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SEXY sbm (Ripon, 95366 , San Joaquin County)
I would love to take a sexy young man out to a really nice dinner. I am a mature older woman who would like to enjoy a night out..........with you. No games, no bad intentions...just a nice dinner with great company. Is there a better way to ''meet'' than over new company, idle conversation and a great dinner. Maybe even dessert!! Don't feel like talking or maybe one of us has stuck our foot in our, pick up the fork and put another piece of that scrumptious in your mouth. Or maybe even lean over a plant a soft kiss on my cheek. Not asking for any committed time of yours, not looking for a quick ''hook up'', nor am I seeking anything from you. Let a perfect stranger take you to dinner. Isn't it about time? Just to weed out the fakes, bots, and people who just want to waste time.....pic? Remember ''beauty is in the eye of the beholder'' Subject line is sexy sbm

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Want to have dinner with me? 27yr (95366, Ripon, CA, San Joaquin County)
I was wondering if anyone wanted to eat dinner with me. I'm craving vietnamese pho right now. If you haven't tried it its really good. We could go somewhere else if you would like to. That's okay with me. I'm 5'6'' 110 with brown hair and eyes. I live in Carrollton so if you're close thats a big plus! Hurry so we can go eat! I'm hungry! I have pictures so if you send a reply we can exchange pictures. I'm cute!

Re: RE: seeking a nice man (Ripon, California , Central Valley)
Listen -- You expect this girl to respond to every response she gets ? Are you crazy? When a women places an ad on CL in the personals she gets about 50 emails within the first hour - and probably 50 more before the ad gets ''flagged'' --- It would be a part time job to respond to every ad. Plus who wants these people to have your personal email address - so she is correct in only responding to men that she thinks have the possiblility of being a match. So why don't you respond with some effort. Say something that would make her want to respond back to you. So many guys just say ''hi'' --- or respond to me so that I can see that you are ''real'' ....... they just all get deleted. - Don't bother Impress her .... tell her a bit about your physical appearance - basic stats - height and weight and a brief self description. Tell her WHERE you live tell her about your current marital status, and if you have children or if you want children - Tell your about your career and your success Be honest and forth coming --- and maybe she will respond --- and then if she doesn't --- You have given her enough to make an educated decision. So if she doesn't respond, you can assume she wouldn't like you. Or your intentions are not her intentions. be smart -- that is a good start

It is important that you approach the married woman seeking an affair in the right way. She is looking for a casual, discreet encounter with someone who wants the same. >>

It's been too long since... 31yr (95366, Ripon, California)
...I have been on a nice date. I miss the butterflies, laughs, good times, and the anticipation until the next time we see each other. Looking for the same thing? If so, let's get to know each other better. :)

Funny girl looking to aviod the BS 37yr (Ripon, California seeking an affair Central Valley)
Alright what I have seen with dating online is that you get the opposite of what u ask for. So imma try it this way, I am looking for someone who has a girlfriend, recently separated, has no idea what they want or is out looking for the next big butt to come along so they can break my heart. A guy that often uses drugs and is a sex crazed perv. Smelly and and doesnt care about personal hygene. A guy who is in a needy place in thier life, always smokes cigs, has ghonerea. Okay now really guys, please get real when contacting me. A few of the women that post here are good women. Its true we are few and far between, however we do exist. So please be nothing like above and you might be surprised on how great this could, or could not be. I am a pretty white woman, late 30s, completely single, i am thick but not nasty. I take phenomenal care of my mind and body and once I get your pic I will return the same if I am interested. Thanks for reading my post and gud luck in your search.

Violin and Kick boxing... 28yr (Ripon, 95366, CA , Central Valley)
I'm a 28 year old Indian average woman with a few extra pounds who stands at 5'2'' with brown eyes and hair. I know, totally NOT what you pictured :) Work in the medical field, shrink and am doing great in the professional life but not personal. I don't feel the need to drink or smoke to have a wonderful time out. Ecletic fan of music.. from Desi, Muse, Kings of Leon, Black Violin to Common. Enjoy going to the gym; kick boxing and attempt to play the violin. Enjoy going to the city also but not the clubbing type. I'm a down to earth family oriented girl who enjoys the simple things in life. I don't have a lot of demands nor do I like them on me. I'm shy and witty with a hint of sarcasm thrown in. I'm conservative despite growing up in the West, follow more of the Eastern cultural traditions. Born in SE Asia, grew up between London and Germany. Hint of British accent... Want someone who I can bring home to the family when the time comes. Race or religion not a factor just someone with a good head on his shoulders that likes to debate, whether it be politics or sports. Just be reasonable with age factor, between 28-37. That is a pic of me, so yes, I am real just shy to post online. Don't send just a line because you will be deleted. Tell me why you're replying. NOT LOOKING FOR CASUAL OR NSA.

SEARCHIN FOR A REAL LOVE 28yr (95366, CA, San Joaquin County)
Me : I'm a 28yr-old Pacific Islander woman on the verge of turnin' 29 in 'bout 2mos. ''Asian'' as some might consider. Toh-may-toh, toh-mah-toh I guess. Whatever. Point is dat I've had my fair share of ''boy toyz'', ''playin' da fieldn'', ''pimpin it '', or even my fair share of not realizin how good I had it when I had it. Now... now , I'm ready for the infamous... dat someone dat breaks all rules... dat someone dat'll get me so f*cked up, he'll have me questionin myself... dat someone who I can give my best to and have it reciprocated without hestitation... dat someone Real... ''THE ONE''. I ain't expectin shit handed to me a f*cken silver platter; I got my own baggage! I'm not lookin' for no fairytale, but romance-comedies are based on something, you know? It would be nice to finally kick it wit someone who I just fall into da groove wit, feel me? Warning: You should seeking an affair the following... though actively searching month after month and even year after year, I am not currently employed , but am actively huntin; since I am unemployed, I do reside wit my momz; I am VERY FAMILY-ORIENTED ; I am NOT da bitch wit da high-pitched ass voice, all giggly ova da dumbest shit, and dressed up in heels n a skirt on a cold ass rainy day--I rock my timbs or sneaks wit a hoody but know how to slap on a strapless 'hoe dress' for da club--DON'T GET IT TWISTED lol; you should also know, I'm known to be dat broad wit da ATTITUDE, so I do need a man who's intuitive and can gage my mood swings and in return.. well, let's just say I GOT YOU, DON'T EVEN TRIP lol Real talk. Nah, fo'real. I ain't lookin for nobody with hella bread in they pockets or for somebody to take me out shoppin or break me off some dough or wine and dine me... scrap all dat ish; I just want someone to love and vice versa--that's it. I don't judge; we all have our flaws.. just want someone on da same page as me, you know? So if you ready for some REAL LOVE, reply to dis post and we'll take it from dere. If you do reply, send a pic first, and I'll send you mind if I'm interested. Again, we're still only human--not lookin' for CHINGY or METHOD MAN, but ain't finna lie and say ''looks don't matter'', but I'm definitely not ''hella picky''; it seems my idea of ''fine'' is barely mediocre to others. So hit me up. What's the worst that can go wrong? And when you do get at me, tell me 'bout yo'self. Entice me. =) No ''smooth talk'' or cheesy lines will be acknowledged/accepted. Btw, no applications for those under the age of 28 accepted . *hope to be enticed soon*

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good womanlooking for good man seeking an affair (95366, Ripon, CA)