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Looking for Mr. Right 26yr (Auburndale, Florida )
Hi thereÖIím writing a fairly detailed post to try and give you an idea of what Iím looking for in a partner. If Iím not the right match for you, I wish you good luck in your search. What Iím looking for nowÖIím looking for a guy I can get to know and go out and do things with. I enjoy going out to dinner, movies, coffee. Iím always looking for good conversation and something with a good heart and sense of humor. Sometimes I do enjoy going out and having fun at concerts, museums and new restaurants, but a lot of the time I like being at home cooking dinner, watching quality TV programs, reading, playing board/card games and just having an engaging conversation. Iíd say I like to spend about half of my time at home and half out on the town. What Iím looking for in a long term relationshipÖIím looking for a partner. Someone I can share lifeís up and downs with. A person I know will be there for me and I can be there for them at the end of the day. Someone to cuddle with and laugh with. Someone I can travel with to places near and far. A person who wants to share their life with someone else and face the world together. What I do loveÖI enjoy spending time with friends and family. I enjoy my job working with college studentsWho Iím notÖI donít love dancing, motorcycles, playing sports. Iím not very athletic. I like the outdoors in moderation, but Iím not a crazy passionate about it. What I look likeÖIím 5í6, brown hair, not skinny, but not significantly overweight What you look likeÖPersonality and my connection with the person matter to me more than looks What Iím looking for a guyÖSomeone who is educated, friendly and has a good sense of humor and is fairly close in age to me 24-36. What Iím not interested in..Someone who smokes/uses drugs or is interested in casual sex. If you read through this post and would like to get to know me better. Feel free to send an email.

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Beauty seeks Love (33823, FL, Polk County)
I enjoy new experiences and new ideas and like to be challenged in my thoughts and concepts. Your current interests don't have to match mine, and my interests change with time.Lets take a chance today and have Lunch or Dinner.I'm tall , fun-loving, energetic, athletic who seeks the same in a mate.I am looking for an honest, sincere, affectionate, loving, fun, attractive, ambitious man who knows what he wants. Someone who is comfortable with himself and wants a relationship based on emotional, intellectual and physical intimacy. I am looking to build a solid relationship that will be the foundation for enjoying all the wonderful experiences that life has to offer. I am looking forward to meeting this amazing man and living life to its fullest.Last picture is without any make-up this is how I wake up every morning ,I hope I didn't scare you.

Looking for the Needle in the Haystack.. (Auburndale, Florida )
LTR with a great guy... wow it is like a needle in a haystack but I am still trying.. haha Looking for a guy who is NOT furry, but is tall, educated, fit and loves sports, enjoys life with not a lot of drama and is looking for someone to share life with and just be a teammate. Kids Ok and Pet lover for sure. A gentleman who knows how to treat someone with respect younger than 45. As for me I am tall, blue eyed, fit, employed, love sports to play and watch, love music, arts, concerts, new restaurants and basically just having fun and being the best person I can be. I love laughing and having fun. Having drinks and cool conversations about random stuff. Well, this is short but hope it appeals to the right person for me... If you are responding, enter Blackhawks in the subject line.... Love Hockey!!!

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Re: Disgust- 40yr (Auburndale, 33823 , Polk County)
Well said , you're what I 'd call a real woman !! I wish all women thought like that .

This is what a guy wants to see on CL when we check WsM 25yr (Auburndale, 33823, FL )
Most of us here are looking for some type of relationship and the fact of the matter is that most of the woman compared to the men are not posting a picture. That's ok but please read on, I promise this is not a woman bashing post, I am trying to help you as much as myself in finding someone amazing. If you're afraid of someone seeing you on here then you can always open MSPaint and remove your face. As a man we want to see your body type, a head shot doesn't help since most of the time the woman here are doing an angle shot to make their face look slimming which is not fair to us but you're deceiving us in a way. First of all that's not healthy and when we do see you or meet you its going to be an awkward date. Me as well as most of you know what we are attracted to and its EXTREMLY hard to imagine if we have no idea what the person looks like. For all we know you may be missing all your teeth or may be someone we would consider a scary looking individual. Now I am not saying that you won't meet men that will like you for your personality but the chances are slim, in this day and age most people including woman are vein and its more about vanity than the persons personality, there have been studies to see seeking an affair a man or woman look at first and most of the time is a physical characteristic. I am asking you nicely, post a picture of yourself and if not of your face then of your body. I personally don't find it fun to have to go through e-mail and e-mail to finally see a picture and find out you are not my type. I have come to the conclusion that if you don't post a picture its for the fact that you are ashamed of the way you look and I know there are other men browsing this that feel the same way. So get a web cam, digital camera, camera phone, or anything that you can connect to a computer and lets do this right. You're only letting yourself down and us when you don't post a picture and find you get the response you like, I mean don't you want you e-mails on here to be from people who actually see you for who you are and want to talk to you? E-Mail me if you have questions, I will always be 100% honest with anyone who messages me.

anyone out there anymore - w4m 23yr (33823, Auburndale, Florida)
I like all movies, some scary but the supernatural ones I can't stand to watch. I love to read. Not many ppl do that anymore I have heard.. I work hard, have my own car, and don't live at home with mom. I have a cat so if you're allergic sorry. I love kids and hope to have some one day.

Independent, verbal, sweet seeks emotionally refined (33823, Auburndale, FL)
My match is someone who notices others around him and/or the emotional climate as second nature. He's in tune with the flow of life around him whether he seeking an affair to be or not. It's something that I will endlessly appreciate and indulge in. This can show up as being artistic, having some kind of ornamentation, being good with people by handling them well and/or having manners like noone's business. In return I'll be very respectful of space and won't take advantage of you. I am in my own head a lot, and am pretty independent that way, but I might ask you for your opinion. I'm also an intense person and not really a fearful person emotionally. Blunt and honest. I'm aware of all my quirks and could tell you all about them if you are interested. In general I like to talk, and do. I'm very curious but more of a quiet way. I'm not looking to get into anyone's personal business, but I do a pretty good job of appreciating the little things about someone; their thoughtfulness, the shape of a cheekbone or nose or, practically any part of your anatomy, subtle dance moves, the way your speech must have been affected by your mouth's obstruction. The way you make affection an art. If you feel inclined please respond with a picture. I am not opposed to finding new friends so please respond if you feel drawn to me. I'm talking to you, shy guy. :)

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Could I find the LOVE of my seeking an affair here????? 36yr (33823, Auburndale, FL, Polk County)
Could I be the love of your life? We'll never know if we don't take the chance to find out. I am seeking my soul mate. I want to know what he is thinking by knowing the look on his face. I want him to be able to finish my sentence by reading my thoughts and knowing my values. Is that kind of love and relationship too much to wish or hold out for? Does anyone else want the same things from a relationship? It would be cool to find someone in my age range that's looking for the same things I am looking for. I know that you are out there, some where. Could you be here with me? So close?