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I cant believe Im doing this 23yr (Sunnyvale, California )
Don't judge me for posting this, especially since you are reading this lol. ok so what do i want? I want to get to know a cool guy. Not a perv looking jus to get in my panties. I hold myself to a higher standard than that. A guy that appreciates thoughtful things that I do. I got so many quirky habits. I try hard to keep things positive in my life. I'm usually very content and I don't complain much. Yea and Im a MAJOR sports fan, I love the Chicago Fire, do you? I'm 23, mixed races black and white got a nice body. PAY ATTENTION: Im looking for someone NEAR my age range! Not somebody thats 51 and has eight kids. I'm not looking for perfection just dont be a complete jerk. Really tho Im not conceited at all I play around a LOT and I'm real silly once i get comfortable wit u. Lets chat and see whats up? Also please don't lie in your email, I will see right through it and wont respond.

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keeping it simple 38yr (Sunnyvale, 94087 , Santa Clara County)
wanted: A normal sane man who wants more than a lay, but less than a marraige. Someone intelligent who can talk about more than the latest sports score. Someone confident not cocky... it's not a turn on when you love yourself more than anyone else will ever be able to. A man who has matured beyond a high school level. That is only cute when you are in high school. A man who gets that the goal of a date is to get to know a person not get the other party naked as soon as possible. Me: pretty, smart, independant, funny, and realistic. I get that no one man can fulfill all my needs, but I would embrace a man who meets the important ones. I like to have a good time not necessarily involving sex all the time. I love to laugh, and just be myself . I want to share my free time with a person who gets me, and I get them. lastly.. age not a huge factor but does count. I prefer younger, but have an open mind.

101 Reasons You Can't Resist - Come On You Know You Want to Look! 53yr (94086, Sunnyvale, CA)
ME - 53, very youthful spirit, athletic - slender and curvy, intelligent, sexy, fun, non-smoker, single, white female YOU - SWM - 50-62 athletic build, youthful spirit, intelligent, sexy, fun, non-smoker... Please be interested in the potential of a relationship, send a photo and tell me a bit about you; then, Happy to reciprocate. 101 Reasons You Can't Resist... You値l know I知 your best friend I can give an amazing back rub You値l always get to lick the spatula I値l hold your coffee for you when you池e driving I promise not to burn the house down while you池e gone I'll cover you up and kiss your forehead when you fall asleep watching tv I come with an extended warranty I look great in heels I laugh out loud I will always kiss you goodnight I'll make you laugh She's got brains...she knows how to use them I have a favorite movie, and recite lines from memory I always put the cap back on the toothpaste and squeeze it from the bottom. I'll leave you little notes where and when you least expect them There isn't anything we can稚 tell each other I'll lick the stamps for you I know the Heimlich and I知 not afraid to use it. I don稚 care when you池e a geek I知 a geek wannabe I知 always in awe of the sunrise/sunset I値l never forget to say 的 love you I'll always be impressed with how strong you are I know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop I'll take care of you when you're sick I can't stand soap operas I absolutely love being a woman I don't care if you leave the seat up as long as you don稚 sprinkle I pump my own gas but you池e always welcome to If I break a nail, it will grow back l-i-b-i-d-o I don't chew anything but gum I'll remember to let you beat me at games I'll always have your back because I know you'll always have mine I absolutely believe in the joy of 都imple things When you wash the dishes it turns me on I won't ever forget your birthday, and remind you when mine is coming You won稚 want me to stop There is nothing vapid, plastically enhanced or 釘arbie about me I can change a tire when I have to - and still look good My glass is always overflowing ''Outside the box'' is the best place to be My heart will race every time you walk through the door We will both have time to do our own things, too If I want drama, I値l go to the movies I'm not looking to ''hook up'' I love great conversation My kisses will leave you breathless We'll both sleep better when we are next to each other I love discovering new things I know the difference between they're, their, and there; your and you're, were, wear and where I知 the girl next door And I can be the French maid you always wanted :-) I値l always want to keep the fire burning I'll love when you are chivalrous I'll always laugh at your jokes Dr. Phil annoys the hell out of me, too! I don稚 yell It gets better every time I won't let you leave for work in the morning without your lunch I'll help you find your car keys, cell phone, pager, matching socks I値l fold your underwear I'll rub your back when you've had a bad day I don't need batteries I love a great pizza - never need to diet! I can hypnotize you I値l like your mom I can balance a check book I'll always have smooth legs I like it when my hair gets messed up I値l let you be in control of the remote I hum softly all day just because I don't litter I believe in helping others less fortunate I can be ready in 10 minutes or less I'll look cute in your shirt I can spend Saturday mornings working out, the afternoon doing chores and still look great in a cocktail dress for dinner with you When you roll out of bed in the morning, I値l always think you're sexy I've never hung a pair of pantyhose on the shower I don't get PMS I don't run with scissors I ooze sensuality You値l always know how special you are I'm educated, have a job, and expect we'll support each other I'm really good at sneaking food into the movies I'll never say 'nothing's wrong' when something is I have never stabbed anyone in the eye with a hot poker I don't eat junk food I can give Susan Sarandon and Julia Roberts a run for the money - it's all attitude! My chin fits 'just right' in your shoulder when you hold me close I will never be on a cheesy daytime talk show You won't be able to get me out of your head I知 a lady I'll let you drive every time if you want I like sports I have never put my finger in a light socket I've got a very youthful spirit I once worked for a billionaire and rehabilated his values I don't care if you eat off my plate When you're sleeping I'll always try to be quiet I知 great to cuddle with I know how to get stains out of t-shirts And... Write a letter and send your picture to learn more. Good luck to all!

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hapa girl seeks asian boy 26yr (94089, Sunnyvale, CA, Santa Clara County)
im five eight. height differences dont bother me unless you're like five five. i dunno. we can work around it...pic for pic ;) write me!!

First Date conversation!!!!!!!!!!! 37yr (94086, Sunnyvale, California)
tired of talking to fakes. i cant stand it when a man act differently on the phone than in person. im trying here cuz its hard to find a man that accept a bbw with kids. im 36, 5'2 hazel eyes. brown hair. snd seeking an affair picture to get a reply..will send a picture if you do. im want to meet as friends first then see wat happens. jumping into relationships or bed first always turns out terrible for me.

seeking intelligent, self-aware, atypical individual... 22yr (Sunnyvale, 94086, CA )
i'm interested in meeting someone similar to myself. i'm not seeking a long-term relationship or casual sex...perhaps something in between. i'm white, short, average , arguably attractive, confident, mellow, witty, and open-minded. i know who i am and what i stand for, although i'm constantly trying to improve myself. i'm an atheist. i'm child- and substance-free. i'm into body modification, indie music, coffee snobbery, and internet geekery. i'm currently a student trying to figure out where i'm headed in life. always looking for new worthwhile experiences. if you're an adorable, sarcastic, practical, drama-free dude who thinks you're on my level, email me with a photo. we can try chatting online first; i can't promise you anything more :)

SWF LOOKING FOR SBM FOR LTR 26yr (94086, CA, Santa Clara County)
Just email me and I can tell you more about myself. I have a job which seeking an affair what matters anyway. Not looking for druggees or gangbangers. Just a nice down to earth black guy that likes white woman too.

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Generosity in the Big City 21yr (Sunnyvale, California )
Do you look out from the desk of your corner office ;) and wish you had a young beauty to share the city with. Look no further because I can fulfill your desire. I am seeking an affair breath of fresh air in a bustling city like Chicago. I am feminine and vibrant in a place that can sometimes feel stifling. I am 57 fit and sexy. I have tan skin, dark hair and brown eyes with an infectious smile and a fresh and flirty sense of humor. I am passionate about music and have been singing and performing for most of my life. I am a politics major with experience interning in Washington D.C. and abroad looking to become an entertainment lawyer. Above all, I am a college senior trying to make ends meet while I pursue my dreams. Are you willing to help me along the way? Your picture gets mine If you are generous in more ways than one, respectful and kind, send me a little note.