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Re: You were a cute girl looking for a cute guy - your age 33 - ?? 38yr (Torrington, 6790, CT , New England| The Berkshires)
I've seen your ads a couple of times and hesitated. I saw your recent ad tonight and said I was going to reply. As I did, it replied the ad no longer existed! Where did you go? You look very real, and very beautiful; I'd love to know a bit more and see if I fit into some of your criteria. Write back!

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Reflexiones.. (6790, CT, Litchfield County)
Pensando como describir lo que busco decidi especificar lo que no quiero y tal vez me entiendan mejor: no quiero alguien separado sino divorciado o soltero, entre 44 y 54 años, con su vida personal, familiar y professional en orden. Todos tenemos problemas y quiero alguien que sea capaz de solucionar sus problemas y no escapar de ellos. Si tienes problemas con tu pareja, no me escribas, el problema de pareja lo solucionan dos no tres. No soy escape ni mujer que busca un encuentro casual. Busco alguien que viva y trabaje en Miami, que le de tiempo a su vida personal y a su pareja, no busco conocer a alguien a traves de emails o textos, quiero conocerte en persona y saber si existe atraccion entre nosotros, quiero ver tu mirada y tu aspecto fisico. Si eres de los hombres que le da importancia a un abrazo o una caricia eres de los que hara que una relación sea duradera. Es tan fácil casarse en este pais donde ni prueba de sangre te piden, que no hay mayor reflexión antes de tomar este paso que basicamente es legal. Soy una mujer con su vida en orden, sin nada que ocultar, con muchos proyectos y quiero una persona similar, que me apoye en mis proyectos. No busco firmar un papel, busco un compromiso en el que ambos asumamos responsabilidades, sin dejar nuestras vidas de lado. Es tan dificil encontrar un padre con tiempo para lo mas importante de nuestras vidas que son los hijos, y me apena verlo a diario, que uno de mis proyectos es humanizar un poquito mas esta sociedad que se olvido de la interacción humana y la cambio por el chat, el texto y la PC . Si buscas sexo no me escribas, buscálo en otro lado aqui en CL que lo hay para todos los gustos, me sorprende como ha incrementado la oferta de prostitución aqui en Miami, y eso es por que la demanda es grande. No estoy juzgando a nadie, cada uno hace sus elecciones y vive las consecuencias despues. Yo soy feliz pero me gustaria caminar con una pareja que tenga ideas similares a las mias y este siempre pendiente de su pareja, mas ahora que despues de los 40 la salud es mas vulnerable, Mi idea de tener y ser pareja es apoyarnos en todo y asi se hace menos dificil el caminar hacia la edad de oro. El sexo es parte de la relación pero es solo 10 mnutos de las 24 horas que tiene el dia y llega a su momento, sin apuros pero si con amor y respeto. Si estas de acuerdo con mis ideas enviame un email diciendome lo que buscas y lo que ofreces.

hurry 24yr (6790, Torrington, Connecticut)
I'll show you my pic, if you like me mail YOURS and do it fast I am single :P

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successful man (Torrington, Connecticut , New England| The Berkshires)
I'm looking for a successful man who can help me financially. I am very attractive woman and fun to be around. If you are interested, please reply with your pics.We'll talk more. Thanks.

Love Exchange! 43yr (6790, Torrington, CT)
Hello guys, I'm here taking a chance of finding someone who still believes in old fashioned love relationships, actually . I was in a long term relationship that abruptly ended. It seems some have problems with true love and commitment and the grass is always greener on the other side to the unstable. I’m an attractive african american woman with curves a nice personality and intelligent. I’m 5’7” and my weight is in proportion to my height. I believe in spending quality time with that special person while creating a fond collection of memories together. If you’re open to curling up and watching movies together, seeking an affair riding, strolling through parks and other similar outdoor/indoor activities, then you’re the man for me. I am not looking for game players, the dishonest, the lazy or womanizers, but someone who is serious about getting to know me and building a true serious friendship and relationship with a good woman. I like to take things at a normal pace, so maybe we could start out chatting a little and talking to see if there’s true chemistry between us. I have a lot of love to share with a respectful, intelligent, good responsible man. If you’re out there and looking for the beginning of loving relationship, send me your picture and an intelligent message and if I’m interested I will do the same.

Intergalactic nerd princess :P 20yr (Torrington, Connecticut , New England| The Berkshires)
Why in the world would i use a lame title like that you ask! Well because kiddos im just out of this world :P just kidding. So about me! im 5'7 and i like it im size 18 so no sorry if your looking for a tiny stick thin girl you got the wrong post :O if you arent well then stay and chat! you should all send me emails and do forget to add pictures that would be lovely i like to know who im talking to. Well im looking for my intergalactic nerd king duh! so we can live happy ever after reading our comics and playing with our action figures till the sun comes up! I love the little things in life like giggling at silly jokes and playing with lady bugs. I stare at clouds and make funny faces in pictures cause lifes suppose to be fun.I consider myself a good girl so sorry if your looking for some slutty kinda chick. I love music of all kinds so dont ask me ''whats your favorite kind of music.'' On that note feel free to ask me anything else. Yeah im not much to look at but im not asking for prince charming either more like peter parker :] Video games are a lovely thing indeed so yeah i play them. I have no job atm but i swear im looking err no car either but i get rides where i need to go :P I enjoy smiling at strangers an hugging people cause really it just makes everyones day better. Well im going to shush. just mail me silly ill answer back i promise :3 I dont care what age you are or what race you are so no worries. ~xoxo Anna What are you waiting for dooooo it.

Re:Re: ''Test The Waters'' 34 - 33 (Torrington, 6790 , Litchfield County)
at least shes got the balls to put her pics up here , shes a pretty lady just thick so the fuck what ? you cheesy ass mother fucker its ppl like you that make this a fucked up place to visit . who asked your opinion about her ? who are you to judge her ? geez man wtf is seeking an affair with you ? oh we dont know because you hide behind your little screen . now you can post a reply on cl to this or you can drop me a line personally and we can work it out if you like you little pecker headed fuck ! i bet you dont have the balls to drop me your digits , hopin im wrong but doubt it . if your the girl that posted that ad and your readin this honey im apologize for that asshole he just didnt have parents worth a fuck to teach him any respect for ppl or their feelings , im hopin to help him out with that asap . james

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AWAKE AT 3 a.m.... 50yr (6790, Torrington, CT, Litchfield seeking an affair and not because I'm having sex. Or going fishing! lol Anyone else feeling a little overwhelmed by a less-than-carefree existence? Wanna share thoughts?