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LOVE ALCHEMIST DESIRES THE SAME 444yr (95370, Sonora, CA, Tuolumne County)
I am a beautiful Black diamond of a woman expecting to find a beautiful White diamond of a man. Italian and Jewish men with well groomed facial hair and fathers of non-adult children are my ideal preferences but may not be particularly necessary. I want to be, deserve to be, know I am truly irresistible to be ardently adored, courted and cherished like a queen and since you are king you will be, deserve to be, shall be treated the same. I am an extremely feminine woman in touch with her goddess. I am calling out only to the brave intelligent man who wants a committed relationship. Of course, this challenge is in the hands of the Divine and yes, it is a prerequisite that you have a deep uncompromising belief in God. Now this is an affair of delight between two individuals who have resolved their issues of love, race, sex and spirit. There is no dogma to collide with because God/Goddess is everywhere. As they come together in joy and bliss, so shall we come together in joy and bliss. As above, so below. This is not a call to the flesh as much as a call to the soul. I am a woman who desires sweet communion with a man who has a passion, a purpose and a mission. Soul mates come together to collaborate; your passion becomes mine and my passion becomes yours. A man who is in touch with his nocturnal side is also good. Most of you wonít get me; but no worries it is only a matter of love finding itself that is already within us. Please be healed from your fears of love; for the goal is to fall blissfully in love almost on the verge of being out of touch yet full of fire enough to know touch and all the senses must be extremely intact and at times overflowing. Yes, it is true my heart is open and my guard is down for my twin flame; the one that will see me and I will see him and it will be boom bam zoom to the moon inexplicably and undeniably; this is what I am talking about it. Only if you understand should you reply. I am talking whirlwind, deep enough to want to see each other exclusively, talk to each other incessantly and wise enough to keep it sweet and safe. I am every woman wrapped up into one; I am the elusive butterfly muse, the disco diva, the meditative flower woman child and more. One day we will create an empire and everyone will believe in heaven because they will have heard the sweetest sexiest voice theyíve ever heard: my voice. Blessed be. Buona notte, fiamma gemellata!

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Seeking a European... 29yr (Sonora, California , Gold Country| Yosemite)
I am looking for chemistry - physical, emotional... intellectual. I'm looking for that spark, a butterfly feeling you sense when you're about to see someone you like...... I'm an attractive, highly educated young woman with a good sense of humor, style and an insatiable hunger for life. I am European and I travel every chance I get. I love dogs. I'm creative, opinionated and intuitive. Friends would describe me as loyal, caring and reliable. I work very hard and absolutely love what I do for a living. If I had to describe my perfect man - it would be a white Western European man in his early 30s, confident, very attractive, ambitious, highly educated and successful. Type A personality with a great heart. Impossible? Prove me wrong....Optimistic, extroverted, funny, a true entertainer, passionate, loves his family, well traveled and enjoys trying new things, someone who enjoys city life but is open to weekend getaways....Does this sound like you? We can start with drinks or coffee and see where it takes us.... Pic for pic.

ďI would rather be ashes than dust!'' 41yr (Sonora, 95370, CA , Gold Country| Yosemite)
ďI would rather be ashes than dust! I would rather that my spark burn out in a brilliant blaze than it should be stifled by dry rot. I would rather be a superb meteor, every atom of me in magnificent glow, than a sleepy and permanent planet. The proper function of man is to live, not to exist. I shall not waste my days in trying to prolong them. I shall use my time.Ē ~Jack London The flavor of CL has changed a little since the last time I was single, weíll see how this goes. Let me be very clear, this is not a NSA solicitation. SWF, 41 seeking SM, 36-46 You can be older than 46 if you have a young spirit, or you can be too old at 36 if you have given up playfulness. Iím looking for a partner for wild adventures, hot sex and eventual co-habitation/domestic bliss . While I am willing to compromise, Iím not willing to compromise myself. I do well enough on my own that there is no point in having an ďaverageĒ or ďjust okĒ relationship. I had a guy respond a few years ago saying ďI just donít want to die alone.Ē We all die alone, get over it. Iím self sufficient and can replace a faucet or fix a flat. I like to cook for groups, hate to cook for one. I dislike fast food and chains, and love little ethnic hole-in-the-wall restaurants. Iím the daughter of a business English teacher; I know the rules and I choose to break them. Feel free to do the same if you can do it with panache. Going more than a day without a shower is only acceptable when Iím sleeping in a tent. Or on the playa. Iím a cat person. I appreciate independence and need some alone time. Iím a geek. I read widely, but mostly in the sciences. Major areas of interest are science fiction, psychology, sociology, biology, emerging technology, etc. Intellectual curiosity is critical to sustaining my interest. So is an adventurous spirit. I hike, backpack, camp, bike, kayak, and dive. Iím training for a sprint-triathlon . You donít have to join me for the physical stuff, but it would be nice. I love to travel. I want to retire early. Iím working and making sacrifices to make both of those things happen Iím not a morning person. If you are going to wake me really early there had better be a flight or good sex involved. Iím very gregarious, with a large and loving social circle. We gather for impromptu meals, board games and dance parties. I drink lightly; and am allergic to cigarette smoke, eggs, and organized religion. Iím 5í4Ē, size 12, reddish blond hair, hazel eyes, famine resistant hips and a ridiculous bust for the size of my frame. I'm attractive, but my face is too asymmetrical for classic beauty. Iíve never been married, but my longest relationship lasted for more than ten years. I like kids but donít want any of my own. I recognize that most men are visual creatures, and will respond with a photo. Iím a verbal creature; two line responses wonít trigger my interest, and I probably won't respond. Iím on the computer a lot for work, and itís not where I want to spend my free time. If there is interest I donít want to do endless emails, letís go grab a cup of coffee and see if there is any chemistry.

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Bookworm seeks geek 26yr (Sonora, 95370 , Tuolumne County)
I'd like to find somebody that enjoys reading as much as I do, but is also willing to help me out of my shell. If that's you and you are d/d free, write me.

RE: Zombies go om nom nom - m4w (95370, CA, Tuolumne County)
I am very amused at the witty Zombie post. But, I read the personal ads on CL to see if the callgirls have any new come-ons. I keep wondering about whether you are genuine or not. I really want you to be. So, maybe post a pic of the dog. I can't think of any other way seeking an affair verify if you are real or if the zombies have captured a literate person and are forcing her to compose for them. I so want you to exist, but if it seems to good to be true. . . .

men wanted 21yr (Sonora, California , Gold Country| Yosemite)
Alright... whats up sexy denver men..? Im looking for friends or long term relationship.. i done the whole bar thing, its lame.... im NOT looking for a one night stand or anything like that.. im looking for someone who is awesome.. likes to party,has TATTOOS AND PIERCINGS , workout, watch basketball and football, watch movies, has goals, just to name a few.. I dont have a type, or race preference... Im down to try anything once as long as i dont die... I am a very honest person and want a guy to be the same, as well as have respect for me and the people close to me.. I dont judge anything or anyone, if you do then probably should keep looking... I look for personality rather than looks,cuz looks change.. so if you like what ya read or see text me... and i ask for a picture so i know who i am talking to...

Let's Be Honest About This Site (95370, Sonora, CA)
No one will meet their soul mate here and about 1/4 of you who claim you are single are married with two kids, a Ford seeking an affair and a Laberdoodle. I am 39 so I am no spring chicken but I still have some feathers to flaunt. And yeah like most of you I just lied about my age but just by a year. This city is crime ridden and it sucks, boring as the life of a priest who actually remained celibate. Really I want to move away but with the economy, fate has determined that I must stay in this urban hellhole until the recession dies down. So until then let's get together and have coffee or some other BS, hopefully we will have chemistry and be able to date each other for a couple of months until we get bored again. Not looking for anything too heavy that would end in me getting killed in a lover's quarrel at an Old Navy or anything. Just someone to hang with and go to the Taste, Art Institute, couple-like crap you know. be over 5'7 and not a fat Cubs beer drinking slob. No smokers. Must be open to interracial dating. I am 5'5'' 127lbs.

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Hello! (95370, Sonora, California)
I'm a sweet & cute independent woman that has very little free time; despite my busy schedule, I'm still trying to find someone to share a seeking an affair conversation & fun dates. I'm not a girl that needs you 24/7 or wants to talk to you every night. I'm looking for someone to hang out with, while taking the time to get to know each other. I'm a happy and complete person but at the end of the day I miss having someone to relax and cuddle with. I'm not looking for friends with benefits or a booty call. Do you fit my busy schedule? Have I sparked an interest? Then drop me a line, say hi and we'll take it from there! Look forward to chatting with ya! Please be between 28-40