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Carl Jung once said... 21yr (Bethel, Connecticut , The Berkshires Area)
The meeting of two personalities is like that of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed. I'm looking to be transfored, to meet new people, to be impacted by another's soul and outlook on life. I want to be able to sit out under the moon light and talk about everything and nothing all at once. I want to discuss religious perspectives, your favorite philosophies, psychology, astrology, the past and the future to come. I want to be challenged intellectually and have debates about life morals and beliefs, only ending with more questions and possibly wavering decisions on the issues. I'd like for the ease of conversation to flow naturally as if we'd known what the other was going to say next. To lay on the grass, holding hands, looking at the stars and not giving a care about time or place. I seek company, passion and romance. I understand that this goal may not come within the first email, but that's what I want to strive for. Best friend first then more to follow. Besides creating the bond of communication, I love going to concerts, I'm a typical rocker girl with a little emo side. Live music exudes the passion I crave- tapping into the lyrical complexities of a musicians soul. Feeling the bass line that beats to their heart. I love it! I'm sure that there is more for you to know, but my words are failing me now. I didn't want this to be the typical post where I was to fill about an application for love- to list my ''qualifications'' and also to list my ''a+ attributes'' to woo you into choosing me. I'm looking for a genuine connection. Here is a picture of me for those of you find it necessary to visually profile me before sending a responce.

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**SERVICE MEN PLEASE APPLY** 28yr (06801, CT, Fairfield County)
Hey there I am a 28 yr old female on the west side of fort worth I am a lil on the chunky side but i know there are men out tht tht like bbw's :) well if u would like a picture you must send one first :) Also in the subject line please put the branch your attached to thanks and have a great day....... Maybe we can meet this weekend :) Ill be waiting to hear from yall.... L. p.s. please be between the ages of 22-36 thanks :)

Surprised to be doing this 23yr (06801, Bethel, CT)
So, I guess I'm not really to sure why I'm on here...but here goes nothing. I'll let you know a little about me, and if it sounds interesting write back and lets chat. I'm 23 years old born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago I have a degree in business and am working on my masters I'm a mac user and a ChapStick addict I love dresses and sunglasses I run almost daily cause apparently it's good for you I still have faith in the Cubs I can't go anywhere without my planner. Really, not anywhere. I have this fancy Droid phone which I'm not entirely sure how to operate I tear up during the sad parts in chick flicks I work full time and am always busy but still make time for fun Most importantly, I love country music. I don't expect you to, but I know it's a deal breaker for some :) So if your still reading this , I look forward to hearing from you. Your picture will get mine.

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Love baseball? Me too!! 21yr (Bethel, 06801, CT , The Berkshires Area)
Alright well after a many failed relationships I thought I would try something new. I am 21, full time working, but going back to school. I love baseball and football. I am girly but not high matinence, I WILL NOT HAVE SEX with random people so please dont even bother if that is what you are looking for. Sorry but thats not me. I am looking for someone to get to know and eventually make something serious out of it. I have my life together and I really want someone who isnt into a lot of dramatic things. I hate drugs so if thats ur thing, no disrespect but I'm not be ok with that. I really am fun loving and I love to have fun! I am new to this whole thing so I will be very hesistant but once we get talkin this will move smoothly. I hate how typing sounds so cold lol So if you are a sweet, honest, caring, man who loves baseball =) than I wanna hear from you! Please no one over the age of 30 tho, no disrepect im just not really interested in dating someone who is that much older..sorry. Hope to hear from you ****************Pic of you gets one of me thats the only way....and include some information when you respond please =)

lookin 40yr (Bethel, 06801 , Fairfield County)
lookin for friend seeking an affair friend 40 year old lookin for a good men without da game drama dieases drugs free................. must have own place car jobs NO MARRY MEN REPLY WITH # AND PICS

single mom seekin latinos 29yr (06801, Bethel, Connecticut)
i am single mom of two wonderful kids who i share 50/50 custody with there dad my kids are my #1 in life and will always be put before anyone so u have to understand type of guy is usually mexican cause thats really all my friends...i love to drink, dance to hip hop rap etc....i just really want someone who isnt gonna be playin games with me and is lookin for somethin serious i am ready to settle please e-mail me back with ur pic...thanks and god bless

RE: Guy Advice (06801, Bethel, CT, Fairfield County)
How about you try growing up? Do you know where the guy in question stands? Sounds like he likes you and was interested in a relationship with you. You could have let him know that you were generally interested in a relationship with him and let him know that you want to take a bit more time to know each other before getting really serious. Its called dating. Who pays for what is irrelevant. Instead it seems like you would prefer to play games. He flat out told you that he was looking for a girlfriend and would pretty much date around until he found a woman who was looking for the same thing. He could have told you he didn't want a relationship at all and would prefer to screw around. He could have told you nothing and let you believe he cared just for a chance to sleep with you while he dates others on the side without your knowledge. Honestly, what advantage is it to him to tell you that he is going to date others until he finds a woman to have a relationship with? I don't know how he can declare his intent more openly than he is. Ask yourself if you know exactly where he stands. You do know where he stands, don't you? So what you are doing is playing seeking an affair game. Its one you won't win. Telling him you want to be friends and then telling him to forget about dating you outright was juvenile . If you truly don't want a relationship with him and truly want to just be friends then who he dates or hangs out with should be of no concern to you. Also, as just a friend, you should understand that you will not get to monopolize his time. You aren't his girlfriend after all. Just be a friend. Enjoy the time you get together when your paths cross. End of story. However you are just playing a contact by text message/facebook war, counting the hours and keeping score. This is the definition of petty foolishness. Trust me when I say approaching it this way will result in him not caring one bit about you whatsoever. In fact, deleting him from your facebook may be doing him a huge favor. So you got hurt once. So what? Do you honestly think approaching guys in this way will prevent you from being hurt again? It won't, but it will prevent you from having another relationship. Stop playing games, talk to him, be open and honest and maybe, just maybe it will work out. Option two is continue doing what you are doing and he will not even want to know your name. Original----------------------- Okay, so I went out with this guy I work with like 3 times. I really didn't know if we were hanging as friends or more than friends. We went dutch. We were about to go out again last week and then he asks if we can hang out at my place after the movie and maybe have some wine. I told him I thought he was moving too fast. I haven't been in a relationship or had sex in years since my fiance broke my heart into a million pieces. So this guy says we could just be friends if I wanted but he's looking for a girlfriend and he'd be dating other people, obviously as we were not official I understand that. I told him to forget about the movies altogether . We didn't talk for about 3 days and I missed him so I text messaged him, he responded back 10 hours later that he was out with friends until late...didn't acknowledge the fact that I said I missed him so I assume he's super pissed at me. I know he waited to respond on purpose. I never responded to him because I thought it was once again a jerky thing to do. What do you guys think? Another question, he's on my Facebook...should I delete him?

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Do you deserve a good women? (Bethel, Connecticut , The Berkshires Area)
Please stop playing these list games it will only get you hurt or a disease! I'm a real women seeking longterm Latin sexy and dedicated to her man 39 yrs old seeking longterm your pic gets mine! Boricas are a preference! But will consider others seeking an affair be slim to medium built guys !