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Rel: Love again, like that I once had m4w, w4m (33755, Clearwater, FL, Pinellas County)
With complete respect for your feelings, you will NEVER find another. Reason? You refuse to let go of the now idealized image of a woman that is gone. SHE is gone. No other woman will EVER have a chance against someone who has passed.................................. I know. My father died. No man has ever been able to live up to the idealized image I created of him. We wound ourselves, by NOT letting go of the past. When you are ready to accept someone new....for exactly who they are [not because they are HER] You will be loved. Be in your current moment. Allow someone else to be with you in this moment. Peace to your spirit.

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Running with scissors 40yr (Clearwater, 33756 , Pinellas County)
Iím wise enough to know what I want. Iím also wise enough to know youíre going to scroll down to look at my pictures before you read any further! But hey, as long as you read further, and write only because you think weíre a match, I donít care in what order you read. PLEASE donít be offended if I donít write back. I just really know what works for me and I donít want to waste your time either. PLEASE donít write me if: -You solicit swinging or a service -If youíre going to ask me if Iím real. If you canít tell Iím ďrealĒ then youíre too dense! -More than an L.A. hour away. Iím not one for schlepping. -If youíre in a relationship -If you do not send a picture Ė no exception Itís not hard to downsize a photo -If you do not want to ultimately be in a relationship Me in a nutshell: Iím a glasses wearing artsy/craftsy girl who loves cheesy musicals, funky clothes, reality t.v., quirky movies , thrift-store shopping, getting dolled-up, dressing down, salsa dancing , or staying home and doing nothiní at all. I donít have time or desires for name brands, hardcore politics or religion but Iím not a liberal either. Iím consistently inconsistent but donít fret, Iím mentally stable and definitely not a flake! Iím 5í5Ē and a size 10. Very comfortable with how I look, I have the ďgoodĒ curves as a woman should. Iím honest, considerate, unpretentious, clumsy, candid, and loving. I have joint custody with my two children and their dad is great. You should know that I'm Jewish albeit not a good exampleÖI have a couple of tattoos. I also have a slightly wicked sense of humor. I hope youíre taller than me, stronger than me, not too far from me . You are hygienically Ėappealing but donít take longer than me to get ready. I hope youíre close to me in age so we have lots to talk about. Extra points if you wear hats and hope you have a great sense of humor cause youíll need it! I would love to find a guy who we have things in commonÖ 80ís music, punk shows occasionally, vintage clothes and who has some funky style or at least, enjoy mine! Only nice emails please of great men who arenít soliciting free foot massages, or other crap. PRETTY PLEASE only respond if you sincerely think weíll be a match. **DISCLAIMER** I am not your average L.A. girl. Iím not tan, botoxed, siliconed, and NOT in the entertainment industry nor desire to be. Donít come-a-knockiní looking for perfection on this door, you wonít find it.

Attractive Asian woman 37yr (33764, Clearwater, FL)
I am single, Asian, 5 ft 4 in, 115 lbs, a teacher, over all a nice person, cute, slender, attractive. I live and owrk in the city, looking for an intelligent, happy , in good shape guy, 30s and mid 40s. I m not looking for a one night stand. You have to be single. Thanks.

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Tall fit 40's latina for 35+ cool, fun, fit healthy guys for LTR (33761, FL, Pinellas County)
So here's the info on me - i'm a light skinned latina - caucasian mix, long dark hair, brown eyes, 5'10, late 40's, 145 lbs, tall /slender, fit, hwp, attractive. I try to live my life with an Eastern approach, positive energy, what you give the universe comes back to you good and bad ten-fold, etc. I appreciate the principles of Buddhism, The Secret / Laws of the Universe, don't follow any single religious belief system, but think it's important to have some spiritual direction and a good moral compass. I do not have any hate or judgement towards anyone or lump people into groups or stereotypical assumptions. I want a real relationship with someone of the same mindset. But still a guys guy if you get what i mean. Which means no meditating, chanting, vegans please. A girls gotta have a ribeye, jumbo jack or lucky charms too. And yes i'm a social drinker as well and enjoy all the usual activities - movies, food, sports, Vegas, Disney, LA weekends, etc.. i love to travel and snorkel. Cancun is my favorite place. I enjoy outdoor activities , still working on my fitness levels, and would like to try some form of martial arts, and indoor rock climbing looks fun. I like yoga at home and doing workouts and stretching with my partner. I've got a brain, college degree, and can hold a conversation. I'm witty, funny, friendly and have a mildly cynical sense of humor. I will call you out when you're being really stupid, and have your back when it counts. But i'll never throw you under the bus and expect the same in my partner. I'm non judgemental, have a good moral compass and don't hate on anyone. Part time dads welcome- IF you really have time for dating. I like kids, dogs and have 1 cat, so you can't be allergic. I work hard, play hard, keep odd hours and am fine with unusual rotating, night, frequent travel, etc.. work schedules. I don't need to see you or hear from you daily. I'm not insecure or clingy that way. I mostly work nights and sleep days until early afternoons, but can adapt to a different schedule when needed. So Military, Flight Crew, Law Enforcement type schedules are fine with me. I am generally physically attracted to men 6' + with muscular, toned healthy bodies and ONLY with very light, soft, fine little to no body hair. I just can't get into a mans body with dark thick fur everywhere, sorry. And I know there are some fine caramel men out there, but sorry, i'm not attracted to the Bernie Mac, Tracy Morgan look. Think LL Cool J :) And yes, i want to find someone who actually wants to be in a committed long term happily ever after for both of us. 35 - 50 is a good age range. Single or legally separated only - NO married men!! I'm a SD native but tend to do really well with East Coast men. I want to date men whom i not only have common interests with, but who are physically capable of an engaging, enjoyable, playful and satisfying intimate relationship with as well. And that is not possible with a man who has let himself get out of shape, so no, i will not be romantically interested in someone who is grossly overweight. I'm highly skilled in Tantric energy bodywork and Tantra. There are very specific postures in Tantra, and a man shorter than myself does not work. Ideally men who are 6'+ and no lower back issues. If you can't sit cross legged and hold yourself upright, or if your belly flops over then you are not physically fit. There's nothing wrong with my preferences, men post all the time with specific body stats they want, so fair is fair. So men who are Military Special Ops, USMC, Law Enforcement, Martial Arts, etc.. are generally really fit men - and who don't smoke pot. I am NOT 420 friendly!!!! Of course i'm open to meeting any respectful and sincere man who appreciates a real woman, who is easy to be with, knows how to relax you and take care of your physical and emotional needs. And yes, i expect my partner to care about mine as well. I do really well with East Coast men :) PLEASE READ: If the only thing you're interested in is the Tantric part, then don't waste your time. Read the post again !! I am NOT interested in doing massage trades or teaching anyone else. This is NOT a posting for a sex partner or for the curious. Replies that barely make one sentence, all caps, run-on paragraphs, ALL photo requests, and anything sexual or disrespectful will be ignored. I will not play 20 questions with you if you can't be bothered to volunteer some indepth and relevant info about yourself. Like what i've put here :) Please be willing to give me your phone # and meet in person. I will not do IM, chat online, or any of that other crap. That is not how you get to know someone. If your life is so busy you can't make time to meet within the next week, then you don't have time to pursue dating. Prefer you are in San Diego, nothing past Del Mar or Rancho Bernardo please, east to Alpine. Okay then, that's a good start as any. Please reply with your age, a true accurate description and physical stats, work info, where you live, shared interests, etc... and most importantly, tell me something specific in terms of WHY you are responding. thx :)

Romantic looking for honest guy 28yr (Clearwater, 33755, FL )
I am seeking an affair 320lbs but currently in process of losing weight. I am pretty proportioned. I have tattoos and live on my own. I am looking for an honest guy that's prefferably taller than me and caucasian. He should have his own car and a job would be great however i too am suffering with the lack of jobs right now. I do want a long term relationship but want to meet and date first see how things go. Please no cheaters or casual sex partners. I love horror movies, photography, most of nature and cuddling. Please don't reply if you don't have a pic. I have posted some below and will send more upon request if you are willing to share as well. I won't send Nude pics though. Any other info you want to know just ask. I also prefer a guy aged 23 - 33. Kids are ok. I don't have any of my own but would like some one day.

Cute somewhat active sbf 31yr (33764, Clearwater, Florida)
I'm a sbf in my early thirties -- look much younger. I do try to enjoy the time that I have. Friends will tell me that I'm attractive 5'9', light brown skin, wear my hair long, body-type - - I'd say ''thin/cury'' -I'm stable, love to cook, and I think fun to be around. I am one of those people who enjoys working out and I do 3X/week. I enjoy the usual things people usually list on this site -- . I literally listen to all types of music. So seeing live music is always fun for me. Wait...actually I'm not into Jazz or Blues. Other than that I'm good. I have a preference for light skin of any race. Something about the contrast of skin colors when we're together :) You be in your late 20s to late 30s please, Single, able to carry on a decent conversation, will give in and see a dumb comedy flick every once in a while. I actually enjoyed Hot Tub Time Machine! I was surprised. NO chick flicks - ick. Sense of humor is a plus! Both my ex's were in the computer industry so I guess that's the type i'm into. I also love artists so go figure. If you are interested in responding please reply w/picture please. Just to be clear: I'm not interested in an immediate hook-up or FWB. I posted a few months ago and seems no one on this site is looking to date or LTR? Just want someone nice and attractive to go out with, perhaps fan the spark of chemistry, and see where it goes. Thank you for reviewing my ad!

There has to be one left... 30yr (Clearwater, Florida )
Ok, here I am seeking an affair There has got to be ONE nice southern white gentleman left!! Someone who is not a raving psycho, a raging sex maniac, doesn't live with momma, and can hold a conversation without sounding like a caveman. AND- can reply to a post, send an email or text that doesn't look like a 2nd grader wrote it, spell check it!!! I know I sound like a witch, or worse, but that is not the case. I am simply a strong southern chic who knows what she wants. A MAN. Not a boy. A gentleman who knows how to treat and take care of a lady. I can be fun and love to make a man feel like a man. I LOVE to spoil my man, but I like to feel that he likes it and will reciprocate. NOT in a monetary way, but something as small as holding the door open for me. I am 30, 5' 3'', blonde hair, green eyes, tan skin, great full set of white teeth surrounded my full natural lips. I have a geat smile and eyes that light up when I do. Will you make me smile?

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Attractive Petite Woman 40yr (Clearwater, Florida )
I know that CL has more questionable characters out there than the descent ones. I am ONLY interested in men who can carry on a conversation, make me laugh, dance , a positive person with a huge heart. He has to be chivalrous and a gentlemen. I realize that the more I seeking an affair the more narrow my list of suiters become. But, just because this is CL it does not mean I have to settle. I am looking for a W M 5'9 or taller, fit build, has a job, a home, a car...the basics . I do not smoke or do drugs so don't even bother to respond if you do. I drink socially. No tattoos no diseases. Healthy and active. I do not look like I am 40 and look many years younger than that. I am petite 5' ish 115 llbs. I have a nice home and car and live in a pretty descent area. I do not go out often but have time this Saturday to try something new and adventurous. Please respond with picture of yourself and ''let's go out'' on subject line. Otherwise, I will just delete your email. Looking forward to meeting you.