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Man Up 37yr (19734, DE, New Castle County)
Alrighty what I have experienced with CL is that you get exactly the opposite of what you ask for. So here goes, I am looking for someone who is engaged, recently broke up and on the rebound, has no clue what they want or is out looking for the next best thing to come along so they can move on. A guy thats always drunk and is a only thinks about sex. Smelly and and doesnt care about personal appearance. A man who is in a bad place in thier life, always smokes cigs, has ghonerea. Okay now really guys, please get real when emailing me. A few of the women that post here are good women. Yes we may be few and far between, however we exist. So please be nothing like above and you might be surprised on how great this could, or could not be. I am a nice looking white woman, late thirties, completely single, i am thick but not huge. I take great care of my mind and body and once I get your picture I will return the same if I am interested. Thanks for reading my post and gud luck in your search.

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24/7/365 serious LTR only 43yr (19734, Townsend, DE)
If you are looking for superficial sex, or are just bored please, move on. - I wish you all the best. For the rest of you: I am 43, white, no children, 5'6'', 160 lbs, professional European, self- sufficient, not superficial. I would not be here if my husband didn't pass away. No Themepark and Chick flick-fan. I am not looking for a Geen Card. - I am just looking for a good man who is willing to deal with a widow. You are all of the below otherwise, please, don't waste your or my time: No smoker, only light social drinker, clean, sophisticated, smart gentleman, emotionally available and in no other relationship, no anger issues, professional with decent living arrangement and transpotation, no ''Christian'' -spirituality is ok, pol. Lib/ left. Children of any age are ok with me as long as there are clear arrangements between you and your ex and each one of you is ok with it. Your stats are not important to me but, you must be serious and mature. Also, I do not care where your hair is/not is. If you are interested please, send me a decent lenght, intelligent, grammatically correct response that tells me something about you. I will not respond to one liners typed out on your phone, blackberry,..with your 2 thumbs that give me the feeling that you have a 600-800 word vocabulary. I am not interested and I honestly think a responds like this is very rude. Is there anybody left?

Cute, active, and outgoing 19yr (Townsend, 19734, DE , Delaware Valley)
Hey im 19, 5'7'' and athletic. I am multiracial and i love culture. I am self employed so my schedule is flexible, and I'm a student double majoring in Business and in Botany. I need some one that can keep up with me as well as my travels, and energy. Im looking for an old fashion gentleman, someone to open doors, be polite, so that I Can Treat You well too. I don't tolerate ignorance and drama, and neither should you =] I'll wrap it up so that we have more to talk about.. If your interested, reply to this message. and if you'd like to send a picture ill be more than happy to send you one back. Thanks for reading =D

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Interested??? 30yr (Townsend, Delaware , Delaware Valley)
So, here is my post.. ive posted on here several times w no luck.. I'm a single mom w more than one child. I have set standards, morals, honest, sarcastic but sweet.. Completely down to earth.. for some reason I keep gettin linked to the guys who have the mind set of ''put out or get out''.. sorry but I happen to think that's pretty small minded. . I'm an old school girl on that I guess.. I wanna find some1 w common interests, both physical nd mental chemistry. I'm n the state of confusion b/c I have my own stuff.. I have my kids, so I'm not a party girl.. I enjoy the smaller things n life.. bbqs, Parks, just pure communication. . What happened to the men that respected that n a woman.. please if u responding, don't waste my time.. I'm not lookin for FWB or NSA. I want some1 that I can invite over n time n drink coffee, watch old movies like The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Mask, Purple Rain.. ect. . I really don't understand why it's so hard.. I kno everything takes time, but I just need some1 to take a chance on me..

Is he out there? 20yr (Townsend, Delaware , Delaware Valley)
Please be no older than 25 I am a very poetic person and I write whenever I get the chance to. I'm a single mother of two children and they are my world and you can't have me without them. My youngest is 7 week old girl and my oldest is a 3 year old boy. I like anything outdoors or anything I can do with my kids but when I do get some free time I love to write or go to the movies or just relax and look at the stars. I'm studding to become a kindergarten teacher and one day my dream is to be a teacher for the children in Africa. I have 3 tattoos and my tongue pierced and on Saturday I'm getting snake bites. I may be young but I go beyond my years in the way I act and handle things. I love animals and I have a passion for rescuing them. I have been hurt many times and my heart is in pieces but I'm looking for the right man to make my heart that once was whole, whole again. I believe I deserve to be treated like a princess not meaning I need you to buy things for me or do whatever I say but just being there for me and holding me when I'm sad or hurting or holding the door open for me being a true gentleman. I don't work but I'm going to school and I have my own car. I just want someone to prove to me that there are men out there who truly want to love and be loved by a women. Please if this sounds like you be my knight in shinning armor and come sweep me off my feet. Be my cowboy and lets ride off into the sunset. Your seeking an affair will get mine. And in the subject box write I love poetry so I know you aren't fake. Thank you for taking the time to read this > here is a poem for you to read if you'd like Never did I think that anyone would care about what I felt inside the emotions hidden there But you came along like a sudden ray of light chased away the darkness made everything alright You listen when I talk and never turn away it means so much to me you brighten up my days You make me laugh and smile when I feel like crying make me feel better when I feel like dying Its hard to find a friend who's sweet and cute like you, who seems to find happiness, in everything you do. Your like a diamond, a rose among the thorns, Never looking back, Always going through the door. I usually put up walls, and not let anybody in, afraid they will see me, afraid they'll see within. But with you its different, I feel safe and secure, cause I know your honest, and your heart is pure. I wonder if I deserve, such a friend like you, someone with, warmth and compassion, who always knows what to do. I'm always here for you, till the very end, just know this, Ill always be your friend

Moving from Philly... 28yr (19734, Townsend, Delaware)
I'm moving to California. I started film school, but decided to just get the writing courses. I'd rather date a guy who knows how to shoot a film and I just write and do what I want to do. Why am I moving? I love Philadelphia. But I have a crazy ex who tried to murder me a few years ago and he won't stop until I leave. I have to move to the other side of the states. It's difficult and I don't get it. It's taken it's toll. I love guys. But now, in this town... I am scared of men and can't see any options other than leaving. I love writing and I'm really into making horror. I've never been in abusive relationship until him. He won't follow me and of that I am sure. I'd really like to find a guy who I can be friends with. I'm not the jealous type. Neither should you be. I love rock'n'roll. My favorite movie in the last year is 'Bronson'. I love kissing and doin' the deed. With boys with big wangs. Mmmhmmm... I said it. I like nerdy guys. Or hot guys with brains. I just like guys. Oh... when I say he almost killed me... I almost died from a brain injury. My body was black and blue from head to toe and I had brain swelling from where my brain hit the front and back of my skull where he was slamming it into a concrete wall. He broke my arm, hand and leg. He fractured my skull... and this was just the LAST beating. I have one guy... he gets me. He's a MMA fighter. His arms are as big as my head and he could snap me like a twig... but he never would. That's what I love. I only have trust issues with the man who hurt me. My friends recently told me they are concerned because I'm isolating myself. A lot of people don't even know what happened to me because at first people were out for his blood. I'm not into revenge. I'm so freaking lonely. He's posting list ads making me look like a prostitute and saying I have AIDS. I'm not into it. I've only lived in Philly 6 years. I'm from a great family who are very close. I get called a female version of Hunter S. Thompson more than I'd like considering he was a drug addict. Though it is flattering. I think. I have a loyal following. I sing in 'My Obscene Baby'... a band that's well... just me. I love being the girl. As independent as I am... I love to cook and clean and be the woman. I cook like no one's business. I'm german by blood. I love outdoors and I love indoors. I just roll with it.

I have a type and this is it...Like it or not 38yr (Townsend, 19734 , New Castle County)
I have gotten crap in the past for being honest, but I can't help what I am attracted to. I like my guys taller than me, . I like them to be relatively fit, I don't mind seeking an affair pudge I prefer the bald head, tattoos are hot, and I guess, yeah, the overall UFC/meathead motorcycle guy look. Shallow? I guess, but are you going to tell me men don't have a type they are usually physically attracted to? Like Pam Anderson, Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie? Ellen DeGeneres? Just checking. I mean, usually it physical attraction first right? I like funny, not really shy guys who like to be outdoors, go camping, fishing etc. Don't waste their time getting tanked and not have any goals. I am a non-drinker, I do smoke and I really don't care what you do, as long it isn't to excess and you have your shit together. I am starting over in my life and just want someone honest, fun and confident to hang with.

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Cute SF seeking Indian, Middle eastern male for LTR (19734, Townsend, DE, New Castle County)
I am attracted to indian /middle eastern, pakistan or /and afghani men . I am seeking a LTR that may lead to marraige. I am cute, single, tradtional, educated and smart. You must be 35 to 45 single never married, have a seeking an affair education and car. I enjoy movies, dancing, dining out , talking on the phone and traveling. Email me ur pic and cell and Your pic gets mine. Be cute, sweet, honest and reliable .