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If at know the rest 55yr (Valencia, 91355, CA )
Either I need to get my BS radar fixed or Iím using the wrong equipment and need to switch to sonar cause there seems to be a veritable sea of it out there! Now, if you have no idea what youíre looking for and youíre in my age rangeÖ.mmmm, that seems a bit odd to me. Itís normal in your 20ís and 30ís, shouldnít be that normal in your 40ís but dang by the time you hit the 50ís if you still donít know what youíre looking for let me help you out. Take a look back at your mistakes, thatíll tell you what you donít want then go looking for the opposite. It just ainít that difficult. Oh, and if youíve reached your 50ís without any mistakesÖ.youíve either lead a very charmed life or you havenít really done much living. Me? Iíve done some living so I know what Iím looking for and what Iím not looking for. Iím looking for honesty , fun, laughter, love, trustÖ.do I really have to list this? It should be a given. Looks? Well, as my Mama once told me a person can go from beauty to ugly in a heartbeat and it only takes one bad accident. She was referring to my best little friend whoíd been horribly burned at the age of 5 and while Iíd never seen pictures of her before the accident my Mama had and used that as a lesson to her kids about judgment and loving based on looks. She used everything she could for those kinds of lessons. She was a damn fine woman. I care about a lot of things but here are a few I DONíT care about: I donít give a ratís royal rear end about your money or lack there of. I work, full time, can and do manage to meet my financial needs. Iím not rich and sometimes I donít know if Iím even middle class but I do just fine. Iím not interested in your mode of transportation as I have a car of my own. Iím 5í7Ē and if youíre shorter than me by a couple of inches I have a brain and can figure out the logistics needed for a kiss, itís called bending down a bit. You have a college degree? I donít but I can carry on quite an intellectual conversation if thatís your desire as Iím extremely well read and very open minded. I can also switch from being country to citified when I wish or thereís a need. Iím 55 and hope to increase that number as time goes by. If youíre somewhere in that bracket and I donít really have a bracket for you to refer to but I do have a preference for someone who was around when the Beatles first hit the scene. Iím not going to list a bunch of stuff I enjoy doingÖ.most of itís fairly normalÖÖthose shrunken heads in the closet are a standard of riches in some places and I might visit one of them one day and Iíll need the ďmoneyĒ. Iím a big woman, not as big as I once was but still big nonetheless. Of course, you knew that when you checked out the ad cause you looked at the pics first! Interested? Put the word DACHSHUND in the subject lineÖWhy? Cause Iíve got one!

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Kind, caring and honest does exist 25yr (91355, Valencia, CA)
My name is Hilary and I'm looking to meet new and interesting people. I moved to Denver in September from Ohio. I moved here as a part of a volunteer program and have just been offered a full time position to stay at the place I have been working. I never know quite what to say when writing about myself so I guess I will give you the basics. I'm 25 and graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a degree in interior design. Since moving to Denver I have taken up biking and running, though have slacked a bit in the last month. I look forward to getting back involved in both of those activities. I enjoy being active and love most sports. I have played soccer on and off from childhood and grew up swimming competitively as well. When it comes to relationships, I am looking for someone who is first and foremost able to make me laugh. My closest friends and I spend a lot of our time laughing with and at each other. In a partner the most important things I am looking for are intelligence, a great sense of humor and a physical connection/ attraction. I also must have a man who is kind and family oriented. I need my match to be supportive, honest, caring and willing to stand up to me when they don't agree. I like to think that I am fairly laid back and looking for that in someone else as well. Although I want to find someone I can share the rest of my life with eventually, right now I want to spend my time having fun and enjoying life. I want to go with the flow and see where things lead. Here are 6 things I couldn't do without: 1. Family,friends, pets 2. Music--especially the radio in the morning 3. Oversize couch 4. Sports: Football, Basketball, Soccer, Hockey, Curling, Swimming, Ohio State, University of Cincinnati, Browns, Indians, Crew, Blue Jackets, Cavs 5. Spring and summer rain storms 6. Fall colors and changing leaves Let me know if you are interested and I can send a picture or two. If so please email me and please please put your location in the subject of the email so I can weed out all the spam I am sure to get.

hey guys :) 23yr (91354, Valencia, California)
hey guys, im 23 from santa monica, california. im very energetic, or laid back a little weird, but super friendly and outgoing. i love peacocks! , theyre pretty. and i like just having fun and doing random nothing things and exploring.. im just looking for a guy whos laiid back, doesnt get annoyed easily, super patient and nice,.....and wants to hang out and get to know each other, not fuck buddies, just....see what happens. :) ok. hope to hear from ya!

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3rd times the charm? 40yr (Valencia, California )
Just looking for a seemingly ''normal'' counterpart to do activities with. Movies, theater, music, concerts, comedy shows, dining, cooking, playing board and card games,paying Mah Jongg, etc. All I ask is that your emotionally available and have the time and interest to actively date. Please be a non-smoker, non-drug user, and have no established relationship with the law. I prefer the more refined, clean cut type man. I'm an RN, highly independent, self sufficient, and have my ''shit'' together.

SWM 29yr (Valencia, California )
I'm a single, adventurous, educated, sane, pretty bi-racial woman looking for a white guy to hang out with and see where it goes. Below are the types of men that I tend to be attracted to. I realize that they are not the norm, but if you come remotely close then that would be great! Now for those of you who are about to call me're entitled to your opinion. Don't read into this the wrong way. seeking an affair would say that this is one of the most honest posts on cl. I'm merely giving a visual example of the types of men that I find attractive versus a written description. People tend to respond better to visuals. I think everyone on cl finds themselves attractive/handsome for some reason and that really isn't the case, but hey there's supposed to be someone out there for everyone. I've just decided to be a little bit more specific in my post to avoid confusion. I am by no means saying that the man has to look exactly like those in the pic because the chances of me finding this would be slim to none:) Furthermore, I would surely like my man to possess other qualities, but I feel that we could move on to that after we determine that there's a physical attraction. Regardless of what anyone says physical attraction is an important factor.

Here We Go Again..... 47yr (91354, Valencia, CA, Los Angeles County)
Ok here we go again..... I would like to meet an honest man who is somewhere between the ages of 35 - 55 and likes rubenesque women. Someone who likes the following qualites , funny, down to earth, honest, emotionally available, physically available, kind, forthright, silly and there are many other adjectives that I could use but lets just say I am an all around person who love life and what it has to offer. I am not a poser or a player. I seek a one to one relationship and give 110% percent at all times. I communicate and let you know what is going on at all times. I am also Kinky, yes I said Kinky... I am not a vanilla girl at all. Please be educated and wow me with your response. The mind is the sexest organ in the body and I so want to meet that first on paper. Oh and before I forget I am 5'4'' tall, brown hair, blue eyes and a rubenesque woman, bbw, take it from where it comes... Send a photo and get one in return... Good luck to all and lets meet real soon. mb

It's not a pic (Valencia, 91354 , Los Angeles County)
Hi I'm a 40 y/o woman Hispanic-Italian. I like all kind of music except Chicken n cow and Gangster music. I also like seeking an affair bars, art and Science. No pic no reply.

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It has been a while... 34yr (91354, CA, Los Angeles County)
....since I've talked with a hilarious guy and lost track of time. Since I've walked with four legs. Since I've inwardly freaked from a glance across the table.Since I've bought concert tickets already knowing whom I'd bring. Since I've shared the events of my chaotic workday and vice versa. Since I've ridden in a cab, or walked down the street in comfortable silence with someone. Since I've let my guard down and expressed how I truly feel. Now seems like the perfect time to begin again. Iím practically 5'7 seeking an affair an attractive, smart, full-figured girl infused with some wit and and a dash of charm. Iím holding out for a sharp, funny, handsome guy who is ambitious, authentic and possibly has an interest in sports or who gets psyched for a good concert. I'm looking for a relationship; the kind where we meet up for a drink or a meal after a long day at work. No need to overcomplicate it. With the right person, fun just happens. Be: a SWM, around my age, pic for pic.