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Is Beautiful Brooke real? 30yr (Vacaville, California , Bay Area)
Has anyone seen ''Beautiful Brooke''? Is she for real?

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Looking for quality not quantity 23yr (95687, Vacaville, CA)
Don't judge me for posting this, especially since you are reading this lol. ok so what do i want? I want to get to know a cool guy. Not a sicko looking jus to get in my panties. I hold myself to a WAY higher standard than that. A guy that appreciates little things that I do. I got so many quirky habits. I try hard to keep things up beat in my life. I'm usually very content and I don't complain much. Yeah and Im a MAJOR sports fan, I love the Chicago Fire, do you? I'm 23, mixed races black and cuban got a nice body. PAY ATTENTION: Im looking for someone NEAR my age range! Not somebody thats 57 and has eight kids. I'm not looking for perfection just dont be a complete jerk. Really tho Im not conceited at all I play around a LOT and I'm real silly once i get comfortable wit u. Lets chat and see whats up? Also please don't lie in your message, I will see right through it and wont respond.

Guys... Can You Top This? 49yr (95687, Vacaville, California)
First, I'm a guy, I'm straight and this is just to let some of you know the horrors out there that await you if you meet some women! I could warn you, but hey... women are different with each guy, so my experience and your mileage may vary. I met a chick, mid 40s at her place outside as she asked, and we had only phone chatted pleasantly a few times and done the e-mail thing. She says how hungry she is, and here is where I slipped so be aware... WE pick the dining spot, and NOT the woman! If we are paying, be careful! Not only was the restaurant poor food, but it was above average in cost. At mid afternoon with her drink which she orders and adds extras like 2 appetizers and a LARGE dinner with high end seafood, my dinner with hers topped ! OK, it's not the end of the world, but this was LUNCH! This gal was a pig, and coughed at me while eating not covering her mouth, and then complained the drink was without much alcohol. So, when the waiter comes over to the table, she starts telling him something sticky is on the table. He cleans it off, and he says something about sticky... which she retorts, 'not the good kind of sticky, which comes later' or words to that effect! I was stunned, but she was revealing how much of a pig she was! She ate like one and broke the seafood shells with her bare hands, and got juice spurting onto me across from her. It was a bad scene, and I felt like leaving! I mean, beware... even her photo, which looked better than she did, reveals nothing! I broke my old philosophy, which I stand by now, of NOT MEETING ANY WOMAN FOR FOOD THE FIRST TIME! By the way, the woman owes you at least a simple 'thank you' for the meal, but she never said anything at all! I mean... NOT EVEN A THANK-YOU! She felt she was entitled to order as she wished, so guys... maintain control on that menu if it's a first meet. If it's your regular g/f, you're on your own! She likely does what she wants, and might be paying half the time anyway! After the meal, she mentions about picking up DVDs we could watch at her place, still afternoon, but the friend who has them is miles across town. So, I conceded to go there, and we picked them up. However, she fails to tell me she is moving, and also has a guy coming over to buy furniture! Well, talk about timing! She had OKed the time and day, and now just brushes me off after her expensive meal. OK, all that is unfortunate, but here is where it gets really weird. I received several phone calls the next morning from numbers I don't recognize, and a couple of odd e-mails. Well, I deleted the e-mails from guys I have no idea about, but the calls were looking for... her! I mean, what gives? I was busy and working out of town, and had limited access to e-mail and the web. However, she tried to call me several times, but I couldn't call her back. Turns out that a friend tells me many smart phones like hers are being hacked, and the contents are taken or copied! Phone numbers can even be changed and they can mess with all your data! I did not know any of this, but he also told me that if a hacker is locked into her phone, and she lived in an apartment so anyone there would have good access, he could also hack mine if I called and he grabbed my side as well. She had mentioned she misplaces her cell a bit, and has lost it. So, someone could have also messed with it when it was lost, but rather than buy any of this, she gets really pissed and tells me I MESSED WITH HER and placed an ad or something on CL and got people to call her! How absurd! I don't have time for such play, and even though she never even thanked me for dinner the day before, I just simply felt sorry for this bitch! What a pathetic gal! She sent me a dozen or so e-mails that I hacked her phone and I was responsible and all! I was shocked, but after being angry a bit, I just felt sorry for her. I would love to warn other guys about this bitch right here in Orlando, but it's all fair game out there, so exercise caution with new meetings. I generally do only coffee-tea chats, but I made an exception for some stupid reason. So, I am still tired just thinking about all this. Worst encounter I ever had with a woman! So, can any of you top this? I hope not, but I am betting many of you can! I'd love to hear as it might make me feel better... maybe!

Married seeking affair; three simple words that mean a whole lot. If you're not careful you might end up having an affair that you regret. However if your spouse isn't pleasing you and you feel you deserve more there are five things you need to know before seeking an affair. >>

looking to date..... (95688, Vacaville, CA, Solano County)
looking for a nice guy to date and go from there. please be single, smart, sweet and kind. be around 32-45; white; taller than 5'10 and sane. i am 5'4, latin, tan skin, black hair, brown eyes, curvy and cute. i am normal, employed, single and overall a super cool chica. :):) email me if you are interested in meeting and going for a drink.

start of summer 32yr (Vacaville, 95688, CA , Bay Area)
With the heat the last couple of days and the holiday weekend fast approaching it is very clear....summer is upon us!!! I do seeking an affair this time of year because you can be outside and enjoying life at festivals, concerts, nature trails, etc. My only problem....I need someone to share it with!! NOT a summer ''fling'', I am not looking for a NSA or FWB type thing so if that is what you want please move on. I am cute, funny and I like to laugh. I bring no drama to the table and I don't want any in return. So maybe we can get this summer started right?? Drop me a line you never know what might happen! please put SUMMER in your reply so I know you are real!! :)

A woman isn't complete without a man.... 23yr (95688, CA, Solano County)
.....But where do you find a man - a real man - these days? I'm 5'6,'' slim, olive skin, dark hair and eyes. I have a few tattoos and several piercings. But in a first off look, you cannot see them. I'm a fan of the following: Lakers, pinups, cruising, walks, dive bars, good tunes, booze, horse riding, hiking, the beach, football , cars, motorbikes and boys with tattoos. With that being said, I also like a guy who's not afraid to get down and dirty. Be it from playing sports or from being under the hood of the car to fixing something himself. I feel like I'm ready for something with a little more substance than the usual casual dating. I do have pictures, but I prefer to protect my identity...for now. :oP Please be taller than me, my age or older Your picture will get mine.

Looking for likes to have fun - w4m 34yr (Vacaville, 95688 , Solano County)
I am looking for someone who is very nice and respectful but also knows how to treat a woman. I am mainly looking for someone who likes to get out and have a good time. I seeking an affair doing a lot of outdoors stuff, i love to go to the lake, stuff like that! I am looking for someone who likes to do the same. I enjoy drinking, going out.

Married and seeking an affair is one thing, but married and seeking an affair with an idiot is something else altogether. The bottom line is that you should be extra picky, especially since you're married, and this means finding the right person for your very particular needs. >>

Where U Hispanic Men at Ova 30? 28yr (Vacaville, California , Bay Area)
DANG where is the ova 30 guys at? Dont nobody still like to hold hands and kiss after a homemade meal??? What happened to to steak and greens dinners WITH dinner rolls, mac and cheese and salad,mashed potatoes and peach cobler!!! dang dang guess i'm just old fashioned huh? im 28, mixed but more black than anything else, fit , kinda short, sarcastic and down to earth. i'm looking for a decent guy---honest TRUELY hardworking intelligent, likes the outdoors and romantic drives MUST know Jesus Please EXCEPTIONS----independant and funny! yeah i like that too! Please Fools I have a lot to offer i want the same HAVE SOMETHING dang, a house? seeking an affair a brain? career? HELLO.............will send pics after u plez