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Seasoned Woman Seeking a Man My Age 48yr (Aurora, 80014, CO )
I recently read an article that relationships with younger men and older men are bad for women's health. I have an active imagination. It got me thinking that if you date a younger guy, you might pass out from chasing away the young girls who are after him. And if you date an older man, you might mistake one of his meds for a vitamin. You take it by mistake and you're in the emergency room. So what's the healthy alternative? Dating a man your age. So that's who I'm looking for. I'm a seasoned woman. If you want to be non-pc, a middle-aged woman who is looking for a man who is within a couple years of my age of 48. Okay, I might go for the age range of 44 to 52. But anything outside of that range, I'm not interested. Besides, I get along best with men who are about my age. A little about me: I'm a single forty-something female and I live in San Jose. I have an olive complexion and thick, curly dark hair. I'm mixed with African-American. However, some folks have to look twice to see the ''black'' in me. And others miss altogether. I'm mistaken for other races all the time. I'm tall as model with long legs and an hourglass figure. I'm not model thin but I'm not a BBW either. With a body mass index of 22, I'm within the normal weight for my height. No beauty queen here. But for those who appreciate the forty-somethings, I'm easy on the eyes. Also, I don't smoke or use drugs and I'm in good physical and mental health. I'm introvert and most would say that I'm reserved. I've been called stand-offish. However, once I get to know the person, I begin to warm up. Also, I am not the type to tell my life in one sitting. Instead, I'm like a good book that you have to read chapter-by-chapter to get to know me. I enjoy voicing my opinion on different issues and having a good lively conversation. I also like listening to talk radio. I also enjoy browsing bookstores, watching movies that make me laugh, community theater, festivals, museums and long walks. The man I'm seeking should be someone who enjoys some of the things I do and has a sense of humor. Someone who's into his own space and has his own interests as well. He shouldn't smoke or use drugs of any type. He should be in good physical and mental health. I'm a tall woman. So he should be 6'0'' or taller with a medium or larger build. BTW, I don't care what race he is. Just be a member of the human race. He should be working. I don't care what kind of job. It's the recession. So I'm realistic. If he used to be an engineer and now he's flipping burgers or delivering newspapers, that's cool with me. Anyway, if you're interested, send me an e-mail about yourself along with a recent picture. Maybe if we vibe in e-mail, we'll vibe in real life. No booty call seekers, one liners, psychos, married or separated men, drug users, smokers or bigots. Key words: biracial, mixed, single black female, sbf, sbw, single black woman, african-american female, african-american woman

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Looking for cute date 25yr (80017, Aurora, CO, Arapahoe County)
Please show me your pictures and tell me little bit about you Im pretty scared to post it here but just give a try to see something happens please if you are not ready for a date, dont talk to me please be real, be honest, be order than me,know how to talk to girls I have steady income, job, family, friends. Just want special person who can share w me

Napalm + Fireflies = ? 23yr (80013, CO, Arapahoe County)
What would happen if fireflies came in contact with napalm? I am awesome. That's really all that you need to know. Will you be my perfect match? * I will not accept messages that are purely sexual * I will not accept messages without a picture... let's be real here. * I will not respond to messages that just say, ''Hey,'' ''How are you,'' or ''What's up.'' Lame. Come up with something original. Make yourself stand out. * I'm not looking to hook up, but I'm not necessarily looking for a long term relationship. Whatever happens, happens. * I can't believe I just posted my pictures on list. I enjoy: * concert-going * music * movies * art * piano bars * dancing * museums * España * anything chocolate * food, in general..... sorry dudes, I can't cook, so if you're looking for your typical housewife, you can count me out * sleeping * being nerdy/quirky/unique ...and in the opposite sex: * honesty * chivalry * intelligence * attractiveness... we're all looking for this, so don't pretend it doesn't matter * originality * humor... someone that can put up with my biting sarcasm. * goal-oriented... If you're my age and haven't gone to college or have a job , then that's a good indication you're not * between 22-28; anything younger/older, the age difference would be too much * taller than 5'7. I'm not tall, but I like my stilettos and I refuse to give them up. * past the party days... it's cool to let loose once and a while, but I've had my fun in college and I need someone who wants to have fun with me and not alcohol * ¿alguien que puede hablar español conmigo? ¿posiblemente? * I being too picky? Is this too much to ask? I think not. I dislike: * peas * most types of beer and wine * smoking/smokers/anything drug related * Ugg boots * the Kings of Leon * all country and rap music * my job * tools Now go forth and find your mate via list! You know she's out there!

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friend, maybe more 39yr (80011, Aurora, CO)
ok here is what i am looking for a man that enjoys children someone to take us places and have fun, i am a good cook, have a big and giving heart with a great personality i have money too, not looking for a sugar daddy looking to spend the days with the kids and evenings for me and you time!!!! i am 39 prefer older hispanic men but not picky right now please dont send sarcastic replys and waste my time honesty is very important if we dont click then we move on just dont lie!!! your photo gets mine must live in my area

Breasts, Books and Buddies 52yr (Aurora, Colorado )
I started getting attention for my breasts when I was twelve. I am 52 now but I still draw admiring glances from some men, admittedly they are men of a certain age but if you like curvaceous, blonde women with quick smiles, nice eyes and thick blonde hair you might call me pretty. I will send a picture if you send yours. I am much more interested in books than fashion and would rather spend the day in a bookstore or art museum than at the mall. Actually I hate the mall. But if you don’t like bookstores or museums that’s OK. We can enjoy wine or coffee or hikes in the hills. I hope to find a buddy, a true friend with whom I can laugh. I am also seeking a lover. As the peasant in Monty Python insisted, “I am not dead yet!” but , sadly, my sex life is. I want to revive it with a man who enjoys holding hands, adores kissing and has some great stories he can whisper in my ear after we make love or over the phone. My sex life is dead because my husband is permanently impotent. When he lost the ability to have an erection he lost all interest in holding hands and kissing too. He was always fiercely dedicated to his career, away from home a lot and buried in work most nights but we were passionate lovers. That ended five years ago and sometimes, like tonight, as I lie in bed next to the man I truly love,I want to sob. We are still friends, we share many goals, values and accomplishments but the lack of any physical contact is heart breaking. My blue sky goal is to find a friend in a similar situation. I will not leave my husband and I do not want to hear any lectures from people who think what seeking an affair am doing is wrong. I am not interested in a “young stud” so if you are under the age of fifty I probably won’t respond. I sincerely want a man who will appreciate my breasts, enjoy my lips, hold my hand and challenge my mind. Let's be buddies!

Im Normal are You 39yr (Aurora, Colorado )
Hi, so Im not sure why im trying this other than that its free, and I thought im normal so why couldnt there be a normal man reading this as well. First off im a single mom who is done having kids because of physical reasons. Im puerto rican, im short, i have curves and i love to laugh. I do believe in the Lord and that is a very important part of my life. I am not looking for anyone to jump into bed with looking for something more than a booty call. I have my life together and would love to meet a man that is on the same level. Please respond with a picture and i will do the same.

Someone to Share Life Adventures With 47yr (Aurora, 80015 , Arapahoe County)
I am a white woman, 47 years old, petite and attractive. I am educated, very intelligent, cultured, and classy woman. I have a professional, white collar job. I am very honest and sincere. I have no time or energy for ''games''. I am very straight forward. I care very much about my integrity. I am very loyal, romantic, caring, warm, and affectionate. I have a good sense of humor. I am a happy person and live a balanced life. I appreciate finer things in life. I am well read and books are a big part of my life. I like being out in nature. I love animals. I am well traveled and love to travel, and go on road trips. I can be happy at home also reading a book. I have no children and am not planning to have any. I am looking for a white man who is educated and has a professional, white collar job. This man would be intelligent and cultured, he dresses nicely, has good manners, read at least some books, and appreciates finer things in life. He has travelled, has seen at least some of the world, and loves to travel. This man knows how to take charge and be in charge. He believes that there is God, that integrity is very important, that honesty is the only policy, and that doing the right thing is the only thing to do, someone whose word is solid, someone who is caring and has compassion for humans and animals. This man is a gentleman and treats a woman like a lady, is not a quitter, is emotionally available, is not afraid of a commitment, and is looking for a life partner. I am looking for my life partner. I am looking for somebody to do things with, to cry with, to laugh with, talk with, travel with, take care of each other, share life with. I am not interested in atheists or agnostics, those who are emotionally unavailable or are afraid of a commitment, those who are married or otherwise involved with someone, those who are younger than 48 years old and older than 55 years old, those who have children younger than 18 years old either living with them seeking an affair in close proximity to them, those who have tattooes, smoke or abuse alcohol or drugs. Please do not reply if you are one of these. Best Wishes.

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single female hockey player ) 26yr (80017, Aurora, Colorado)
I'm 26 years old female. I'm a fun out going girl that loves to make people laugh and I'm very random. I play hockey and I also watch a lot of hockey as well . I live in the north burbs and I am in grad school and work. I am easy going and I like doing things such as going out for a seeking an affair on the town, going to concerts/sporting events or just staying in. I also like to cook! I would love to meet a fit guy from the north burbs that is attractive fun and out going just like me and is well educated/works, isnt a bum. If you think we might click message me and tell me about yourself.