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JUST LOOKING... 41yr (Carbondale, 81623 , Garfield County)
Hello, Iím white Latin woman green eyes my hair is brown 5í8 height and 192 pounds 41 years old, I donít have kids, Iím very responsible, honesty, ease going, I do not judge people by brand, color or size I do respect people opinion even when I disagree with them. I do not smoke, never did drugs, I have no diseases, I donít drink. I like music, dance, outdoors, movies, TV shows, history channel, like to read, to play cards, to play pool, to travel, to driven, beach, mounts, animalsÖ I really not in bars or clubs scene, I donít like The news sport channel, sarcastic people, disrespect, abuses, drugs, sea food , dirt mouth, scream for no reason I want a friend to talk, to go out, and to have fun, I want have a companion, I want spend as much time I we can together I donít want fight, aggravation, complains, I donít want to change no body, I donít want to control people life I am not looking for a title I am not looking to move together, I am not looking for someone to pay my bills, I am just looking for a nice man

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In DESPERATE need of a benefactor 27yr (81623, CO, Garfield County)
I am a 27yo exotic mix of Irish, Portuguese, Hawaiian and Nicaraguan. Petitie, well-proportioned and curvy in the right places. My roommate decided to pick up and leave me without notice, so now I'm stuck having to pay the rent in 7 days!! I'm desperate! I've never posted on list before, and I'm not a pro. I'm seeking a generous benefactor for a mutually beneficial relationship. I prefer that you host for now until I can manage to get my place back on track . I promise you will not be disappointed as I take great care of myself and am very attractive as well as educated. Your picture gets mine. Serious inquiries only! I'm not a pro, so if that's what your looking for then move on. Send me an email with your picture, expectations and what you can offer. Look forward to meeting with you soon!

Hi.... 44yr (81623, Carbondale, CO, Garfield County)
Hello..... I am a sweet natured Christian woman looking for a LTR with a kind gentleman. I love the outdoors, jogging, Jesus, family, music, socializing, the beach, traveling, being spontaneous, dancing, PDA, shoes, laughter, crazy ridiculous bantering, silliness, femininity, being girlie girl as well as a tomboy, kayaking, movies, flowers, PDX, The Pearl , fine dining and dive dining, chivalry and all the romance of a healthy monogamous relationship!! I hate Drama, Arrogance, Rudeness....just sayin'.. I am attracted to men my age range muscular, athletic, outgoing, kind, dress well, smell good, job, ambition, good heart, on the shorter side, I am petite.... Hope you have a great day

Married seeking affair; three simple words that mean a whole lot. If you're not careful you might end up having an affair that you regret. However if your spouse isn't pleasing you and you feel you deserve more there are five things you need to know before seeking an affair. >>

Black Female Searching For Charming White Male 32yr (Carbondale, 81623, CO )
I enjoy spending time with my family! My family life is the most important thing to be because they are always there when you need them. I like all types of music, but Jazz is my favorite. It does something for my mind, body and soul. I have a great sense of humor and I love to joke around and prank family and friends! I'm looking for a charming white gentlemen who enjoys a lot of attention. I would like to meet a tall white male with a great sense of humor. I enjoy the company of a man who is going to treat me like a lady. Are you that guy?

Plus sized lady looking.... 36yr (Carbondale, Colorado )
Hello! I am a 36 year old attractive plus sized lady looking for someone to start out as friends and go from there. I am not looking to rush things, nor ''hop in the sack'' with anyone. Surprisingly to a lot of men, I have a lot of self confidence, a great sense of humor and I smile a lot;) I am 5'7, brown hair/brown eyes, caucasian/hispanic mix Great smile, smiley eyes and I've been told ''nice lips'' ;) I have children that I take care of, so I am NOT looking for a handout. I am independant, employed, drive my own vehicle and live in a house. I seeking an affair NOT looking for: married men, one night stands, being someone's 'sugar mama'' nor being used or playing games. I am mostly attracted to white men within the ages of 29-42. If you'd like to meet me, please send me a message and we can exchange photos. If you respond, please put your age and location in your message so I will know you are real, otherwise I will NOT respond.

All my teeth, Educated, Pretty & Available 51yr (Carbondale, Colorado )
This shouldn't be difficult, but it is! I live a little further out west, but don't mind sharing travel time. Contrary to popular belief, we have dentists, and running water, and even working in-home toilets out here. We have educated women in professional positions who love life, have a sense of humor and are pretty ! What we don't have is mature, professional men who are fun-loving, culturally aware, single, and available. Come on. Step out of the box. It'll be well worth every letter you type. Be prepare to share a recent picture just as soon as I tell you ''I'm Real'' Please know before answering that I'm only interested in mature men my age or older, with all of their teeth or a professionally done substitution !

Somewhere in Between 23yr (81623, Carbondale, Colorado)
Ok so I'll be honest, I don't understand why I'm getting hatemail. People have prefrences and it's not cruel it's just who they are. A person who has asthema would never date a chain smoker and it's not because either of them are bad people they're just not the right one. So take a look at why you're really writing me and please stop. I would never interfere with someone's attempt to find someone please don't interfere with mine. I'm not on here to hurt anyone, to make anyone feel bad I just want to find someone that I could stand spending some time with. I miss the phone calls just to see how you are, I miss getting a drink or two and dancing, and I miss kissing. I tend to find men who don't care and I walk away easily enough, or men who cling to me every second and I run away. Is there someone in between who wants to have a good time? I am: 23, Female I'm a smoker, planning to quit on June 1st, so we'll cross our fingers and hope for the best. I am 420 recreationally not daily, Drink every so often, but every Wens and Friday for Karaoke I'm a stuent on summer break looking for a job but I have savings enough to pay for me. I will be a High School English Teacher when I graduate next spring. I paint, sketch and sing as often as I can. I like horror movies, seeking an affair and kung fu movies I'm looking for: 22-28 male Ethnicity doesn't matter Religion only matters if you yell at me or condemn me for mine. I'm a Christian, but not a bible thumper. Smoking ciggarettes is a plus because I do, but if you don't make me feel like crap I don't care either way. In my last post I said I don't like drug ABUSE. I'm a recreational smoker but not everyday, sometimes not every week. I go out drinking sometimes but I don't want an alcoholic or somoeone into harder drugs. It's a prefrence, not a judgement. I just know when exposed to things like that people can become one themselves and I like who I am right now, why change in that way? I would prefer no kids, I'm only 23, I'm not ready to be a mommy figure. It's nothing against people who have kids, I'm just not ready for that. I would prefer people who don't change their opinion to agree with me on everything. I won't change my opinion. And yes, I do post on here a lot because it's cheap, more men than women look at it, and there is a confidentiality attached to posting here. So yes you may have seen me before but that's because I get bored with the people I meet in real life and why not see everyone that's out there before making a choice? I'll be honest, please don't reply if you don't have enough self esteem to post a picture. I've been with selfconcious guys and I hated it. I can do it so you should be able to too. I also know it sounds shallow but initial attraction does have a basis in appearance, I'm not a model you don't have to be either, but if you're a guy who is worried about their looks my best advice is get a personality to compensate. Men can get away with being ok looking as long as they have a personality, women don't always have that luxury. To prove you're real post a pick up line as the subject. The cornier the better. I'm a big fan of puns. Oh and by the way... The first picture I decided to take about ten minutes ago... so that's me, right now.

Married and seeking an affair is one thing, but married and seeking an affair with an idiot is something else altogether. The bottom line is that you should be extra picky, especially since you're married, and this means finding the right person for your very particular needs. >>

Ready to find something more.... 27yr (81623, Carbondale, CO)
The more time that passes, the more restless I start to get. I have enjoyed being single for a while now but as more and more of my close friends find the one they want to spend their life with, the more I think that maybe its time to get out there and date a little more. Firstly, I'm a very independent, stubborn person at times but that doesn't mean I don't compromise. I've been told I'm a lot of fun to be around and can be a total sweetheart when I want to be. I've also been told that I can be a total bitch sometimes, but thats only when someone gets on my bad side. When I'm in a relationship I'm 100% faithful, cheaters and liars piss me off royally. I've never understood why people can't be honest about what it is they want. So if you fall under the ''liar and cheater'' please move on. Now for the fun stuff: I have an amazing group of friends who are my family . I enjoy a variety of activities and love being outdoors during the summer when I have time off of work to enjoy it. I love living in the Chicago area. There is so much to do and see that even though I've lived here most of my life, my list of things that I want to do is always growing. I love movies, I've recently become addicted to Netflix so it would be nice to have someone to lounge on the couch and enjoy the movies with on rainy days like today. I'm looking for a guy who is honest, caring, spontaneous and cute seeking an affair hurt! :-P I'm basically looking for my partner in crime. Someone that enjoys life just as much as I do and doesn't mind being a little silly at times but also respects that the fact that most of my friends are guys so someone who doesn't have a jealous streak would be nice too. I'm just your typical late 20-something, 5'4 brunette with brown eyes and finally working on getting in shape after a long, cold winter. So if any of this appeals to you, feel free to send me a message.