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RE: To My Computer and Cell Phone, I Thee Wed! (Delmar, 19940 , Sussex County)
Holy shit, this post was glorious. Emailing, instant messaging, and texting are okay, that is, in moderation. People have taken them too far as of late, however. It kinda ticks me off when people who I have to communicate with refuse to do anything except for text, and a conversation I could have had on the phone in 1 minute takes half an hour to complete by text. Fucking ridiculous. And I love it when people try to bullshit and claim they prefer texting because it is more convenient, and they don't have to stop everything they are doing to talk on the phone and can flip a quick text. WRONG. Texting is more detrimental to any time you want to spend with someone. I'd much rather just have someone I was with step outside for five minutes and finish a quick conversation than take an hour and be preoccupied with their texting and pay no attention to me in that time either. Don't you love it when you are with someone, and in the middle of talking to them they get a text and completely stop everything they are doing with you to respond to it? I don't care how quick anyone says they are at texting. Texting is just not quicker than talking to someone on the phone. Yet again, there are good uses of text messaging, such as dropping off a quick heads up or something like that to someone. However, anyone that says they prefer texting because it is more convenient is simply lying to themselves. These are the people you get around and don't know how to hold a real face to face conversation. Soon enough we will all be mindless robots who do not know how to communicate with one another in person, and will have to do all communication through some sort of electronic means.

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Must like curvy...or don't bother! 2468yr (Delmar, 19940, DE )
Title pretty much sums it up! I am Spanish, and curvy, in a fit way! I am very much into weightlifting, so I definitely have some meat on my bones. If that's a problem, then at this point, you are only wasting your time! Please be younger than 45. If you are interested in knowing more about me...well you know what to do, so do it :) Adios! Oh, and apparently there are too many spammers! So to weed it out, put the name of Denver's Amusement Park in the subject line. Thanks!

Smart, sweet, cute girl seeking rebound 23yr (Delmar, Delaware )
Just getting out of a difficult relationship with a boy I loved with all my heart. He was everything I wanted, and so, so horrible for me, to say the least. I'm not a dramatic person by nature, but you should know that background from the start. I'd love to go have some fun. Best way to heal a broken heart, right? I want to feel desired, valued, pursued, respected. I'm still hung up on the guy--but I'd like to make a friend, and see where it goes from there. No promises, but no deceptions, either. About me: Small, simultaneously slender and curvy, witty, clever, graceful, and deft. Long dark hair, big searching eyes. Sometimes, in certain lights and emotions, I'm told I am startlingly beautiful. Most of the time, I'm passably cute. I walk a fine line between being brilliant with some things and completely, horribly inept with others; I am sweet, gentle, mostly innocent, and very kind. I am rarely selfish, want to save the world, and have the will and tenacity to possibly do it. Soft voice, big words, lover of late-night conversations and thrust-and-parry debate. Voracious reader, student of the world, pursuer of Goodness, Truth, and Beauty, fighter against ignorance, intolerance, and pain. Idealistic, honest, true, loyal, honorable to the death. No drugs or alcohol, just ideas and conversation. About you: Honesty above all. I've been burned badly, and I just need someone to not screw with my head anymore. Self-esteem, and a conscience. Good intentions, strong morals, strength of character. Considerate, gentle, sweet. Shy helps--I'm shy too. Quirky, geeky, nerdy, all great; please be smart, smart, smart. It'd be fun to be romanced, for once. Oh, and unattached. I'm not helping anyone cheat--I've been on the other end of this--even as a mostly-friend-for-now. If you're looking to start something, if we are going on a date, you better be broken up with her. This is non-negotiable. I promise the same. I'd love to talk, read together, watch stupid movies, maybe make dinner. Stay up all night discussing the finer points of moral philosophy, ethics, science, or Star Trek; prove mathematical theorems or run impromptu science experiments for the fun of it; go out and put knitted hats on all the fire hydrants in the dead of night, in case they might get cold. What do you want to do? Send your picture and a little about yourself. Include some favorite books, ur favorit LOLcat or other internet meme , a little about your philosophy of life, and how you want to contribute to the world. Looks only matter marginally--I need a red-hot brain.

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Easy-going, honest & cheerful seeks same 22yr (19940, Delmar, DE)
I'm kind of surprised to find myself posting here but with so many couples saying they met online I thought shoot; give it a shot. This is pretty much an icebreaker for me ... I'd like to try eHarmony or whatever but I think they charge. And I'm sorta cheap. So if you're looking for somebody who just enjoys a clean and sober time with one of the good guys, drop me a line. Include a picture and I'll respond with same. No picture? No response.

tattoos for tattoos 24yr (19940, DE, Sussex County)
cute hipster girl who is heavily tattooed is seeking an attractive, fun older hipster boy for on going dates, sleepovers, kinky sex, brunch, likes getting dinner made for them etc. i am very cute, very smart, lovely, can cook and bake really well and am looking for a new fun cute hipster friend seeking an affair spend sometime with this summer. i like picnics, and public play, old movies, law and order, npr and ira glass. i recently got ira glass glasses for myself and would adore a hipster boy who wears them as well. i like going to musuems, out for drinks, cape cod, being naughty, getting tattooed making art and being lovely. email me hipster boy and let's have some hot fun over the summer! xo

Democracy in America? - w4m 39yr (19940, Delmar, DE, Sussex County)
I'm looking for a date with a man who's read, or who might read Alexis de Tocquville's _Democracy in America_ I don't even care if you have to go to wikipedia to look up who this is, I like a man who makes an effort to know something and to learn things to meet a woman! Tocqueville's not my favorite, just a random choice for a woman who reads books and likes thoughtful guys from all backgrounds. I'm smart, curvy, pretty, and friendly. I like men who are proud of their lives and nice to others.

EDC Partner 18yr (Delmar, Delaware )
Hey I live in the Valley. I'm a cute short girl. I'm African American . I'm looking for someone to go to EDC with because my friends suck and bailed out. I need a ride there and back for both days. Or if you want I'd be down to get a hotel or something. Me: -Short 5'2 -Less than 120lbs -Black -Diverse -Fun -Entertaining You: -A guy or girl idc -Under 24 please the younger the better -Can drive -Like to rave -Nice body I seriously just like to have fun. I've never been to seeking an affair before and am really excited to go. So yea. I have my tickets and everything :). This is a weird ad lol. But yea if you're interested write me. I'll ask for a picture and yea we'll see how things go. THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE TIME TO READ THIS AD :)

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Beards, B-movies, barbecue, and other things I like that start with B 31yr (19940, Delmar, Delaware)
It's hard to summarize myself up into a few neat sentences, but I'll try. I'm a Black woman with a serious thing for nerdy white boys. My bookshelves aren't a proper reflection of how voracious a reader I am. Sometimes my tattoos poke out from under my clothes. I'm a film buff, but I like a bit of everything from Hollywood classics to trashy exploitation films to the latest indie flick. I'm very into music , and am a bit of a foodie, though I'm over the bacon thing. I'm pretty much a night owl, but am able to balance my love of going out to shows with work and grad school. Everyone's throwing around ''curvy'' these days, but I have the classic hourglass figure. Taller than the average woman, shorter than the average man. Smarter than the average bear . I like guys who are passionate about their interests, and life in general . Intellectuals who don't take themselves seriously are hot. Be creative, be it dabbling in arts or science, and a witty conversationalist. Beard or seeking an affair a plus. Have a sense of adventure and the ability to keep up with me. You may want to get in a nap or two before trying.