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sexy green eyed bbw with a killer smile 32yr (32011, Callahan, FL, Nassau County)
Ok first off I dont want a one night stand. I dont want to use or be used for sex... Now if your still reading a little about me. Im a 32 year old single mom been divorced for some time and he lives 1200 miles away so no phsyco ex's stalking or giving me proplems lol.. I like to try to be easy going but im not saying I dont have my bad days I can be a bitch I am a woman after all. I love to have fun weither it be camping, going to the zoo or musuems, fishing, hanging with friends by a fire or even watching paint dry with the right person lol.. As I said I do have two kids.. A 9 yr old and 15 yr old they are my first priority and will always come first.. Now if your still reading. I love movies and try to go at least every other weekend. I like hanging out with friends cooking or just seeing where the day takes me. I love animals and have a few but the main ones are our four dogs who are my great protectors. Id like to think im not complicated i just dont want to be screwed over used or treated like a door mat. I have feelings and want someone who will respect those feelings. I love to cuddle I miss that closeness alot. Now for what Im looking for. I need someone who is more dominant and assertive. I am an eyes and smile person but personality is a major factor. I need someone who can make me laugh and smile. I have an off the wall sarcastic sense of humor and can be down right dirty sometimes so if you can handle that. Please have a job dont expect to move in with in the first week of being with me.. no felonies or orders of protections. no physco ex's Kids are ok i dont mind them... If your looking for barbie or a super model then im not the right person for you. Im a full figured woman and happy with who i am. If you want to know more ask me you send a pic and ill send one in return..

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Looking For An Amazing White Guy 25yr (32011, Callahan, FL)
This is my first time posting an ad on list and I look forward to meeting a charming white man. I am a black female that is very attractive and fun to be around. Some of my qualities are honesty, caring and loving. I am in search a great guy who knows how to treat a great woman. I like to go fishing and take long walks, bowl and cook. I enjoy being spoiled and treated kind. Serious inquires only and please respond with picture if you want a response.

Seeking Arrangement 55+ 22yr (Callahan, Florida )
Looking for a SD/SB discreet relationship with a 55+ man. I'm a 22 yr old island girl tanned skin 5'2 130lb, Young Attractive Smart Please reply with your age and location and your pic will get mine. Thank you for replying

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Caucasian Parvadi seeks Hot Indian BF 25yr (32011, FL, Nassau County)
Do you have a cool name? Have you managed to achieve an uncommon exponential amount of economic growth? Are you looking for a marriage in which you and your wife are alternatively out of town for business while your brother or my sister watch the kids ? You are all the more suitable if you are not sure about the type of marriage you want. I'm willing to compromise on anything- as long as our home furnishings don't come from walmart. Pretty white girl who can hold her own in any situation- even when your judgmental friend cooks an extravagant dinner and won't stop heaping food onto the plates to assert her power in a nonindividualistic society. Game?

Geeking Outtt. 20yr (Callahan, 32011, FL )
20 years old. Geeky, quiet, loves the 360 and playing pokemon on her dsi. I'm mixed race, seeking an affair and love watching anime and cosplaying. Two tattoos, unusual piercings, stretching my ears as well. I love tattoos AND piercings. I'm independent with two cars, and I love treating my significant other. I enjoy a thrill, but I know that you don't have to be spending money or doing anything to have fun. Sometimes just talking and hanging outside is the perfect kind of day. I dislike Virginia Beach, especially when it becomes tourist season. Laughing and smiling are musts for me. If you can make me laugh, you have my heart. I am looking for something long term, because I am the kind of person who gets attached, and likes the stability. If you have kids, awesome. I love children. Please be around 22-28. I love mixed boys with curly hair, but I give everyone a chance. :) If I don't respond to you, sorry. Really. : 28yr (Callahan, 32011, FL )
did you like my power tool joke? i guess so i have a serious question that has been perplexing me. what is it about a lady working with power tools that makes men assume she's a lesbian? my cordless skil drill is one of my favorite toys, people are frequently impressed by my use of it and tell me how ''how'' it is, yet it doesn't seem to carnally inspire straight men the way it does for me. i guess my REAL question is this: are there ANY men out there who upon seeing a woman casually ripping away on a table saw think to themselves ''i just want to hit the kill switch on that machine, roll down the blade and bend her over that table. sawdust, sweat and all!'' because honestly, I can't imagine ANYTHING sexier than that be honest. what do you think about that? have you ever known any men who find that sort of thing sexy? is it too much to ask for a man who i can build beautiful furniture with? and then have wild passionate sex on that furniture???

Looking for someone really special. 18yr (Callahan, Florida )
As previously stated, I'm looking for someone special. Someone that can deal with all my problems and doesn't think less of me for them. And that person doesn't have to get in a relationship with me...they could just be a friend. But I'm really looking for a relationship. Think you can handle it? Read on and find out. I've had my heart shattered and broken more times than I can count. It will take me at least 2 years to trust you even a little bit and I wouldn't be surprised if it took longer. I will think everything that you say or do is 100% designed to hurt me and you will need to constantly reassure me that you care. I have severe depression and am suicidal, and you need to be able to handle my terrible emotional problems. And there's a good chance I can never love you because I've been hurt so many times. Most of you will have already gone onto the next post. But if you're still here, and still interested, keep reading. I'm willful and impulsive. I can at times be a heartless bitch yet other times I'm the most caring person in the world. I want to be treated in a special way and I'll tell you outright when I don't like the way you act towards me. I'm very intelligent and logical-minded and I need my life to be of a certain structure in order to function properly. I enjoy video games and Sci-Fi. I have a long-term career goal and everything I do is designed to get me there. I'm a hopeless romantic and always love a good mystery. I try to fill my life with the same intrigue, I love to keep people guessing. I'm not pretty in the slightest and I don't pretend to be. What's beautiful about me is my mind and if you can't love me for that then you're not worth my time. Still here? Well then, looks like you have a fighting chance. If you want to get to know me, then go right ahead and email me. But it would be an added bonus if you fit my general requirements. I don't like drugs, drinking, or smoking. You will never find me participating in these activities. You cannot do any of these if you expect to be with me. However, you can drink provided you never get drunk and you never do it in front of me. If you do it in front of me, I'll pour the beer on your head and shove the bottle up your ass. If you're the slightest bit egotistical, stay away from me. Feeling good about yourself is fine, and thinking you're worth something is great. Constantly talking about how wonderful you are and expecting everything nice I say to you is not appreciated, and you will find yourself dumped faster than anything if you even begin to hint that you take me for granted. Do not lie to me about important things. Lying is in general a behavior that I feel should be rewarded...for instance, telling me how nice I am when I know I'm not. However, I've had people lie to me about wanting to help me and wanting to be with me. Don't beat around the bush with issues like that. I'm blunt and honest, you should be able to be the same way with me. Be sweet, kind and considerate. If you're nice to me, I'll be nice to you. If you act like a jerk, the treatment you get from me is ten times worse than anything your imagination could come up with. I may be harsh, but I'm still fairly polite. Please do me the same courtesy. I can't think of anything else at the moment, but I'm sure I will. But please, don't let any of this concern you. As an antisocial college student your emails are more than welcome.

In need of a big, strong guy that isn't ashamed to cuddle... (32011, Callahan, Florida)
Because I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm a little fast and easy in the cuddling department. Honestly, I want a lot more than that, but I wanted to get that out seeking an affair the way. I'm going to want to fall asleep on your chest and wake up still nuzzled against you as often as possible. And you'd better like it. If you think that this post is my secret way of trying to get you to come over and take my clothes off, you're kinda right. If we're dating, that is. Of course I'm going to want that part too, but if that's all you've got to offer me then I'm bored already so don't bother. Be single. Be ready to date. Be cute, tall, funny, and stable. Be aware that this is a post by an entirely normal girl who's willing to cut to the chase within the anonymity of the internet . Oh, and like cuddly girls.

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Looking for my last partner or soulmate 40yr (Callahan, 32011 , Nassau County)
I am blonde,tall,sophisticated,Worldly,beautiful ,non smoker,non deseases,College educated,Happy woman. You,College educated,Caucasian,Single,Financial stable who seeking an affair serious looking for share your life again. My picture is on google if you search for Anamaria Padua