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Chat on AOL? 31yr (Tulare, 93274 , Tulare County)
Want to chat on aol and get to know each other better? I'm looking to potentially date... Let's chat! :)

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Better Than the Rest - Take a Look! - w4m 30yr (Tulare, 93274, CA , Central Valley)
If we're a good match - I'll bring a smile to your face, a look of love to your eyes, a poignant new idea to your brain and a Spring to your step.If you enjoy my ad, please send me a Descriptive letter and a clear photo and we're off at the gate.Good luck to all.ME - 30, very youthful spirit, athletic - slender and curvy, intelligent, sexy, fun, non-smoker, single, white femaleYOU - SWM - 50-60, athletic build, youthful spirit, intelligent, sexy, fun, non-smoker... Please be interested in the potential of a relationship, send a photo and tell me a bit about you;then, Happy to reciprocate.101 Reasons You Can't Resist...You’ll know I’m your best friendI can give an amazing back rub You’ll always get to lick the spatulaI’ll hold your coffee for you when you’re drivingI promise not to burn the house down while you’re goneI'll cover you up and kiss your forehead when you fall asleep watching tvI come with an extended warrantyI look great in heelsI laugh out loudI will always kiss you goodnightI'll make you laughShe's got brains...she knows how to use themI have a favorite movie, and recite lines from memoryI always put the cap back on the toothpaste and squeeze it from the bottom.I'll leave you little notes where and when you least expect themThere isn't anything we can’t tell each otherI'll lick the stamps for youI know the Heimlich and I’m not afraid to use it.I don’t care when you’re a geekI’m a geek wannabeI’m always in awe of the sunrise/sunsetI’ll never forget to say “I love you”I'll always be impressed with how strong you areI know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie popI'll take care of you when you're sickI can't stand soap operasI absolutely love being a womanI don't care if you leave the seat up as long as you don’t sprinkleI pump my own gas – but you’re always welcome toIf I break a nail, it will grow backl-i-b-i-d-oI don't chew anything but gumI'll remember to let you beat me at games I'll always have your back because I know you'll always have mineI absolutely believe in the joy of “simple” thingsWhen you wash the dishes it turns me onI won't ever forget your birthday, and remind you when mine is comingYou won’t want me to stop…There is nothing vapid, plastically enhanced or “Barbie” about meI can change a tire when I have to - and still look goodMy glass is always overflowing"Outside the box" is the best place to beMy heart will race every time you walk through the doorWe will both have time to do our own things, tooIf I want drama, I’ll go to the moviesI'm not looking to "hook up"I love great conversationMy kisses will leave you breathlessWe'll both sleep better when we are next to each otherI love discovering new thingsI know the difference between they're, their, and there; your and you're, were, wear and whereI’m the girl next doorAnd I can be the French maid you always wanted :-)I’ll always want to keep the fire burningI'll love when you are chivalrousI'll always laugh at your jokesDr. Phil annoys the hell out of me, too!I don’t yell It gets better every timeI won't let you leave for work in the morning without your lunchI'll help you find your car keys, cell phone, pager, matching socks…I’ll fold your underwearI'll rub your back when you've had a bad dayI don't need batteriesI love a great pizza - never need to diet!I can hypnotize youI’ll like your momI can balance a check bookI'll always have smooth legsI like it when my hair gets messed upI’ll let you be in control of the remoteI hum softly all day – just becauseI don't litterI believe in helping others less fortunateI can be ready in 10 minutes or lessI'll look cute in your shirtI can spend Saturday mornings working out, the afternoon doing chores and still look great in a cocktail dress for dinner with youWhen you roll out of bed in the morning, I’ll always think you're sexyI've never hung a pair of pantyhose on the showerI don't get PMSI don't run with scissorsI ooze sensualityYou’ll always know how special you areI'm educated, have a job, and expect we'll support each otherI'm really good at sneaking food into the moviesI'll never say 'nothing's wrong' when something isI have never stabbed anyone in the eye with a hot pokerI don't eat junk foodI can give Susan Sarandon and Julia Roberts a run for the money - it's all attitude!My chin fits 'just right' in your shoulder when you hold me closeI will never be on a cheesy daytime talk showYou won't be able to get me out of your headI’m a ladyI'll let you drive every time if you wantI like sportsI have never put my finger in a light socketI've got a very youthful spiritI once worked for a billionaire and rehabilated his valuesI don't care if you eat off my plateWhen you're sleeping I'll always try to be quietI’m great to cuddle withI know how to get stains out of t-shirtsAnd...Write a letter and send your picture to learn more.Good luck to all!

what have you got to lose..just say ''HI'' 40yr (Tulare, California , Central Valley)
Hello there, single mom, cute, smart sense of humor I enjoy,football,tennis,..boating, swimming, bike riding. Not a materialistic type of gal, very easygoing,no drama, caring,,,,,,,passionate. Looking for someone who appreciates the little things...when to hold my hand or crack a good joke...someone who is not afraid of sending emails/texts just to say ''hi'' hows your day,,,,,,,,,Be kind, funny, likes to talk, always enjoy a good debate as well. Dont have all the right answers-because i dont...just willing to work on figuring things out together..........not too much to ask for? lets see.....

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Things Have Changed For me and thats ok 37yr (Tulare, California , Central Valley)
When when about how i wanted my life to be, it it wasnt like this. But as the saying goes it is what it is and I cant change it. I'm thirty nine, currently getting a divorce, and I have a 3 year old daughter. I'm a bigger woman but im nice lookin, I go to the Y all the time and I love the outdoors. I am educated, I have a degree in human resources and one in Accounting. I love flowers, art, and I love to travel. I like country music and tats. Tell me a about urself, email me a pic, maybe we can catch a movie someday. I promise I'm real u b too! PLEASE READ CAREFULLY:: I WILL NOT SLEEP WITH YOU! I WILL NOT SLEEP WITH YOU! and no you can not come to my house to ''hang''. If sex is your intention then do not emailing me because ur feelings will get hurt.

Beauty seeks Love (93274, Tulare, California)
I enjoy new experiences and new ideas and like to be challenged in my thoughts and concepts. Your current interests don't have to match mine, and my interests change with time.Lets take a chance today and have Lunch or Dinner.I'm tall , fun-loving, energetic, athletic who seeks the same in a mate.I am looking for an honest, sincere, affectionate, loving, fun, attractive, ambitious man who knows what he wants. Someone who is comfortable with himself and wants a relationship based on emotional, intellectual and physical intimacy. I am looking to build a solid relationship that will be the foundation for enjoying all the wonderful experiences that life has to offer. I am looking forward to meeting this amazing man and living life to its fullest.Last picture is seeking an affair any make-up this is how I wake up every morning ,I hope I didn't scare you.

dont disappoint me or else!! 23yr (93274, CA, Tulare County)
This is only the second time I've ever posted on CL. The first time was a total and epic failure! Everyone seems to think theyre funny and sarcastic..... Guess what..... they arent.. lol I'm pretty laid back... I'm really sarcastic and sassy.. Not everyone gets my sense of humor I find really silly things amusing I like cheesey zombie movies. I like to wear my PJs after work and be lazy I've been told I have a bit of a crazy streak :) but i promise to be on my best behavior. Hmmm. What else should you know list boys..? OH.. I don't want you to tell me how bad you want to sleep with me or even TRY to sleep with me I'm interested in meeting a chill guy that I can hang out and be flirty with, drink beer, maybe kiss, and watch movies with. I don't want to be your girlfriend. I don't want to meet your friends or your parents. I just want to meet someone worth my time and see where things go. I guess.. I want companionship without a relationship. make sense?? AIM: starieyes00 you better come up with something witty if youre going to message me! i have pictures toooo

Dark eyes are my weakness! 43yr (93274, Tulare, CA)
As are interesting noses!! The more Mediterranean, the better! Sorry, not into All-American or Northern European looks. Here is my deal. I am your classic single woman who made work a priority and woke up one day to find she was in her forties, alone, her friends all married or remarried with kids, yada yada. I am not sad or twisted about that. Most of those friends are very unhappy. But, work doesn't cuddle up in bed with you at night and keep you warm. A need which is incredibly strong. While I am not sure about a serious relationship , I would love to have man in my life to share time with. Someone who is secure enough with himself to be able to appreciate a strong and independent woman. Someone who is witty, sharp and quick. Someone who is my equal. Someone who can bring something to the table. You can be my age or 15 years younger. I don't care as long as you are present and alive! I need someone to bring fun into my life and bring out that side of me that has been dormant way too long!!! Someone who laughs. Someone who is seeking an affair twisted or bitter. Someone who doesn't always need to have deep meaningful conversations ALL THE TIME. Someone who can go with the flow. Someone who brings the light and can help me find where I put mine. Someone who can make me feel like the sexiest and most desirable woman out there. I am college educated and successfully self-employed. 5'2'', curvy blond hair, light eyes, non-smoker, no kids, no husband, and no psycho exes. I'm a Mac, Like Starbuck's, like travel, really try to learn other languages and can if I get the practice, love animals, like kids , like Letterman and Conan and despise Leno, Hate Chick flicks, love ''Lost'' and ''24'' and like to try and think outside the box. You are not boyishly skinny, but NOT a “ Big Teddy Bear” either. You make an effort towards an attractive appearance that reflects the efforts you expect your partner to make on her behalf. You don't go too wild with the ''Manscaping'' but make sure those stray nose hairs stay clipped!!! You are college educated and employed in a job that you are still passionate about. I don't want to hear about your Asshat boss or how this one or that one screwed you today. No whining! You understand what common decency and manners are. You know how to make a woman feel like a woman and allow her to treat you like a man. < Please don't be married, alcoholic, a smoker, a druggie, a serial killer, Republican/Conservative, weird, looking for a slave/wife, a vegetarian, super religious, psychotic, seriously depressing, bitter, a virgin, or an AssClown. I AM NOT looking to be spanked, urinated/pooped on, dress you up like a girl, or satisfy your shoe/nylons/latex fetish. Have a NORMAL healthy sexual appetite. Please. God. Please!! Your pic will get mine. If you don't send a pic, you will not get a response.

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looking to have fun :) 20yr (93274, Tulare, CA, Tulare County)
Yes. I colored out my face. I don't need the whole world to have my pictures and who knows I could be president someday. I have a ton of pics I'm more then willing to share. Hmm.. about me.. I'm not really looking seeking an affair anything serious. This state is just boring and it's no fun to hang out with the same boys ALLLL the time. So I thought I'd find some new friends :) I like to go out and dance but I also like to people watch. I like to be outside but it's always raining so that's sometimes impossible. I'm educated. Not quite done with school but I'm a little smarter then your average 20 year old girl. I change my hair color about every 6 weeks. It's fun to experiment. It's currently blonde. I'm in shape. I'm average height 5'5 ish. I'm very blunt and everyone tells me I'm really funny. My personality has been compared to Chelsea Handlers on several occasions. I don't want to hang out with anyone over 28. Sorry but I'm 20. We probably wouldn't have that much in common. You HAVE to be in shape. I don't like chunky boys. I'm not really a fan of different races either. I'm not racist or anything it's just not what I'm into. You HAVE to have a car. I have one. But I hate driving. I'm a woman. You don't want me on the roads anyways. And it's not very manly to have a girl pick you up. Please have a job and your own place. I'm not interested in taking care of anyone or going to your moms. I just realized I'm kind of picky and I probably won't find anyone matching my criteria on here but hey.. can't help but try