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Calling All English, Brits or Aussies!! 35yr (Branford, 6405 , New Haven County)
So here's the deal....I realize List has a bad reputation for women and men just looking for ''one'' thing or people misrepresenting themselves. Well look no further guys...this is the REAL DEAL and I've decided to put my magical match-maker skills to the test. I usually have a very high success rate as I have an amazing intuition. I'm looking for a NICE, good looking English or Aussie for my very attractive, divorced,well-traveled and classy Asian girlfriend. She has a thing for guys with accents. Picture Curtis the celebrity chef from ''The Apprentice''. As long as he's a gentleman. So you guys on here that are constantly looking to ''hook up'' to get laid on the first date, MOVE-ON! You're a dime a dozen and we can smell you a mile away! Check out the ''Adult'' section for that! You know, the one that screams, ''Free Herpes, H.P.V., Chlamidya, & Gonorrhea! Come and get it guys!!!'' Seriously, is it worth the risk???? Back to my friend, make no mistake, she has absolutely no problem meeting men on her own, but she works way too much and too hard, and is your classic workaholic.Although she owns her own business, she still finds time to work-out, is in GREAT shape, does kick-boxing, Pilates and Cardio 3-4 times per week. She also loves traveling, fine dining, good wine, dancing, live music, movies and is very much the adventurous type.I personally feel she deserves a guy who will spoil her and treat her like a princess! She has the biggest heart of all of my friends, she's very smart and level-headed, educated, and although very strong and independent, she has a reserved and quiet nature about her. Not the obnoxious, opinionated, controlling, loud-mouth type of powerhouse woman that most successful gals can be. She's humble and thinks before she speaks. She's very KIND and I've never seen her in a bad mood. And in my opinion, it takes much more strength to be kind all the time and can hide it well when you're having a bad day. :-) About her looks:She is 5'3, PETITE, H.W.P, I would describe her shape as athletic but curvy with hips and a small waist. She was born and raised here in U.S. beautiful clear skin, nice smile, doesn't over-do the make-up, and as sweet as can be. She has a very light-complexion, big brown eyes, and medium length brown hair. And she ALWAYS dresses very fashionable, feminine and classy. So a slouch who always shows up on dates in tennis shoes won't work for her. Dress to impress! And it's ok if you have little ones because she loves kids. And lastly, she has a great sense of humor and is a sucker for a guy who can make her laugh without trying too hard. So be naturally funny and please be brutally HONEST. Don't lie about who you are or what you have. You know who you are. So if she sounds interesting to you, and you think you might make the cut, and don't mind being screened by me first,, then I will forward you her info & pics so you can contact her/''ring her'' directly. I'm determined to find someone great for her just in time for her birthday which is early August, so here's hoping the universe sends me what this woman needs and truly deserves. Cheers!

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Wherever you are, whenever it's right... 19yr (Branford, Connecticut , New England)
You'll come out of nowhere, and into my life :) Yes, i've posted before. But I've yet to find what i'm looking for. It seems all i'm getting is people who want friends or sex. Well, i've got friends. Lots of em. And I've also gotten offers for sex. So if that was what i'm looking for, I think i'd already have it. I'm not looking for a fwb, i'm looking for a boyfriend. And I realize that you start out as friends first. But if you're not open to finding a relationship, then i'm probably not the gal for you. Let's see. About moi. I'm a student, and I currently live in Denver with my best friend. I'm a student. But I work as well. I don't need a guy to take care of me, i've got that :) I'm 5'4, and i'm a curvy girl. So if you want a skinny/''athletic''/petitie/model-esuqe girls, that's not me. But I am damn cute. And plan to use all of the beautiful days this summer to get out and get into better shape :) I like to smoke hookah, and I also drink. But i'm a lightweight, and so I know my limits. I'm not a violent or angry drunk, but instead just laugh and have a good time. You don't have to be a drinker, but I would love to have a permanent beer pong partner ;) I promise I'm not cocky, but I will say that I'm not somebody you should pass up. I'm a good person, a great girlfriend, and I will treat you well. I'm a girl that your mom would LOVE, but I also know how to have fun. I love my friends and family and would do anything for them. I have a huge family that i'm very close to. And also, a big deal breaker would be somebody that doesn't support the GLBT community. Many of my friends are gay, so I couldn't date somebody that would have a problem with that. I think that the physical part of a relationship is just as important as the rest. I'm a really physical person and would love somebody with the same mindset. I'm big on cuddling, and there's nothing better than surprise kisses. I need somebody that's supportive of my goals. Somebody that will appreciate me, but challenge me at the same time. I want companionship, somebody to cuddle with, and somebody that will give me butterflies. I'm a sucker for the romantic/cutesy stuff. I've yet to find somebody that really appreciates the good person that I am. I think that I deserve somebody that's going to treat me great as well. I'm over the liars, cheaters, assholes, etc. So i'm looking for a good guy. But not a pushover, somebody that can stand for what they believe in and go after what they want in life. Somebody aggressive and headstrong. It's not true that all good guys finish last, you guys just haven't found a girl yet that will appreciate you. So, if you're at all interested, shoot me an e-mail. Let's start talking and set up our first date. Tell me some neat things about you and send me a pic. And if you have a facebook, give me the link! I'm a huge facebooker :)' Hope to hear from you soon!

lonely and looking for mister right 27yr (6405, Branford, Connecticut)
Hey whats up my name is Jenny. I have been told my humor is more on the sarcastic side but love to be joked with and have a good time. If you are not laughing what is the point!! I like to work out and am looking for people who are fun and love to do new things that are adventurous!! I am a smart woman who loves to learn new things. I am going to college in the fall for Graphic Designing.I love a man in uniform!! I think that is so sexy. I like to go to amusement parks car shows being with someone cruising on a bike hockey games and playing pool. Doing things like boating hanging on the beach volleyball just being outside doing something. Concerts are fun. If interested so far email me or ask any questions you want to know.

The Internet, among it's amazing ability to make us laugh at panda bears juggling, can also serve a purpose for anyone trying to be secretive. This includes 'married seeking affair' types.>>

Christian woman seeking Christian man 45yr (Branford, Connecticut , New England)
Hi, I have only posted on here once before a couple years ago. I am not looking for the perfect man as I am not perfect. I am looking for someone who is a christian or is open to the idea. I am white, 5' 6'', brown hair, green eyes and full figured. I am open to any race but am partial to black men. All I really require is someone who is respectful, kind, considerate, able to love, and open minded. I have chosen not to attach my picture but if you respond with yours I will reply with mine.

Nice, seeking an affair girl looking for someone awesome 26yr (6405, CT, New Haven County)
Hello, I've posted before on here. Nothing has seemed to work out. I am a 26/ female from Somerville. I work. I like movies, video games, going into Boston or just staying in and cuddling. I am looking for someone who does not lie, does not play games, sweet, nice, plays guitar, at least 6'0'' or taller , I like guys with glasses and beards, geeky, artistic, fun, wants to go out and do things. I don't want someone who is just looking for sex. I want someone I can spend time with and get to know. I would like someone from Massachusetts, has a job, no children, non-jerk type. So please be real and sweet and like girls with curves and be about wanting something special. Hopefully I find someone. I am a good girl. I work, I'm nice, I'm caring, I'm loyal, I'm attractive, I have a good job, also have a wicked sense of humor . Hope to hear from you. If I don't respond, please do not turn into a psycho. Also, if we are talking and you don't think things are working, don't just ignore me, tell me they aren't working. I want to meet someone who is respectful. Someone who I turned down keeps flagging this so I don't know how long it will be up for. Also, if I don't respond right away, it isn't because I am not interested, I have a way of losing track of emails, so I am sorry in advance haha.

shy boy 36yr (6405, Branford, CT)
I believe it is always better to be friends first ,then we can see where things lead. Looking for an artistic type. Musician, artist, writer or design/ architect type. If you are spiritual and seek meaning in life you are the kind of person I seek. Someone who is caring, and knows what it means to be a real friend. I am a truther and would like to meet someone else who is awake as well. So talk to me if you think you are the kind of person I am looking for. Some girls appreciate the quiet shy type, and I am one of them. please send photo and a description of yourself. =)

Chemist? Biologist? Student? 28yr (Branford, 6405, seeking an affair , New England)
Do u no ghb?

Yet, there are more married women seeking affair than men, since men are more career oriented and have less time for family, as opposed to the wives, who have all the time in the world. >>

Do girlfriends exist in LA? 24yr (6405, Branford, CT, New Haven County)
I would like to start dating again, maybe start as friends then hopefully turn into seeking an affair I am turning 24 next week and im over the single life, it gets old after awhile. I am real. Pic for pic