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Stressed out and looking for a distraction! 24yr (34698, Dunedin, FL)
I am totally done with all these choices adulthood brings. Would love to find a male companion for some dates. Like chill ones drinking on a patio or my patio. I live with 2 awesome roomies. I work and take care of what needs to be taken care of. I love the Chicago Cubs. I am looking forward to the day when they win the World Series. Screw you non believers. I will be 25 very soon. I have been described as kind, nurturing, bubbly, sarcastic, comical, laid back, and down to earth. I'm not a weird clingy girl at all. I have love for a specific video game that involves zombie killing. Can you guess it? I am the girl that gets a little tipsy every so often and rocks out to good music. I love some 420 and do smoke cigarettes. I'm working on getting back to school minus all the loans. I really want to pursue a degree in Psychiatry. I absolutely love 80s music and culture. I love learning new things and people. I am hispanic. I march to the beat of my old drum. I like a guy with similar interests that can play fight with me and just have some good times. I'm not looking for marriage, but something a little more than casual. I want it to naturally flourish into a relationship. I can't say I'm a prude but I'm selective. I don't just budge for anyone and I'm proud of that. I have a limit. And will not exceed it. So don't think a couple drinks will get me in your saddle. Well I hope to hear from someone. What a beautiful day!

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Looking for Adventure, Intelligence, and Compassion 33yr (34698, Dunedin, FL, Pinellas County)
I am an Italian, curvy, in-shape 33 year-old woman looking for a guy who can keep up with me. I like to skydive, race fast cars, and shoot guns. I have my Master's degree and am quite ambitious. Looking for a dude who is confident, tall, sexy, knows what he wants, and knows how to treat a woman. Not necessarily looking for a relationship right now, but in the future want something long-term and definitely want children. I'm sassy, mysterious, clever, and know how to have a good time. Looking for a man that can take me on and give back as much as I give... is that you? Illuminate me, surprise me, let's get together and enjoy all this amazing city has to offer....

bored lets hang out tonight 28yr (Dunedin, 34698 , Pinellas County)
just to get it outta the way i am a short bbw some guys dont like bbw's .......... just looking to get out and have sum fun tonight.... anyone else out there with no plans lets talk and see if we click ....

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origin of love 25yr (34698, FL, Pinellas County)
It was the sad story How we became Lonely two-legged creatures, It's the story of The origin of love. I don't really believe that soul-mate-ish business but it's a nice song. I'm about 80% pragmatist and 20% idealist. I'd like to meet someone who's the opposite.

FULL BODY MASSAGE 28yr (Dunedin, Florida seeking an affair redhead eightfourseveneightsevenfivethreeonefivesix

RE: BBW a responce (Dunedin, Florida )
I think some of the ideas were close,but the words weren't exactly chose with tact. I think put in a feather your but way he meant. Take a good hard look at your self,ask what do i have to offer. In other words,u cant expect to buy a luxury vehicle with 00. Be realistic in what you ask for unless you are prepared for the let down,over,over,over,over,over,over,and so and so on. It is a general rule/society/genetically/nature/smart people get smart people,fat people get fat people,ugly gets ugly,broke gets broke. Its just a hard cold fact,there are exceptions to the rule but odds are its not going to happen. Now if you want better take some inishative change the odds into your favor. Plastic surgery,school,how you dress,daycare,condoms,a gym membership,close your mouth,stomach staples,and so on. You could be plating the odd's hey! more power to you. But there are way's to shift things to your favor and better your life in the long run, when things backslide.

Not your average list Personal Ad 30yr (34698, Dunedin, Florida)
E-Harmony incapatible? Think voyeristic, publicly sanctioned ego stroking for malignant narcissists? Seeking: Literate, art loving, creatively inclined, Salingernerudakeroacginsburgbukowski-aholic well versed in all things Nerd. Please be open-minded, adventurous, kind, wickedly funny and professional. Slightly perverted sex maniac in private-ok. Creepy American Psycho Norman Bates type--not so much. Non substance dependent libido a must. Notes in the margins of your copy of Tropic of Capricorn? Would you let me read seeking an affair Love b-grade scifi? Had a crush on Scully from the XFiles? Still admittedly rock out to those old punk albums? Love to cook? Like films? Looking for a woam with whom to share in the ass-crazy adventures and secret wishes? Your type: Ethical, Brainy Bookslut Adventure Girl in her 30's, progressive, warm, sexy, artistic, funny in a Mary Katherine Gallagher Margaret Cho kind of way, damsel in distress only when you impress me with displays of your awesome machismo, educated, extremely curious, professional, been 'saved' twice and it didn't take either time, believes in working to make the world a better place, would be a Roller Derby Doll if only she could find her skates, loves sex , aspires to become uniquely herself with a little Betty Page, Madonna and Patti Smith thrown in, has never been a Gleek or a member of the Dancing With The Stars cult, doesn't believe in innundating you with overly sentimental emails containing pictures of little puppies and angels--but may, if you ask very nicely, write you a note that would set your imagination ablaze, believes that physical chemistry and compatibility are a combination of several divergent and unique elements--but ultimately hopes that you would find her incredibly hot, smart and worthy of being your friend. If you're interested please introduce yourself and send a pic. Also--gentlemen--please add your sign to the memo box of your email so I know you're not a spambot. Serious replies will catch my eye.

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iono. just to see 25yr (Dunedin, 34698, FL )
not quite sure seeking an affair are what i am looking for i do enjoy mental stimulation through deep convo, video games, school, working and just living.