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seeking... 26yr (92274, CA, Riverside County)
let me start by saying, I'm not looking for a 'bootycall' or a 'fwb'. I want someone to accept the fact my soon to be 4 year old son comes first. I have him all the time, as his 'sperm donor' is not in the picture. I do have a sitter from time to time, so that I can enjoy adult time out. I have a job, it's not the best, but oh well. I'm starting cosmetology school in June. I'm heavily tatted, my hair color changes all the time. I'm currently a blonde with a lil 'strawberry'. I'm not a twig, but I'm healthy I feel. I am medically retired from the Air Force. I am very outgoing, very blunt, very loving and very trustworthy and loyal. I'm looking for someone preferably hwp, with a job, a car , and who doesn't live with their parents. I am not looking for anyone over 40, and if I can't take you out to the bar from time to time, you're too young. If you can't handle someone who truly speaks her mind, keep on going. If you're looking to get laid right off, keep on going. If you can't handle my son, keep on going. I can take rejection, can you? I can take a sarcasm, can you? I'm a handful sometimes, can you handle me? Please send me a pic with your reply...if I chose to reply, you'll see one of me. Yes, the one below is me..and current. It was my bday present from April.

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Save me from becoming a crazy cat lady 35yr (Thermal, California , Mojave Desert)
OK, so I only have two right now, but we are getting entirely too chummy lately. Asking your pets to sit with you while you watch TV may be an indicator you're not getting enough human contact. I'm generally that ''nice girl with an edge'' type guys ask for but never seem to actually want to date. I get the ''cool chick'' label a lot, and often wonder if that puts me in a non-romantic category, but I'm entirely too old a dog to learn new tricks. I'm often told that I'm funny, I have a sick and twisted sense of humor, and am very sarcastic, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I am not looking for ''NSA'' or ''FWB'' situations, so if that's what you're into...move it along, folks. I'm not looking to jump into anything, but would like to spend time getting to know someone who is open to the possibility. Physically, I have red hair, green eyes, am 5'4 and currently sporting the super-sexy air-cast thanks to a broken foot, so if spending time with a cripple is a fetish of yours, glad I can help out. If you think I'm someone you could have fun with, please drop me a line and pic, and I will respond in kind.

Buxom Mexican-Irish Goddess 33yr (Thermal, California , Mojave Desert)
Intelligence, charisma, wicked sense of humor, style, good looks... all traits I offer in exchange for the same. It ain't braggin if it's true. ;-) I am 5'7'' tall, have chin length curly hair, beautiful eyes, a mischievous smile and am an hourglass with killer curves. I'd like to lose maybe 20 lbs, but I am happy as-is and I'm not built to ever be ''skinny''; if you aren't enticed by curves, I am NOT the woman for you. I'm also left-leaning-to-independent and a non-smoker and like the same in a man. Bonus points for men who dress well and smell good. I'm in graduate school, but taking some time off between now and January and looking to find someone with whom I can laugh and have an engaging time- whether it is in-depth discussions, long walks on the lakefront or dancing every week at SummerDance- more bonus points for strong leads with rhythm! I live in Hyde Park and want someone who is willing/able to travel around the whole city. As for who I'd tend to go for- I have no race requirements and prefer that you do not, either. 28-40, someone who is also active, who likes to smile and laugh and is confident. Someone who is very playful and sensual. Physically, I tend to go for eyes with great smiles/ pretty eyes, within 40 lbs of their ideal weight and at least 5'8''.

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gotham city girl 20yr (Thermal, 92274, CA , Mojave Desert)
I'm not looking for a Bruce Wayne... I don't need someone rich or want a playboy. I'm sick of that Riddler that wants to play games... I get it, you're smarter, and better. My attention was already yours. I don't want to date Clayface, I want someone who will always actually be themselves. Nobody creepy or that has to try too hard. I'm not Poison Ivy.... I will not suck out your soul or sleep around. I'm Harly, looking for my Joker. Someone to get into trouble with, have fun with, laugh with. Someone that is my brand of crazy.

Big beautiful woman looking for love 37yr (Thermal, 92274 , Riverside County)
So to begin with I wish I hadnt come to the point i needed to post this ad. I had hopes of meeting you in a familiar place like the music store or thru a friend but I am exhausted of the journey and attempting to play my deck lol. so anywho I really hope to find an individual who doesn't visit here for fun. Really just an individual who is also waiting to meet some one really dependable and just decided to look here.... So I am friendly, laidback and very spontaneous. I am five foot four inches, a size 20 and carry it well black hair and greenish eyes. I am the most trust worthy friend you'll ever have. I am a awesome listener, independant, with a tad of playful sarcasm. I am a big time music lover and love seeking an affair music and easy listening from today. I also love catching movies or plays anything from dramas to chick flicks. Don't leave yet lol..I've got lots of girlfriends to come with me to the chick flicks lol. What else can i say? I am always the one who is attempting to ensure that everyone around me is enjoying themselves. I really live for making other people laugh. I've been working a ton on myself this last couple months and now I'm much happier. So what am i looking for? Ok so I thought up a laundry list ... only joking lol! So for real I am hoping to meet a an individual, thats doesnt wanna sleep with anything walking, dependable, reliable, and a man that has his own place to live must be would be a great place to start. Also he must be understanding of my happier way of living and support me to continue and to do new and exciting stuff. If you like racing or baseball that would be a major plus too. almost forgot I only recently moved back to Winnetka after a couple years of living in Oregon maybe you could to show me whats exciting to do!

Re:universe, I need a new boyfriend... 40yr (92274, Thermal, CA, Riverside County)
why flag this? I don't get it. So some of the jokes might not be that funny, have you looked at the other ads out there? OMG! some of them are, shall we say, less than creative. Was it the picture of my dog? I know, a cute dog does not make for a cute woman, necessarily, but it's better than a picture of a trail in some woods or a sunset or something, at least she really is my dog! jeez... or was it the reference to libertarians and tea baggers? so what if I don't want to date a libertarian, what's it to you? I am sure you don't want to go to all the trouble of meeting me to find out we won't get along, I'm just sayin'... so here is the text again, with out the dog picture. this time, consider telling me what is so annoying rather than just flagging for removal. I appreciate honest communication! Universe, I need a new boyfriend So I am not sure if it is a good idea to tell the universe of this via list personals , but at the moment I am lacking other ideas... I am coming up on a year of being single, and it's getting boring, not to mention awkward, since pretty much everyone I know is part of a couple. About me: I am a mom, so all those guys who are uncomfortable with this please click on now. I have a 10 year old, and together we have several pets, so that makes me a busy mom. I have a job I usually love, a house I love, and I am reasonably financially secure. I like gardening, japanese garden tools , growing food, my bike, hiking in the hills, dogs in need of homes , reading good books, finding old furniture and stuff at flea markets or yard sales or urban ore, good food, coffee, a cocktail now and then. My car is old, my house is really old, and if the economy had to depend on me to be a consumer it would be in big trouble... I am fairly self sufficient. I like living in West Oakland, even though it has some serious issues, and some people like to holler too much--mostly about stuff I would prefer not to know. Someday if I move to higher ground it'll be because I am afraid west o. will be under the bay... that makes me really sad. For some reason, old guys think I am hot, I catch them checking me out. If men my own age do this perhaps they are just better at concealing it?, and old guys just don't care anymore? I am not sure what it means but I have noticed it. Physically, I am 5'8', 135, brown hair, not fat, not skinny, reasonably fit. Smallish ass, biggish tits, good legs. I think you could describe me as low maintenance...for example I don't usually wear much makeup, and I probably spend less than 10 minutes a week thinking about what my hair looks like. About you: It would be nice if you were in to some of the same things as me, but I am not looking for an exact replica of myself in man form. Hopefully you have work that you love, or at least like, doing. I don't care if you make tons of money but at least you make a living and are reasonably happy about it. Outdoorsy types encouraged to reply, you are reasonably in shape too, maybe not a gym fanatic, but not a couch potato either. Besides, what good is a guy who doesn't have nice strong shoulders? Also, if I shake your hand and accidentally crush yours with my garden hardened hand that probably won't work out. Don't get me wrong, I sit in front of a computer 5 days a week too, but not the rest of the time. It'd be cool if you were a bit taller than me, see previous reference to shoulders. Please no republicans, tea baggers libertarians etc. I like self sufficiency, but I understand too well the need for that safety net. If you want to live free of the constraints of government, please move to Somalia, I hear the weather is lovely there. Also if you don't know the difference between libertarian and librarian, then don't reply. Librarians are sexy, libertarians not so much. Your picture gets mine, although I am more interested in what you write than a picture. I.e. give me something to actually respond to, and a picture, or not. thanks!

Pretty girl takes it to the edge 22yr (92274, Thermal, California)
That's just how I live my life and I'm going to get my next crazy adventure on video. It includes maximizing my physical pleasure with multiple partners all at the same time. I can't wait! Interested seeking an affair being a part of it?

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Where Do I Meet a Nice, SWM, Seriously? 44yr (92274, Thermal, CA)
The grocery store , parking lot walking to my office, the gym, walking around the lake, church ? I give up, you must be hiding. So here is a question for all of you guys, “Where does a nice, SWF meet a nice, SWM?” Maybe you are like me and do not frequent bars for a meaningless pickup. In addition, even though we spend most of our days in an office setting, the opportunity to meet available men in my case, women in yours, does not present itself. I have an interest in spectator sports, current events, and cultural activities such as theater, museums, travel, movies, fine dining, etc., but who likes to do those things alone? My level of golf playing would be best described as novice, but it is a start. Some information you may find useful and/or important: I have dark brown hair, light eyes, , am hwp, not into drugs, a non-smoker, college graduate, professionally employed, home owner, debt-free, with no baggage or drama in my life. Family is important and I would consider my relationship with them to be a healthy one. If what I seeking an affair described is of interest to you and you are serious about meeting someone normal and nice, please be adventurous and respond. A few coherent sentences telling me about you would be welcomed. I am being sincere and I hope you will be as well. I am somewhat skeptical about meeting a potential suitor via the Internet, but as this is 2010, Internet dating seems to be en vogue. Thanks for reading.