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Screw NSA... I DO want an LTR 37yr (81650, Rifle, CO)
So earlier tonight I was emailing back and forth with a dude and he said he would never date me because I was white, or at least thats what he said. I guess what I want is a guy who doesn't care about the fact that I am white. I just want a decent guy, is that too much to ask? I tend to get along better with guys. If you are interested hit me up and lets see where it leads.

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Seeking a deep thought provoking guy 31yr (Rifle, 81650 , Garfield County)
Black female here on list just being open to the possibilities of meeting someone new. Be it friend, lover or long term partner. I have no doubt that the person I seek is out there, so once again I am open to receiving the person the universe wants me to let into my life. First off I pride myself on being myself. I love the fact that I am optimistic, funny, compassionate, full of ideas and dreams, a great sense of the person I see myself being and also that I am in no way perfect. My love for my spirituality is something that I treasure. I am not a holy roller, but I have beliefs that keep me grounded. I am in love with learning and gaining knowledge so that I can be aware. My heart is deep and comes from a place of sharing and being thankful for what I have. Certainly not rich, but I am blessed. What I am looking for is a man who I can communicate with on a deep level and also laugh with. I very much enjoy meeting new people and learning from them. Once again it all rolls into being open :) I do not care what race you are just as long as you are easy going, funny, kind and just down to earth. If you are an artist that is so much a plus since I am a writer myself. I love creative expression...Especially musicians *guitar players..wink wink nudge! When you get to know me I can be goofy and talk your ear off if I am comfortable with you that is. I have a love for classic hollywood films, impressionist art, beatnik/bohemian counter cultures and music! Love, Love, Love music. Makes my heart sing. Not much of a party gal, but I am more of the museum, bookstore variety person. I feel like I am rambling on, but if you are down with what I am saying and feel a good vibe send me a message. Please be sane as I am sane...haha, I am serious..... Anyway, its all about love so say hello and tell me about yourself. I am a good listener! Oh and one more thing please be respectful when sending me a message. No vulgarity as far as nude pics and messages. Just be simple with it and not extra.. This is getting to be a novel so I say fin. Love French movies! ........One more thing .....I am a thick woman size 12 so if that is cool with you great. If not cool too. Peace Love Joy

Sunburnt so staying in anyone else? 35yr (81650, Rifle, Colorado)
Is anyone out there sitting inside on the wonderful sunny day? Want to chat? I have yahoo....

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Looking for Love with a Sweet Woman? 46yr (81650, CO, Garfield County)
Ok so I have looked at the posts on CL from Men and you all sure do have long lists, so I thought I'd put my own list on here and see what happens. These are the things I would want in a partner. 1)Be Available 2) Be Fun 3) Be Attractive_ which is in the eye of the beholder for sure:) have some kind of good fashion sense:) 4)Have Friends- not a loner type 5) Love your Family 6)Love Music, all kinds and concerts and festivals, a good dive bar or somewhere they have a band playing. 7)Love Animals 8)Love to travel, even if its to Capitola for the day or a nice drive to somewhere new 9)Love kids- hopefully yours are at age like mine away at college or close to it. 10)Loves to go out and have fun with me and drink, dance, listen to music....I'm not saying we have to get wasted. 11)Employed is good:) 12)Likes to go for a walk or ride your bike with me. 13)Likes the movies- in the theatre or at home 14)Respects Women 15)Likes to go out with friends 16)Likes to be social and likes nice nites together at home Ok this is where I'm just going to say exactly what I want and need from my man. 17)Likes to Cuddle/Loves to spoon with his woman 18)Is a Great Kisser like me:) 19)Loves to Have Sex and realizes theres more than one position, knows how to have fun in bed 20) Likes recieving and giving 22)likes when I talk dirty and you like to talk to me dirty and you like when I text you somethig naughty and respond in kind- this is just for us. we like to make each other hot and bothered it's fun! 23)Someone who will call me or text me just because they want to and want me to do the same 24)Love to have a special connection together 25)Being a 10 isn't important it's our hearts our personalties that count the most! 26)Be monogamous 27) Be ready for Love, Passion, Excitement, Friendship... I want you to be my best friend About me I'm 5'3 I have blonde hair with brown eyes and am a size 6 if this matters. I've been told that i'm attractive. I have a daughter who's in college and I am the proudest mom ever! I have a big Italian Family and we have a lot of get togethers and I want to share my family with you and I want to share yours. I have many friends and I like to hang out with them and I want to share them with you too. My friends would describe me as Sweet, Compassionate, Fun, Loving, A little in a good way! Okay well if you have these qualities then I definately want to hear from you and please send me a photo and I will gladly send you one of mine:) might as well put in the subject ''fun'' so I know your for real and you read this whole I don't think the women get hit with spam but who knows... Talk to you soon

I'm looking for a successful man 33yr (Rifle, 81650, CO )
who will seeking an affair care of me really well for awhile. I'm a sweet and caring woman who is broke and having a really hard time right now. Someone respectful, who has class and isn't into sleeping around.

Losers Need Not Apply 37yr (81650, Rifle, CO, Garfield County)
What, or more precisely, who do I mean when I say ''losers?'' I mean guys who chase after the wrong women for too long and give up too easily on the right ones; guys who seek out girls who will boost their egos instead of feeding their souls; guys who think that a woman worth being with will respond positively to a picture of his rock-hard abs or an allusion to his fat bank account. Are there women in NYC who value looks, money, and bravado above all else? Sure there are, and you shouldn't want anything to do with them - just like I want nothing to do with any man who would put up with inane, narcissistic ''Sex and the City''-type behavior from a person he hoped to spend the rest of his life with. Relationships are complicated - better to have one with someone who can actually reflect upon and learn from her mistakes. If you can imagine yourself in a mind-meld with a woman who fits into no pre-established categories of race, class, educational status, career path, or personal taste, you can send a note and a pic. All others should move on.

Throwing in the towel.... Haha she's a loon!! 51yr (Rifle, Colorado )
Guys I have spoken to this chick for two days straight! And I must say SHES A NUT! She's 51 lives in her sisters basement and has some type of mental illness.. Her sister actually checks her emails and treats her like a child, she sits home all day and claims she sells things on eBay. I work as a dating advisor and at first I seen her ads all over list and wanted to help her stop coming off as an online psycho, but sadly there is no helping her! Be warned guys! She has more problems and issues then you can handle and is way to clingly. I will gladu fwd anyone the wacky emails that was exchanged between myself and her. If your a guy and looking for a date then think about what you are doing before you respond to any of her many ads. She's just a talker and that is all. And she's far from a sexual women, infact you can't even joke about it with her because she will say your ''fresh'' lol anyway in closing, if your a decent guy that is seeking true love, then this girl will not give you what you need. It's a sad world and a shame that a women her age acts like this. GUYS- Go thru the ads listed in staten island for the past 5 days - she posted an ad a day and it clearly shows how a guy tried to be with her, but as usual she showed him how psycho she is and he ran. SMART GUY! Good luck in your search guys, just remember you have been warned, I encourage all that don't belive me to email her and talk it up with her, but remember the facts. 51 years old - lives in her sisters basement has a seeking an affair medical history both mentaly and phys. sister knows how messed up her mind is, so she checks her emails daily sells crappy used items on eBay very clingly - she will send you at least 15 one sentance emails per day, 90% will be meaning less If your a guy and can handle this then bless you! Location: Staten Islands nut house it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

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seeking something genuine ) 27yr (Rifle, Colorado )
hey there and thanks in advance for taking the time to read my post. I am a 27 year old divorced hispanic female in search of something with a little substance. been dating for a while and found nothing but lies, drama, and games. im not looking for that. i just want someone who i can have a good time with, share laughs with and can bring a smile to my face. an honest and sincere friendship and more depending on how things go is ultimately what i hope to find. I am a professional with a full time career, my seeking an affair home, vehicle and no little ones or crazy ex's. basically i am saying i am a good girl with a good head on my shoulders. i can bring humor, kindness, intelligence, honesty, and lots of fun into your life if you let me. i hope you can do the same. if you would like to know more all you have to do is ask. i have pics for trade if interested. thanks again for reading...:-)