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Never too late today (Boulder, Colorado )
If you're in you're late 30's, 40's or early 50's I might be interested in exchanging emails with you. Not looking for a sexual hookup...

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pretty girl looking for a nice guy 20yr (80301, CO, Boulder County)
Hey guys, I've been single for awhile now and I'm pretty lonely. My ex was my best friend, so now not only am I boyfriend-less, I'm best friend-less. I'm a really sweet girl, I'm funny, pretty, caring. I'm just looking to get to know someone and see where it goes from there. All I ask is that you not use drugs, please :) gracias y hasta luego

25 yr old female looking for.... 25yr (80302, Boulder, Colorado)
I am a 25 year old woman looking for mister right. I have been out of the game for the past few years getting my degree and career out of the way and now that thoose two are settled i would like to meet someone. I am 5' 5'' tall about 150 pounds with brown hair and blue eyes. Personality wise i would say i am reserved and quite at times but i love to just hang out and tend to loosen up and act more like myself the longer i am around someone. As for activities i am an ex-collegiate softball player who still plays slowpitch during the summer, i love watching and playing just about any sport football, baseball, hockey, soccer, etc. I enjoy camping, riding both quads and dirtbikes, snowboarding and pretty much your normal stuff like movies, and going to the beach, restaurants, etc. However as my career takes a lot of my time i dont make it out to much and thus have decided to try the internet dating thing. Basically i am looking for someone with similar interests to mine who has a steady career, is driven, caring, and intelligent. As for specifics the main ones are having a great personality and being just a genuine nice guy. Preferably between the ages of 23 and 30.

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Any plans for the weekend? 55yr (Boulder, 80302 , Boulder County)
Well, what shall we do for fun this weekend? Surely two heads can come up with something......your pic gets mine....please no kids need to respond......not looking to babysit.

LTR-Are you out there? 55-65 give or take a few years! 55yr (80304, Boulder, CO, Boulder County)
Rate yourself on a scale of 1-10 before you answer this listing: I encourage you not to waste your time nor mine, Life IS too short. The Man who will be in my life now and for the rest of my life. ---Is it You? Are you out there? Basic characteristics: He is: honest, cares about himself takes care of him---could be a few pounds over but not obese……. but yet wants a “babe”- - Those of you in this category --Do Not respond to this listing. Mine is not perfect, but hey, I turn the heads of 30 year olds and 80 year olds! I look great in jeans and in a skirt”. People often say I look 10 years younger than my age. –Note: all of us need to have honor and respect for ourselves first, and--then we can be honorable and respectful to each other. Physical attraction is important. At the same time we need to be able to “give some grace” ….If you want someone else to do that for you and at the same time you are not willing to do that for your “partner”… –then go look for someone 20 years younger than you! I ran and completed a marathon at the end of 2008…how about you? The Man who will be in my life now and for the rest of my life. He is affectionate and friendly, morally and integrity conscientious and acts on these qualities in his life, , he is financially responsible, [note I am a woman that invests in herself for nails and skin care only—minimal every month----]—but the investment in other things i.e. clothes…is not based on commercialism…my clothes purchases are bought from second hand stores. The Man who will be in my life now and for the rest of my life. Is very stable, energetic, [I love to make love in the early morning versus late at night] at the same time I can be “flexible’. A hot tub late at night helps. My circadian rhythm is set for early morning. I would love to have partner on the same “time frame”. That way, we can make love together in the morning and , go for a walk/run together, start our day early, do whatever work we need to do and arrive back home—for an evening dinner, night out, or cuddle at home. If sex is your focus/destination versus intimacy...then look elsewhere. The Man who will be in my life now and for the rest of my life. Is a lifelong learner and not a “want to be” in other words guys, ----Tell me ---WHAT is title and author of the last book you have read??” Do not tell me it is the latest…stuff at the check out isle in the grocery store! If it is: then you need not apply. , I learn new things every day! I have a bucket list—which I plan to accomplish…do you have yours? I see our life as an adventure together and not a nightmare, nor as mediocrity! NO sitting in front of the TV night after night and on weekends for every sports event! Been there done that, will NOT go there again. I do not and will not watch TV! I can do movies on DVD… NO, honey, my idea of a great weekend is NOT the idea of attending the game or watching it on TV! Adopt me into your lifestyle---and the TV needs to be gone! If you think you cannot or will not ditch the TV then, do not answer this listing. The Man who will be in my life now and seeking an affair the rest of my life. Here is what that means: He is thoughtful, spiritual versus religious, he is someone who is happy with himself and wants to give back to life. We as a couple will make a decision to jointly give back to life and be more powerful as a couple than as individuals… Yes, I do attend an “out of the box” type of church---if you are in the realm of and anchored in the “Baptist, Catholic” you need not apply. If you describe yourself as “spiritual” -- Do I expect you to consider my beliefs—AND attend church with me? YES! After all, it IS our “spiritual” beliefs that help us co-create our lives together. The Man who will be in my life now and for the rest of my life. Is someone who has vision for his life that is greater than he is. Here’s what this means: he volunteers to help others each month. One of my favorites is “Habitat for Humanity”… I participated some time ago in an “all women built home” – guys, I learned what “real” studs are. I can and have volunteered for other organizations and am willing to consider yours. The Man who will be in my life now and for the rest of my life: Is a man who recognizes his strengths as well as weaknesses and can talk about them. Here’s what this means: if you are into something negative i.e. pornography—be man enough to let me know now and not later. I am willing to “bless and release you”…, but frankly do not lie to me. The Man who will be in my life now and for the rest of my life: is an intelligent man who can carry on a great conversation. Here is what this means: I enjoy living, loving and learning. Especially learning about new things, how we can relate better and enjoy things and adventures more fully. The Man who will be in my life now and for the rest of my life--Other qualities, -- He loves people and animals, He is comfortable giving affection as well a receiving it., My primary love language is quality time then, physical touch. . If you are not into quality time and physical need not apply. Must love outdoors, biking and hiking, art, music, picnics, walks, cooking as well as dining out. I love flowers, men that open the door for me and walk on the traffic side of the street when they are with me. I love walking, hiking, biking. I also love fishing . Here is how I expect the friendship/relationship/LTR to go I have the expectation of ---this relationship going in this order…. #1. Be my best friend, #2. Then my companion, #3. Then my lover #4. Then in a short time my lifelong partner; once you become my lover…then the expectation of LTR is there. I am a one man woman, heterosexual, no compromise. NOTE: anything I have asked in this listing is what I am willing, I am able to give. Unacceptable: Addictions: alcohol, smoking, porno, “alternative lifestyles” drugs “had to look it up”..didn’t know what it was/is, definitely not “into it” and not willing to go there on any of these. People who are sarcastic, demeaning, in another relationship of any kind, or not know who they are or what they want, or think I am asking too much--need NOT respond to this listing. Here is how it goes: we talk on the phone first, then perhaps meet for coffee--the we decide where to go from there.

where is mr right 28yr (Boulder, 80304, CO )
hey guy I'm 28 going on 29 single from crosby.I love going fishing,camping,sometimes hunting,4 wheeler riding,movies,concerts like all kind of music,like watching sports,and like to play pool.I have no kids but love them I like to be outdoors.please respond with a picture write back if your interested thanks keri

Are you out there (Boulder, Colorado )
I am looking for someone that I can get to know better and date. I have tried dating sites, and the bar scene and nothing is working. People tell me I am pretty, seeking an affair maybe I am just too shy or picky and that is why I am alone. I am looking for a man I can hang out with and get to know better, so if you are just looking for a one night stand I am not your girl.

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Big girl needs love too 31yr (80304, Boulder, CO)
Hi Lets see, I am 31 recently seperated and looking to start over. I am looking for a man to show me that there are good ones out there. I am a mom of a three year old, and I work full time. Just getting out of a marriage, and I am looking for someone to talk to and keep me company. I love the beach, motorcycles, reading and seeking an affair Wii---when I get the chance! I am a big girl with a lot of love to share. Looking forward to hearing from you..