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Bored...cute Latina seeking.... 22yr (Santa Monica, 90403, CA )
A handsome white guy, Latino or American Hopefully we can get.together today for drinks and bud. I'm intelligent, assertive, funny, clever, weird and a pothead. I have pics yours gets mine so send it the first time around to expedite the.process. Not to sound conceited but I'm actually cute, I didnt post a picture for a reason. I'm hood yet classy, not thug/hoodrat type just street smart. I'm 5'5'' brown hair and eyes caramel complexion like a size 9 or 10 in jeans. Depending on your likes I could be considered thick or curvy. I'm super bored...let's go for a drink.

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Looking for someone cool 29-36 (Santa Monica, California )
I am looking for someone who wants to hang out semi-regularly and see if it leads to something physical, maybe we'll just stay friends though. I am not looking for a relationship right now b/c it seems all people want to do is change each other and that is exhausting on both ends and goes nowhere. On the other side I am not a promiscuous person at all and I think sex is more like wine which gets better over time as you learn each others bodies. I am, attractive very intelligent, I love to make people laugh and be made to laugh. I am loyal, and caring but I take zero b.s. People accuse me of being spiritual but I don't know exactly what they mean by that... nor do they probably. I am looking for someone who is nice and takes care of their body, because I do. These two things I won't compromise on. I prefer interesting and caring to successful. I am looking for a white guy. Humor and a good kisser is a must . I want to get to know your essence but I don't want to be bogged down by mundane details about anyone's life, their drama and problems and I won't bog you down either. So yeah, something fun and respectful. Remember, you are trying to get into my personal sphere, so be courteous and keep your word, that gets all my respect. I am not the type of person who can be taken for granted and the person I am looking for doesn't let that happen to them either. So let me reiterate, I am simply looking to spend time with a quality, attractive person in a low pressure situation. Please don't waste my time and yours by answering the ad if you are not what I am looking for. It's very difficult writing an ad b/c I am trying to be stern enough to scare away people who have no business emailing me while trying to attract a good guy. If it's meant to be, it's meant to be. Send a pic if you want a reply and thanks for your time.

RE: I want a Smart Attractive Man to fall in love with - 36 41yr (Santa Monica, 90402 , Los Angeles County)
To the pretty woman who posted this title last week I would love to chat with you Write me and lets see if there is a connection

Married seeking affair; three simple words that mean a whole lot. If you're not careful you might end up having an affair that you regret. However if your spouse isn't pleasing you and you feel you deserve more there are five things you need to know before seeking an affair. >>

Looking for something real... 22yr (90403, CA, Los Angeles County)
Alright, I am sick and tired of guys in their 20s who just want to screw around, and throw it away the next day. I have no problem meeting people for short term, physical relationships, but really I feel that I'm looking for something more. I am looking for someone who I can seriously get to know; who can teach me new things about the world or have me look at the world in a different way; who will appreciate me in every possible way; who has a deft knowledge of English grammar. I'm not expecting to get married any time soon, but I do feel that I am ready to meet the person who I will someday consider the possibility of marrying. I just want someone who I can stay in and watch movies with, go out and dance with, make breakfast with, go on adventures with, and everything else in between. Me: I am 22, have reddish brown hair, pale skin and freckles , slender frame , 5'6'', impeccable fashion sense . I love movies, tv shows, hiking, exploring, traveling, laughing, making others laugh, eating and cooking. I am extremely loyal, loving, and affectionate. My friends and family come first and foremost in my life. I still love going out, but I feel that my party days are quickly ending. I'd much rather spend quality time with the people I care about than random drunken time with casual acquaintances. If you are between the ages of 23 and 30 and any of this sounds interesting to you, please respond, and I'll tell you more about myself. Also contact me if any of the following films are in your top ten list: 1. Ferris Beuler's Day Off 2. Pulp Fiction 3. The Big Lebowsky 4. The Muppet Movie 5. Casino Respond with one of those films in the title otherwise I will not open. Please no pictures of your bathing suit area

On Euphemisms: Seriously, Can You Just Say ''Fat''? 26yr (90404, Santa Monica, CA)
Dear men of list , We have to talk about euphemisms and how they fuck everything up. Specifically, let us discuss fatness. Let us discuss personal ads dealing with fatness. ''Curvy'' is the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Curvy is a shape, not a size. I am curvy. I'm curvy because my waist is smaller than the tits-and-ass parts of me, which means that if you were going to describe my shape, you would make those wavy hand motions from the olden days before the internet. I am ALSO fat, which means that your hands would have to be farther apart than if you were describing, say, Pamela Anderson. Pamela Anderson? Curvy. Me? Also curvy. Pamela Anderson? Not fat. Me? Fat. When you post an ad looking for a ''curvy girl,'' it is vastly and irritatingly unclear whether you are talking purely about body shape, or whether you are talking about body shape while maintaining the default settings we presume men have when they talk about women's bodies , or whether you are using ''curvy'' as a minor euphemism , or whether you are using ''curvy'' as a major euphemism . It makes fuck-all sense. I don't particularly want to respond to an ad when it's entirely possible that the person who wrote it is looking for Jenna Jameson. But it is ALSO entirely possible that the writer is looking for fat girls. Does the inefficiency of this system begin to become clear? ''Thick''? See above. Both ''thick'' and ''curvy'' sometimes come with the fun disclaimer ''not obese,'' which makes everything nice and extra-nonsensical, because ''obese'' is a specific clinical term and women with ''thick'' bodies would almost ALWAYS get slotted in under ''obese'' in a BMI chart. Because what are ''curves'' and ''thickness'' made of? Oh, that's right: body fat. The body type that turns you on is obese: deal. ''Chubby'' sounds like it should mean ''kind of fat, but not that fat.'' The problematic vagueness here, it leaps to the eye, because how the hell am I supposed to know what you think is ''that fat''? But even better, there is again, the is-it-or-isn't-it euphemism problem: is this term only difficult to interpret because it is vague, or is it EXTRA difficult to interpret because it might be yet another euphemism for ''fat''? I don't respond to ads for ''chubby'' because I think I'm fat, not chubby, but because you are deathly-freaky-terrified of a) admitting you like fat girls and b) offending the fat girls you want to fuck, I do not know if you are looking for a specific sort of girl or just tiptoeing around the twin facts of a) your desire and b) my ass. Which is fat. So we're clear. ''BBW''—please, don't even. Gross. GROSS. Yes, I have mixed feelings about my body sometimes, but I'm a sassy & well-adjusted sort, and my ego is not so tattered that I need a euphemism that skeezily transparent. Just like not every thin woman is beautiful, not every fat woman is beautiful. This compact euphemism packs up some nasty assumptions about fat women's presumably abysmal self-esteem and a handy reminder that the culture at large is ragingly fat-hating all in one ridiculous-sounding phrase. This one is basically designed to play on fat women's presumed self-hatred; it has got to actively weed out women with dignity. Because come ON. ''Oh, baby, I know the media tells you you're gross eighty-four times a day because of your size, ignoring all your individual attributes both physical and otherwise, but not me, baby, I'm different; I think you're beautiful because of your size, ignoring all your individual attributes both physical and otherwise.'' Get out of here with that. ''Big'' is not too bad, but it's not very particular. It could mean tall. It could mean broad-shouldered. A tank is big. A skyscraper is big. Serena Williams is big. But tanks and skyscrapers and Serena Williams aren't fat. I guess if what you want is that whole Amazon-lady thing, the overall-impression quality of ''big'' works just fine, but it lacks the snappy correctness of ''fat'' if fat is, in fact, what you're looking for. ''Fat.'' FAT. It's so simple. It's evocative. It's elegant in its straightforwardness, really. I am a fat girl. You like fat girls. Or you DON'T like fat girls. WHATEVER. Either way, when you avoid ''fat'' like it's ''Voldemort,'' you are treating fatness like it's unspeakably shameful. While it would be awesome if *no one* thought fat was unspeakably shameful, you know who should start by thinking of fat as not unspeakably shameful? That's right: you, right there, the one who likes fucking fat girls. The one seeking an affair is making sentences on the internet hoping the sentences will help you meet the fat girl of his dreams. Hello, I am talking to you. Stop insulting the women you want to meet. You will probably meet cooler women if ''responding to insulting euphemisms about their implicitly unattractive bodies'' is not one of your criteria. Unless you really get off on low self esteem, in which case, by all means, use all the euphemisms your craven little heart desires, and I will ignore you with vigor and grim satisfaction. But if you'd like to make everyone's life a little easier and nicer, define your terms, okay? And please, please: try ''fat.''

Coffee? 28yr (90405, Santa Monica, California)
Can't get back to sleep so I'm looking for a little stimulating conversation and a few laughs over coffee or possibly breakfast this morning. I'm pretty open to location as I love discovering new favorites. Prefer you be younger than 38 and older than 26. A little about me? Well I'm educated, intelligent, interesting, a little mischevious, and can hold a good conversation. Btw I am not 420 friendly. If you are interested please respond with a picture, a little info about yourself, and the word coffee in the subject line.

Seeking my sugar daddy 25yr (90405, Santa Monica, CA, Los Angeles County)
I am seeking an older gentleman who loves to spoil. I am very pretty, tall and in good shape! I am attractive, young and free-spirited. I know how to have seeking an affair good time and like to keep it drama-free. Ideally you are financally secure, generous, and genuinly enjoy treating a girl right! Also I don't like to spend too much time on the computer so if I don't get back to you, sorry but good luck! I'm 100% real and honest, so please don't waste time if you are looking to kid around. Let's make it a great summer!

In this day and age, married women seeking affairs is becoming commonplace. Like it or not, attitudes are changing in our society and the amount of extramarital affairs continue to rise. >>

submissive curious 32yr (Santa Monica, California )
I am a professional, intelligent attractive woman who is curious about the submissiive/dominant dynamic, but I am not interested in pain or humiliation. I hope to meet a professional, intelligent and good looking man to help me explore this. Must be educated, disease free, and knowledgeable about this. Older is preferred . Responses without a picture will not be answered. This is not spam and I am not looking seeking an affair money.