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Looking for that special someone 63yr (Rocky Hill, 6067 , Hartford County)
I am looking for a special someone that can make my eyes twinkle, my heart skip a beat, and make me feel giddy all over. Other than that, I am not sure what it is that I want, but I am tired of being lonely and need a friend. So, if you need a friend, and someone special in your life, take a chance on me.

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If you would like! - w4m 26yr (6067, Rocky Hill, CT)
Someone who has dreams and tries to make them happen.I'll save my pennies to go there! I'll try almost anything at least once. If you would like to learn more about this I guess that's it for now. Write me and send me a few pics

A Slight Spin (Rocky Hill, 6067, CT , New England)
I walked to the unsuspecting one. The young woman didn't realize what door she opened when she whispered, ''I want you to handcuff me'' that day. It was an uneventful evening and we decided to have a drink after work. My mind wandered as I watched the crowd and sipped the sweet wine. I’d even tuned out the young woman’s rambling until I felt a delicate touch on my wrist. My eyes locking onto her own I told her to repeat herself. She moved in closer, her dark hair falling forward and she said the fateful words again. “I want you to handcuff me.” Her accent still very strong, she was only in this country for an internship and would soon return to her home. She would return home a very different woman if she insisted on coming into my world. She didn’t understand that everything was shared between he and I. I made her aware and gave her to Daddy first. If she couldn't please Daddy there was no way she could please me. We’d done this plenty of times before and most women were lulled into a false sense of security, he was the protector and the disciplinarian allowing them to feel safe in his presence. Unfortunately, they discovered early on that they were never safe from me. The Collar I wore held dual meanings, his Defiant submissive but a Dominate to all others. My dark side just as twisted and perverse as his own. Most thought we were a match made in Heaven, others knew we were a match made in a much darker place. I could feel his eyes on me as I hovered over the bound young woman. A woman so anxious to enter our den and become our own personal toy. Her wrists were bound behind her as her ample ass rested on the fire red heels. Unlike me, this new pet was very compliant and obeyed every instruction he'd given. She was willing to do anything and all to someday be able to wear a Collar like my own. She’d been in his care for the past few days and now she was all mine. A collar and leash very similar to my own sat on the floor beside the chair where he sat watching. A King on his thrown watching his Queen with the minion. It would be up to me if she was worthy to wear Our Collar….. I looked at him and he nodded, giving the signal that she was all mine to do with whatever I pleased. She was in the perfect submission position, kneeling and head bowed, her jet black hair framing her face. Doing what he'd done to me on so many occasions, I grabbed a fistful of her hair raising her head to look down at her. Her almost black eyes filled with both anticipation and fear of what was yet to come now that I had arrived. Daddy played hard and I could see the glint in her eyes relaying the message, ''I'm so happy you're here because he is so brutal.'' She almost smiled at me but I too know how to convey a message in a look. Mine was simple, ''He's the nice one.'' The poor thing had no clue what she was really getting into.... A rainy weekend ahead, the best time for hunting so with that said......Happy Hunting Gents!

The Internet, among it's amazing ability to make us laugh at panda bears juggling, can also serve a purpose for anyone trying to be secretive. This includes 'married seeking affair' types.>>

Summer Lovin'... Denver Style 28yr (Rocky Hill, Connecticut , New England)
Hello, men -o- Denver! Como estan? Amazing, isn't it, that summer is almost finally here? I love this crazy back and forth Colorado weather, but you can see the baby leaves and the flowering trees winning out over the frosty nights and those strange little hail/snow balls.... Funny how spring makes me feel lonely.... You too, huh? I like summer for taking walks at night, cuddling under fireworks, and the numerous shows, events, parks and programs around town. All of these things are all the better when someone has his strong arms around you, no? Well, you probably prefer to have a girl on your arm... Hence, this ridiculous CL ad so that we may find one another. I'm not perfect. I've been through some shit in my life, and I know I'm a stronger person for it... I don't expect your life to have been completely perfect up to this point either. We all see the ugliness in the world, but it's the success of overcoming those difficulties that I am more interested in. I don't make judgments on people. There are infinite ways to live your life, and we're not all on the same path. I like to think of myself as a classy dame, from a not-so-classy family. I have interests around creature comforts: food, music, art, philosophy, etc. that the rest of my family doesn't really understand. But maybe you will! I don't smoke, I don't drink. I might have a glass of wine from time to time, but I never *need* a drink. I like to cook, I like to eat. I like to have deep, long conversations into the night.... Kant or Hume, for example? I am interested in communication, diversity, cultural awareness, live music, politics, movies, museums, sex, and lots, lots more. So... I'm not looking for just anybody. I can get laid. That's not a problem. I'm looking for someone with a little substance, integrity, character, and personality. And that's a lot trickier. I think those of us who use CL are not good candidates for long-term relationships sometimes because the e-mail and texting pattern that stems from these ads is ultimately destructive. It lures you into thinking you are closer to someone than you actually are... But I don't really know what else to do. But maybe it will help weed out some of the players by mentioning that this ain't my first rodeo... Meaning, don't come at me with the same shit you write to everyone else. Tell me something that shows the real you, if that's even possible. All the better if you're tall, dark-skinned, and funny! Good luck!

Let's Play 38yr (6067, Rocky Hill, CT, Hartford County)
Are there any normal, nonsleazy men out there who are looking for an ongoing, casual but monogamous relationship? I am a caucasian woman in my late thirties who no longer wants to wait for a LTR. I am college-educated, attractive, healthy and sane. I am looking for a man in his mid thirties to mid forties who would also like to meet up a couple of times a week to indulge each other. I seeking an affair looking for a mature and respectful arrangement. Please be my size or larger Please be clean- d/d free. Please attach a pic – nothing explicit

Wish list: dance partner to grow into more. 57yr (6067, CT, Hartford County)
Maybe not the best place to find who I am looking for, but, one never knows. As you may have guessed, I am hoping to find a fellow who loves to share social dancing. It is a good beginning. I am at a stage in my life where I would really like to find a man to share the rest of my life with. Not a player. Happy, sincere, social, I am 5'10, 158, very active and health oriented. Kids are grown and off to their adventures. Expecting my first Grandson any day. Very exciting. I have a lot I would like to share with someone special. Let's talk and see how it fits. Thank you for reading me. Will be glad to send pic for same

Because I am your lady and you are my man........... 31yr (Rocky Hill, Connecticut , New England)
Sounds so beautiful....doesn't it? REAL, Professional woman seeking a friendship to seeking an affair into a relationship. I enjoy a wide range of activities from Fall Football to musicals. If you want to know more email and send a little information about you. PICTURE=REPLY. I am real, not spam or a bot!

Yet, there are more married women seeking affair than men, since men are more career oriented and have less time for family, as opposed to the wives, who have all the time in the world. >>

all harley davidson woman here; 50yr (6067, Rocky Hill, Connecticut)
I'am 101% harley woman here. I like big tall men . Harley davidson , and bike runs,and harleydavidson and bike runs and harley davidson. i want to go for a ride. I'am a fun high spirited redhead. i love life. want to meet new friends. I'am in process of re enrolling in m.m.i for tech, i love classic cars . & seeking an affair them. lets ride already. ANY REAL BIKERS HERE??? PLEASE CONTACT ME. LETS RIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A HARLEY DON'T APPLY;;;;