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Seek and get into discreet affair with someones wife or husband

corny pick up lines?.. yes please! 19yr (32953, Merritt Island, Florida)
What can I say I find them very amusing. I've had a wicked like day worked 13 hrs and now I cannot sleep.. Looking for a non creeper on cl .. Doubt that's going to happen lol. Well anyways. Bored can't sleep entertaine me?

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Silliness and Erudition 34yr (Merritt Island, Florida )
They're so sexy. If you have them, in addition to an interest in a LTR, lack of pretense, good looks, and a sense of wonder that makes your life rich, drop me a line.

I Dont Want A Loveless Relationship 32yr (32953, Merritt Island, FL, Brevard County)
I am looking for a relationship the FEELS good, one that is full of mutual love and respect, one where I can form a bond with someone that has integrity and is as dedicated to I as I am to him. I want a true partnership, where we as equals can depend on eachother during the worst, and motivate and encourage each other to be the best we can. I am looking for someone who beleives in sharing and can appreciate receiving, someone who understands things without being judgemental, someone who says what is on their minds whether it is good or bad, and who does so to be constructive and who has the intentyion of continueing to learn and grow from our individual and shared mistakes and acheivements. I am looking for someone who is not a liar, and who I can be completly honest to. I want someone who I can count on to be a friend as much, if not more, than a lover, my best friend, and who always has my back no matter what, and who can know with confidence they can count on me for anything too, no matter what. i want someone who understands, and expects, loyalty. I want someone who is a man, a true man, who is protective and strong and wise and who makes me feel safe. I want a man that is not afraid of things, big things,and less importantly even the big spiders that he will undoubtedly need to get when they crawl on the wall and I am too afraid to squish them. i want a man that is brave, has courage and who has values that parallell my own. I want a man that wants me, and is not afraid to act like it, and who shows interest in me. i want a man that is fluid when he moves, someone that I cant take my eyes off of and want to look at moving forever. This not mean that he has to be a model, but he must be someone I am attracted to physically. I like rugged men, men who are competent at what they do, men that command respect in their worlds. I want a man that loves sex, sex with ME, and who I can know will like that I will do anything at all that he finds pleasing, or craves, or wants; I am a giver and although I love taking as well, I can not be staisfied if I feel my lover is not. I am attractive, thin, have a sexy, tempting, responsive body, am tall but not too tall. I can act like a lady as well as with shameless abandon, depending of course, where I am. There are very few things I will not at the very least try once, and I crave new discoveries and enjoy new adventures and learning new things, as well as taking comfort in the soft warmth of the familiar. I am a girl that wants to grow into more of a woman,. who is ready to stop all of the nonsense and pointless games and find a bigger meaning, and who is at the peak of her life, full of life and energy and love that she wants to share. I am caring, non-judgemental, creative, quirky, with a twisted and sometimes corny sense of humor and an everchanging perspective and appreciation for the world I see around me. I have a lot going on inside me at all times, and am not a shallow or selfish person, and I value the people I care about and try to let them know. I have one child who is the most beautiful thing I have ever had the blessing to contribute to and help to grow, and I would like another someday. I am not perfect, far from it. I can be humble when I have been wrong, and strongly determined to prove it when I am not. I have a tendancy to think with my heart more so than my brain, and would like a partner that is capable of logic and can balance my emotions with his practicality and common sense, and who appreciates that we think differently and will not always be able to agree on everything all the time. To sum it all up, I am looking for a man who I can love without fear and who I can dedicate myself to completly. One who is as appreciative of our love and as committede to me as I am to him. Someone who I can know inside and out, and who knows me better than myself. It would be great if we liked all the same activities, but just as interesting if we did not. I am looking for my counterpart, my other half, the man that I can find happiness and satisfaction and companionship with, to build a shared world with. Are you him?

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If you like sports im your girl 49yr (Merritt Island, Florida )
im a sports most 5' 8'' 165 shoulder length blonde hair.....non smoker....seeks the not a gurly girl....just a plain jane....tshirts and jeans....not looking to ''hang out'' want the whole deal....please b local....and between 43 and 52

JUICY, RIPE MANGO...READY TO BE PICKED... 35yr (Merritt Island, 32952 , Brevard County)
Its the last week of May... And we're heading into June... Want a great guy by my side... To check out the Beach with, soon... He doesnt have seeking an affair be perfect... But he has to match my style... Knowing when to fall back and play it cool, And when to let go & get wild! Dont want a guy who's thugged out, Unemployed or Hustling on the Street Can't deal with more than one baby's mama... And any guys in that lifestyle, I dont want to meet! But if you are intelligent, fun, sincere, And looking for a juicy woman to date... Check me out, with all due respect... Cause Im interested and really dont want to wait. Spring is almost over, And before you know it, summer will be too... I'd love to have a great guy to date...Why Not? We're only human...And maybe that guy is You... Ciao, Baby...

Bisexual BBW Femme's New to West Coast 24yr (32952, Merritt Island, FL)
Adventurous, fun-loving, passionate, committed couple looking for a genuine, sweet man willing to show us a good time. We are seeking male companionship and would love to hear from you if you are open-minded and generous. Please email us and tell us a little bit more about yourself!

RE: *sweet man* (Merritt Island, 32953, FL )
She opens by saying this is a REAL POST. Of course it is! A menopausal goldigger seeking a young stud to cater to her depravity and support her while doing it! This is list at its finest! How low seeking an affair this website go?

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so yeah, dunno if this will work - w4m 25yr (32952, FL, Brevard County)
I've never posted before, I hope it doesn't come out sounding corny, but here goes... I'm just looking to meet some really cool people that might be up to having a little fun. If you have a thing for cute blondes, then you will have a thing seeking an affair me.