guys my name is Leilani I am 38 years old. I have hazel eyes auburn hair 5'3 and am 150 pds I am medium build and bilingual English/Spanish. I am a fun loving person and spontaneous, I love dancing, reading, cooking, mueseums, thrift stores or just hanging out at home. I am a simple woman with simple tastes I am very feminine love wearing dresses,skirts and heels. I am lousy with a computer don't know how to post a pic, but I do know how to send it on my cell phone. So if you are interested call me six 0 two six 1 eight two 9 three 7 thanks and have a great day

Sexy, spring sweetheart 55yr (33054, Opa Locka, Florida)
Sensual BBW and SWPF seeks sexy SWPM sweetheart for spring romance...intriguing, alluring, devilishly mischievious...let your imagination fill in the blanks... Send stats, pics, and contact'll get mine in return...if you dare!

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Awesome, kick-ass & happy seeks same! 33yr (33054, Opa Locka, FL, Miami-Dade County)
I am a single, fun, incredibly happy & grateful, highly intelligent, life-loving woman. I am very young at heart & I have a lot of young energy and most people assume I am somewhere between ages 21-25 when they first meet me. I am beautiful, attractive, open-minded, a free thinker, and I have my own opinions & beliefs that I am incredibly passionate about & will stand up for. I live in reality, instead of in a bubble. In an effort to filter out the responses that I receive, I have to insist on good spelling, grammar and literacy. Iím 32, but I feel more like 22! Iím tall so please be tall yourself, at least 5í9ĒĖ I donít want to have to stoop over to kiss you. I have to stay active, which normally amounts to 6+ mile hikes, swimming & working out/lifting weights six days a week. I have a lot of healthy, positive energy that is flowing out of me on a daily basis so I use it to fill up my free time with all of my interests & hobbies, which includes my work as an artist and the many projects that I have going on at one time. I am in excellent shape, with an athletic build, but I am very feminine & curvy. I am a mix of Norwegian, German, Scottish, Swedish, English, and Welsh. I have shoulder- length brown/red hair & deep brown eyes. I am a natural cuddle bug, because it feels so good to lie down next to someone and wrap your arms around them. I really enjoy being affectionate. I know the power of touch & I have learned how powerful & healing it can be. I love tickle/wrestle fights. I'm trustworthy, reliable, responsible, serious when I need to be & but mostly goofy, kind, friendly & fun. I am also very quirky and have been lovingly described as Ďweirdí and Ďuniqueí by friends and family. I am always honest, even if it seems harsh, and these days my filter is on Ďlowí. I have a cat who I rescued off the side of a highway 6 years ago - he is very important to me. I'm a skeptic & I base my beliefs on personal experiences & logic. I donít have much tolerance for people who donít use their brains, bad drivers & people who believe everything they hear on Fox news. I have a great sense of humor & enjoy making others laugh, which often happens around me without much effort. It's incredibly difficult to make me upset or angry and I donít recommend doing so on purpose. I donít scare easily. I'm an incredibly strong person - emotionally, mentally, & physically. My mom calls me her 'rock', because of my ability to keep those who are panicking calm. I'm handy when it comes to emergencies - I will help a fallen stranger or an injured animal & you can count on me to bring my EMT skills on our adventures. I enjoy long, intense, intimate conversations for hours about anything & everything. I enjoy learning how things work by taking them apart & putting them back together, be it a computer or other technology. I am in training to summit Mt Hood this year. I am also currently working towards getting my conceal carry permit in Oregon and keeping up with my target shooting skills. I am also recruiting for a highly respected milsim airsoft team here in Portland and I just went to my first OP! It was fucking amazing & I had a blast. I am learning web design as well as teaching myself Photoshop and I am designing my own web page for my art portfolio. I am always tinkering with a computer or electronic device and helping my family & friends with their computer frustrations. Iím an artist & I have a natural eye for photographing nature & animals. I work with many mediums including pencil/pen drawings, acrylic paintings & painting on found objects. I have designed jewelry & I want to learn glass blowing. I am a writer & I am always reading multiple books at once. I'm not claustrophobic or afraid of heights because I love caving, rappelling, & exploring underground/hidden places. I moved to Portland in February Ď09 & am in love with this amazing city. I especially enjoy the close access to beautiful nature areas & you can often find me hiking in Forest Park or out in the Gorge. I am always up for trying new activities, new foods, & checking off new activities on my to-do list. Places in Portland I frequent include: Henryís Tavern, Anna Bananas, Townshends, Backspace, Hot Lips, Proper Eats & others. There's not much in life that I don't like or wouldn't be willing to try at least once. Some of my interests include: astronomy & using my telescope on clear nights, camping, even when itís cold or snowing, hiking & going backpacking, spelunking, rock hunting/collecting, target practice & keeping my 2nd amendment rights, milsim airsoft training, motorcycles, driving my car & spontaneous road trips, riding horses, listening to loud electronica in my car or while Iím dancing or any music that moves me, spinning poi, pyrotechnics, geology & geography, 2600, computer/video games, pinball & arcades, mini-golf & beating my brother at Air Hockey, growing my own food/herbs, making my own medicine from herbs & generally anything that keeps me happy & sane. I want to learn mountaineering, rock climbing, go zip-lining, hang gliding and much more! I am a busy person with a fun, exciting life. I donít take anything in my life for granted Ė Iíve been alive long enough to learn from experience that itís not worth it to hold grudges or have jaded expectations. I'm not your typical girl and most of the time I can't stand to be around the general female population. Iím looking for new guy friends first, but Iím ultimately searching for a passionate, stable relationship with someone who can be my best friend, my lover, my Ďpartner-in-crimeí and my confidant. Standard requirements: be old enough to legally drink but not older than 40ish, have an income source, your own mode of transportation, have your own place . Please have morals, values, and manners, be polite, know that chivalry is not dead and open my door and know the importance of a strong hand shake. You are physically/mentally/emotionally strong, not whiny or selfish; you are always honest, no matter how blunt; you are trustworthy, open-minded & willing to try new things. You share many of my same interests including being a computer/electronics geek, using your brain on a daily basis, you love listening to music that moves you & you are partial to electronic music or are willing to give it a chance, and it is important for you to be active rain or shine, outside, as often as possible. Please do not tell me you love hiking and go all the time, when in fact you havenít been hiking in quite some time and are actually out of shape. You take care of your body which includes showering, brushing & flossing your teeth, and staying in shape and eating healthy foods most of the time. You know the importance of personal space but also know that taking the time to get to know someone is important in any relationship. You must love animals but also respect nature & keep wild animals wild. You know what you want in your life, you have goals & are constantly striving to complete them. When you're not happy, you do something about it, instead of complaining, and you know itís not worth worrying if something is beyond your control. You have an awesome sense of humor and can enjoy a relaxed evening in or a fun night out. You can keep up with me, whether weíre debating human rights or hiking in the Gorge. Your family and friends are important to you and you can always make time to spend with someone special. Please have a passion and thirst for acquiring new knowledge whenever possible. *You should be able to understand that physical age is not a reflection of mental maturity and life experience Ė I am interested in dating guys who can match my own energy & maturity levels. I look forward to hearing from you!

Looking for someone who loves intensely... seeking an affair FL, Miami-Dade County)
..and is honest and faithful. So what the hell am I doing on cl right? WellÖ I figure that cl is just like any other venue. There are good people and bad people everywhere. So, the man I seek is attractiveÖ to me. He has a great smile. He loves intensely and intimately, and is open, honest, and communicative. He is a good listener, but also shares of himself. He is intelligent. He is protective and caring. He is affectionate. He is creative and thoughtful. He is affectionate. He is dominant, but not an ass. He is affectionate. He loves animals. He is affectionate. He lets me be his little girl. He is honest. He is affectionate. If this is starting to seem a little bit redundant, it is only because no matter how many times you say something, some people just donít get it. People often say they are honest, but they still lie. I will tell you if I do not want to talk about something that is private, or I am not ready to share it with youÖbut I wont lie to you because that seems so pointless. I can respect your privacy, but donít lie to me if you expect to have something worth having. So, thatís just a tiny little tidbit about what Iím looking for. Now a tidbit about what you are looking for: You are looking for a woman who is intelligent and open minded. Someone who has a mind of her own, but who will follow you if your judgment is sound. Someone who loves to learn new things and loves it even more when she can share them with you. Someone who is very affectionate and loves to touch and be touched. Someone who will walk with you hand in hand through life. Someone you can trust. Someone you can love who will love you in return. I know this all seems very abstract but the standard stuff, ďHi, Iím XX years old, I weigh XX lbs, and I love movies and walks in the park and all that this city has to offerÖĒ yada yada yada, just seems so boring to me. Besides, in my experience, no matter what people tell you about themselves, you never really know them until you spend time with them, and experience them. So, if any of what I have written here sounds interesting to you, please write to me. Share whatever you wish about yourself, your passions, and what you are looking for. Send me your picture and letís get acquainted.

This weekend... 36yr (Opa Locka, Florida )
Hi. I am 36, SWF, looking for an adventure this weekend. I'd like someone who has the mindset of possibly developing it into something more if things work. I am attractive, well educated, well traveled, and drama free. I work a real job, live alone, and am pretty down to earth. I love to try new places, cook, travel, read, enjoy a good drink, hanging out, I smoke be cool with this. I'm low maintenance, 420 friendly, drama and baggage free. I'm looking for someone who is along those lines.... Send me an e-mail and a picture...attraction does matter. I will reciprocate with mine. Tell me about you and what kind of trouble we are going to get into this week..... MUSTS.... Be single Include a pic No copy and paste please!

Ready for a Good Man 27yr (Opa Locka, 33054 , Miami-Dade County)
So here a few of the things that are most important to me in my life. If it sounds like a potential ltr in the making for you drop me a line! Adventure: There are so many amazing things to do in this world and I just hope I have time to enjoy them all! I love road trips to anywhere, or nowhere. Iíve traveled all over the world and canít wait to do it some more. I want to do anything I havenít done before . Fun: This one just isnít negotiable. I know life isnít always a picnic, but most of the time it can be! I want some one with the same attitude about making life a blast as I have. I donít really have patience for anyone who moaps unless they have one hell of a good reason-then Iíll give you a hug, open the bottle, and have moapy night with you! Food: I love to BBQ! Ok, I donít actually do the BBQ-ing, but Iím a great marinater, side-dish-maker, and beer-bringer-to-the BBQer-erÖ I think cooking for someone is one of the sexiest things you can do. Chivalry: Iím a modern, independent woman, but I grew up with mid-west manners. I do appreciate it when doors are opened and chairs pulled out. But by chivalry I donít mean huge, grand gestures. Someone waking up before me to make coffee is one of the most romantic things I can think of. Goals: Everyone needs a little help staying on their feet ĖI get that. My life isnít where I want it to be yet, but Iím working hard to get there. I ask the same of you. Know what you want and be actively working to get it. Family: They are crazy -but I love them so much. Theyíre not always an easy crew but they are non-negotiable in my life. My Life in General: Iím 27, no kids , and looking for something potentially long-term, but I can always use more great friends. Just to get a couple things out of the way- I smoke and am not generally 420 friendly. Iíd consider myself a work in progress. Iím a ton of fun and always up for anything. seeking an affair looking for someone between 26 and 34 ish who is simply a good guy, someone who can teach me something new, and has his life together and is open to sharing it with someone.

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S/F Seeks Summer Romance 53yr (33055, Opa Locka, FL)
Single attractive blonde lady seeks single white male for a seeking an affair relationship. I enjoy travel, dinning, homeleife, holding hands, TV, movies, casinos, etc. Must be single, educated, financially secure, honest, and age appropiate.