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100 Reasons You Should... 33yr (6477, Orange, Connecticut)
Here are 100 reasons you should get to know me. 1. I laughed out loud writing this list . 2. I don't mind Abba, I just mind Dancing Queen. 3. I don't mind taking out the trash either, or shoveling snow or vacuuming, but I don't care for doing dishes. 4. I might snore sometimes, I won't deny it. 5. I like spooning. 6. I live in jeans, which makes dressing up girlie all the more fun. 7. I'm easily amused, and I'll probably laugh at all your jokes. 8. Full moons still fascinate me. 9. I also wish on shooting stars. 10. I can ride a mechanical bull for 12 seconds. 11. I love the Red Sox, but I'm quite below fanatical. 12. I don't know how to strip tease, but that won't stop me from trying. 13. I love dogs. 14. I have a cat, but she acts like a dog. 15. I disdain Times New Roman. 16. I love beer- micro brews, not the cheap stuff. 17. Pro Thumb Wrestler. 18. I support small businesses. 19. Autumn is my favorite season. 20. I can raise both my eyebrows, independently, individually. 21. I'm a farm girl. 22. I love to do couple-y things like dinner with friends, grocery shopping, and watching movies. 23. I will do anything for my friends and family. 24. Turkey Hill Chocolate Peanut Butter is my favorite ice cream flavor. 25. I find 4-leaf clovers all the time. I guess that makes me lucky. 26. I don't care for reality TV. 27. I'm a dog-walker in my spare time. 28. I'm opinionated I'm opinionated I'm opinionated I'm opinionated I'm opinionated 29. There's something about Irish pubs that makes me feel like I'm home. 30. I was in Time Magazine. 31. I've saved 2 people from drowning 32. I don't cook much, but the few recipes I have are good ones. 33. I love cars. 34. I've lived in New England my whole life, but don't know how to ski. 35. I like, no, LOVE HGTV. 36. If I like you, you'll know it, I'm very direct. 37. Sure, I'm looking for love. 38. I can't sing. 39. I'm all for guys night out. 40. I don't freak out very easily. 41. I care about how your day was. 42. Diners & dives rock. 43. I am stable, no baggage, emotionally reasonable, take good care of myself, have a successful career, and somehow just ended up single. 44. I don't have an unreasonable amount of shoes. 45. Scary movies do scare me. 46. I'm an optimistic person. 47. Mmmm, sleeping late together on a Sunday morning. 48. I'm pretty low maintenance. 49. I'm 33, and a Scorpio. 50. I love live music of all kinds. 51. I don't mind doing what you want to do. 50% of the time. 52. I'm 5'6'' dark hair, dark eyes, average build. 53. I love the smell of cut grass. 54. I'm hi-tech, I love software, technology, innovation, science, new ideas, great thinkers, great do-ers. 55. I'll try to tickle you, even when you say you're not. 56. Race ya. 57. I'd like to like your friends. 58. I don't mind if you check out that woman, I'd probably glance at her too. 59. I'm not a fan of 60. I'll shovel an old lady's driveway. 61. I'd like to be able to ask you stupid questions, without you laughing. 62. I'm trying to get better at guitar hero. 63. I like it when we go to bed together, so we can fall asleep together. 64. I can hang with your coworkers if you leave me alone at a work function. 65. I DO recycle. 66. I'll share my meal with you. 67. I think confidence is sexy. 68. I think humor is sexier. 69. I built my own tree house when I was 9. 70. So did all 4 of my sisters. 71. We also had a community theater tree house. 72. I might try wrestling you when I'm all riled up. 73. I love piano sing-alongs. 74. I love bacon. 75. There's something about the smell of an ice cold winter night that makes me feel alive. 76. My first pet was a rabbit named Chubchilla, followed by Snow Bell the goat, and Rosie the chicken. 77. I can change a tire. 78. I'm pretty liberal. 79. I could stare into a camp fire for hours. 80. There's nothing better than a great night out with friends, no matter what you do. 81. I want to switch iPods with you for a weekend, to get to know you better. 82. I love movie theatre popcorn. 83. I prefer speed walking to jogging. 84. I'll take a burger over a steak. 85. I like the feeling of sneezing. 86. Traveling is my passion. 87. I love animated movies. 88. Favorite male singers: Sam Cooke, Otis Redding, Roy Orbison, Martin Sexton, Ben E. King. 89. I think it's sweet if you get the door for me. 90. I'm looking for a partner in crime, some one to ride a double chicken with me. 91. I'm educated, use spell check, am career-oriented, communicate well, and am a productive member of society. 92. I support New England breweries for eco-friendly reasons. 93. I'm trying to make a difference in people's lives. 94. I donate blood. 95. I don't think Brad Pitt is hot. 96. I'll make bets for sexual favors, knowing I might be wrong. 97. I love breakdancers. 98. I'm looking for some one to have fun with. 99. um... 100. Why not give it a shot? -- I'm hoping you are: confident, sexy, stable, successful in your life thus far, funny, intelligent, open-minded, caring, career-minded, always learning, and always looking forward.

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Single & looking. 29yr (Orange, Connecticut , New England)
Hi, Thanks for taking your time to read my add. A little bit about me: I am a single woman, 29 yrs old, HWP, 5'6 tall. Latina. I am looking for a honest good man, someone who is not into games. Send me an email and we can exchange pictures. Hope to hear from you soon. Take care Adios!!

SBF Seeking One Of A Kind 35yr (Orange, 6477 , New Haven County)
I would like to think of that perfect gentleman as someone who encompasses the meaning of respect and respectable and kind and caring ... That someone who is honest, sensitive, as well as spiritual and intelligent... he has all of those qualities that are alike with a love and/or passion for helping others and truly truly being a good person... I think of things like sharing common interests and learning things new.. sharing experiences of someone I could find myself falling in love with.. I would share something that I enjoy like walking in the sun, on a beach, or even walking in a woody area hiking and just taking in the beautiful scenery.. I would share my love for music.. not that Im a musician or anything like that but I can listen to anything from one of my favorites John Coltrane, to something like Lenny Kravtiz or Dave Matthews or even Michael Buble, Ledisi, or Steel Pulse or Talib Kwali... So what am I looking for .... Im looking for someone that will not only be a friend but will be a life long love... For me it is definitely about connecting with a man who has a good heart so Race is unimportant...Im open to Asian, white, hispanic, or other... I looking for someone single &about 30 to 40 and over five seven since Im a bit on the taller side at five eight ....... A few more things about me... I am a single black woman age 35 - 5'8 w/ a light complexion, full figured with a beautiful smile. I am intelligent, outgoing, spiritual, respectable, quiet yet confident as well as kind hearted ..... As I mentioned... I love the outdoors and I also like sports, taking short scenic weekend trips, and so much more.... * I would prefer a man that is NOT into ANY kind of drugs including marijuana, heavy alcohol use, smoking, & please absolutely NO sexual encounters... As I am truly a good woman looking for the same.. an all around good man. < Looking forward to meeting you .......

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Nice, single BM wanted for more than a booty call 51yr (Orange, Connecticut , New England)
Why is it so hard to find a nice black man..someone thats employed, has a car and is aware that there are real SWF outthere. I might be a BBW, and older then the average bear, but that does not mean I am desperate. I am not a Sugar momma, I am not looking for a Toy Boy, or someone that needs me to survive..I want a avialable, no drama, and fun real man. If you need any kind of drungs to make it through the day..stay away from me. As I stated before, I am looking for a SINGLE, DRAMA FREE BLACK MALE..spare me the bs.please...I want age appropriate, and dont call me a cougar, I am a woman who likes younger, thats all., If you are over 40, have time to invest into someone real, then get in touch..

ISO SBM BIKER 29-39 39yr (Orange, 6477, CT , New England)
I'm recently new to Dallas moved here from Cali. I'm in search of a black man thats a rida and seeking an affair letting a latina be on back. I do know how to ride but enjoy being the on hanging on more. If this interests you please respond with a pic....and put ''RIDA'' in the subject line Hope to hear from you..................

Psst! Want to know a secret? 28yr (6477, CT, New Haven County)
I am looking to make a real connection with someone that will like me for me because I know I have a lot to offer. I'm not here to play games and I hope if you decide to reply to this post don't as well. I like going to Rock and Metal concerts on my free time. And I need someone who can keep up with me. In my free time I like watching hockey and playing video games. I do have pics to trade so if you reply in more than just one sentence I will gladly trade pics with you. In order to rule out spam, please put the name of your favorite band in the subject line.

sassy blk girl with glasses 28yr (6477, Orange, CT)
I'm laid back, artistic, and everyday is an adventure for me. I enjoy everything from sitting in the park reading a trashy book to discussing Freud's coke problems with friends over a good martini. Though, eclectic and slightly eccentric I hold no pretense about myself. I think of myself as a true student of Popeye, ''I am what I am, and that's all that I am.'' But, don稚 get me wrong I知 not all about wine bars and foreign films. I値l totally go with you to a sporting event; as I love any event where I can get drunk and shout obscenities at people. I知 seeking a man who is laid back but has an air of sophistication, someone confident but not cocky. Funny without being immature, open minded without being creepy, and emotionally available. I want a guy with dark hair, and fierce eyes, strong arms and moist kissable lips.... I知 not the type of woman for any man so please think before responding. I知 more then seeking an affair to exchange photos if you capture my interest. That's a photo of me sticking my head into a rock....that's funny!

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Do you like sexy eyes 36yr (6477, Orange, CT, New Haven County)
I'm a total eyes girl....I have sexy eyes and I love guys with sexy eyes.......... Who's out there today and would love to chat with a sexy girl and possible meet........The sun is out and i just feel like meeting seeking an affair new. New to this, so hopefully your truthful and real.