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Shot in the Dark 30yr (80487, Steamboat Springs, CO)
I doubt that this ever happens to people let alone men but its worth a shot, even if its a shot in the dark. She goes to sleep just for the chance to feel it in her dreams. Lying her head on the pillow closing her eyes in the hopes to see him there. Even when the sunshine is out the only comfort she finds is in her sleep. She only finds hope in the comfort of her dreams. Just to hopefully feel it once again. Hoping that someday when she wakes up he will be there waiting for her. That brush of his hand sends every since ounce of love she ever gave to them rushing through her body at once. All the broken promises, every broken dream, even those ruined hopes & disappointments fade away when she feels his hand wrapped around hers. Its been a very long time since shes seen him. She never even felt him when their feelings were so innocent and pure. They never even touched hands but now as she wakes from her dreams she feels everything rushing through her like electricity. Their hopes, dreams but most of all the love they had to share with each other finally. Until that day comes when I can wake up and feel all of that in 1 brush of a hand from him, I will keep dreaming. Do guys ever feel that way about a woman? Wake up from the dream that changes how they look at everything.

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HEY YOU R U LOOKING 37yr (Steamboat Springs, Colorado )

seeking sexy, black, funny 28yr (80487, CO, Routt County)
I almost can't stand to post another cl ad.... They've gotten me nowhere so far. And yet, here I am anyway. So, although my expectations are low, let's get this show on the road, shall we? Before we do that, let me assure you of my ''real-ness'' by making a reference to current events: Gee, those Rockies were rained out three times this week! Golly! First of all, you may have noticed in the title that I like Black men. This is just a personal preference, for reasons we can talk about later, if you're so inclined. If you are a White guy, please don't take that as a personal attack. I'm not trying to hurt feelings... it's a genuine personal inclination, like how you maybe prefer skinny girls to thicker ones, or blondes to brunettes, or whatever. But to you Black men, please know, this doesn't mean I want just ANY Black man. I am looking for someone with whom I will be compatible mentally, and that man will need to be smart, kind, passionate about life, down-to-earth , level-headed in a substantive way, with integrity, loyalty, and character. Physically, I'm looking for someone with an easy smile, someone tall with strong shoulders and hands, kind eyes, and a solid build. I am NOT interested in any facade involving 'bling' of any sort. I don't care about rims, fronts, chains, etc. And although I like a lot of classic and current hip-hop, you can keep your gangster rap as well. No, I am not interested in shocking ''daddy'' by bringing home a Black man, so please keep the cliches to a minimum. I don't care what you do with your life, whether you play for the Broncos or work on cars, provided you are passionate and good at what you do. I don't care about how much money you make, provided you treat me well. I don't mind if you have kids or crazy exes , provided you learned something about yourself and what you want in your future. If you have some of those characteristics, what you will find in me is a good woman and partner. I'm an earth-momma type, wise, funny, kind, genuine, empathetic, sexy, perceptive, patient and happy. I'm smart, love to always learn more, and like to communicate... I want to build a solid partnership on trust, sex, laughter and friendship. Physically, I have a thick, curvy body, auburn hair, green eyes, and I'm tall. Please respond with a photo and some Fun Facts about yourself!

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Looking For Mr Right 18yr (Steamboat Springs, Colorado )
I'm young but i know what i want. I'm looking for a guy to settle down and start a family with. But in order to start dating them, they need to be close, must work, and have things in common with me. I'm not gonna lie looks do matter. I have to be physically attracted to them. I dont really know what else to say. If ur interested reply and put ''how about me'' in the subject line. I look forward to hearing from u :D

Really? (Steamboat Springs, 80487, CO )
Is everyone on here a flake? I'm sure there must be real men looking for a real woman. More than a hook up or one night stand. Come on people, this seeking an affair the LTR section not casual encounters. Your not old enough to be my dad, sorry, max 45 years old, or young enough to be my son, over 35 years old. Fairly attractive, fun, unique to yourself, able to be serious and laugh. Prove me wrong, please. I'm sure I'll get flagged within minutes, but really you don't know what your missing!

Is there any such thing? 26yr (80487, Steamboat Springs, CO, Routt County)
Happily ever after; does it happen? I know I'm faithful and loyal, but it takes two to tango. If you're not a player with a bunch of notches on your belt, I'd like to hear from you. I love to cook - and country life. I'm not so much a city girl. I can live there, but I don't like clubbing and all the running and anxiety. If we are of like mind, please write. Your picture gets mine.

Beauty seeks LTR 45yr (80487, Steamboat Springs, Colorado)
An exceptionally pretty seeking an affair woman, college graduate, work for a local Chinese TV Station seeks a brilliant single man, college educated, sensitive, five feet ten to six feet two, non smoker, and ready for a LTR/committed relationship. A little shy or nerdy? Welcome. I am a little shy too. A reply looks like spam will not be opened and will be deleted. So please write ''serious reply'' at the subject space line and include your age, height and weight, occupation, photo in the email content. Spam and abusive emails will be reported to list.

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Memorial Day Wknd......drinks 36yr (Steamboat Springs, 80487 , Routt County)
Staying local this weekend and thought it would be fun to meet someone new for a drink. Please be truly single-willing to share a photo and up to meet someone new with no expectations. I'm an attractive, smart, athletic, kind woman that would ideally like to meet someone similar. If your tall with a sense of humor your up for seeking an affair points.