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Korean girl looking for a Korean christian guy 26yr (91737, Rancho Cucamonga, CA, San Bernardino County)
Please make sure your response is not . Be a little more detail please. And make sure you have a picture to send before you reply. I will have one to reply with. I'd rather not play any games. Thank you Iíve realized that itís hard these days to find that one right person. Or at least itís hard to find that one person that is able to level with you when it comes to work, school, family and future plans. Maybe itís because Iím getting old? or maybe itís because I just havenít met Mr. right. Is he even out there? Itís been a crazy 2009. Iím just your average Korean American christian girl. Well.. I am christian. And my parents & family are very religious. I can't say I'm as religious but I can say that I'm struggling christian. I work and go to school at night. Yes so what does that mean? Your right! No time for games and BS. :) I enjoy cooking, long drives, sleeping, golf, reading, movies, having a beer while having a funny, stupid or educated conversation, taking short trips when time allows. I also enjoy taking pictures. No~ not of myself, but scenic views, buildings and of people. Although I do enjoy going out and walking around the city. Lately iíd rather cook something at home, put in a blockbuster in and relax. I was the weather was a Lil' warmer than maybe Iíd be able to sit on my balcony and read. Me: 5í6, Slim , I work in the financial banking industry. Maybe you guys out there can tell me if iím asking for too much: Him: 5í8 to 6í1, 25yr to 35yr, slim or athletic, kinda chubby is fine but NOT TOO chubby please.. :) working, college graduate, grad student, CHRISTIAN Iím looking for a guy that is honest, family & career orientated, christian, loving, understanding, patient, mature in mind and by actions as I am. Iím just looking for someone who has the maturity to handle a real relationship. A proper relationship. Whatís being mature? Being selfish is definitely not one of MATURITIES fav fab characteristics. But, maybe some will beg to differ. Iím also looking for a MAN who knows who to handle situations as a MAN instead of just loosing their temper, or whining because they donít get their way. Is.. Iím sure your asking yourself, What kind of guys have this girl dated? Funny right!? Never again will I ever want to make that mistake. Look guys.., Iím not looking for a millionaire. But I am looking for someone who has goals, ambitions and a real job! I wouldnít mind having my man be the one who wears the pants in the house. Although a lot of things have changed and woman and men do work as equal but regardless of our career, I would like to find a man who is able to hold their own grounds. Iíve gotta be honest.. Iím not just a girl you can just walk all over. I am one tough cookie. But seeing my folks together and happily married for 25 years, I can tell you that I am not one who wants total control of the relationship. Itís a 2 way street. Sometimes weíll just have to come to a compromise. But you know what? That's good enough for me. Iím not a picky nor an unreasonable person. No but seriously, someone who's relaxed, knows how to have a educated conversation, someone who doesn't think that it's weird that there's silence between him and I. Someone who I can just pop open a beer with and enjoy together. Someone who is thinking more of their future instead of just making more money. Like having a family, kids, a house with white picket fences. Is that too much to ask!? Well... Maybe this will work.. Maybe it won't. But I guess I won't until I click post. Hear from ya'll soon!

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Asian Man Wanted 23yr (Rancho Cucamonga, 91739 , San Bernardino County)
Cause they are the best! Im looking to date and my ideal guy would be: goal oriented, smart, determined, over 5'5, Average-Thick body type. I look forward to hearing from you!

gamer girl seeks other half 24yr (Rancho Cucamonga, California , Mojave Desert)
Ok so i admit from my posting title I am a gamer girl, though i am not jsut a gamer girl. yeah I like playing some video games to pass the time, but I also like reading, cooking, traveling, white water rafting, and other out door stuff. I am 24 years old, 5'6, i consider myself average weight. Not out of shape but definitly not sporting wash board abs that really should only be on a guy. I work full time for a tech company, and for a girl who has only takin part time college classes I am doing damn fine for myself. Really the only thing I feel is missing in my life is a guy to share it with. Ive tried looking on here before and had a few hopefuls but most of the time either no connection or they flaked on me. On top of what i listed above I also like everything from jimmy buffet to bon jovi and I am a 49ers fan. For what i am looking for. Well thats the question isnt it. Perfer someone between 24- and i will say 31. Average to fit weight. Works or going to school. At least share some interests i mentioned above. If i dont feel any connection with you with anything we can share together then it isnt gonna work out. Dont have to be a gamer or even interested in video games at all, just know that i like to play them occassionally. Also please email me a pic and email something longer then one sentence. One sentences are for those who just on here to get laid, and sorry guys I am looking for a LTR.

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SWM 40-50 cute and looking for ltr 44yr (91730, CA, San Bernardino County)
So I know what this sounds like...I am a gold digger but I am not. You would not believe how many guys say they are selfemployed and what that really means is not working. I have worked since I was 15, bought my first car for under 00 and worked my way up from making an hour to over an hour I am emotionally and financially stable, own a home, kids pretty much grown, good job but I would like to meet someone that would allow me the opportunity to not work until I am 50 and maybe open my own business from home. I am not in debt and I actually look more like 38-41 years old!! No one thinks I am the age I am. I am NOT the kind of person that will be with someone just for money...there has to be a connection and chemistry there and if i dont think we would be together for thirty to forty years...I wouldnt be with you just to get what I can out of it. I am actually a good catch and probably not the person you would expect on here. I have been meeting alot of flakes and just fed up. what do I mean by financially stable...someone who makes at least 0k a year, someone who owns a home, investments, retirement, and probably at least k in the not looking for warren buffet but that would be ok too. I am caucasian, petite , cute, outgoing, fun, intelligent, and actually pretty!! I have brown hair and blue eyes. Here are my preferences when it comes to my match: 5'5'' to 6'2'', in shape but dont have to have rock hard abs, no smoking, drugs, etc... caucasian, asian, mixed, etc... on a scale of 1 to least a 6. LOL someone nice, sincere, down to earth, honest, loving, caring, generous, thoughtful definitely not mean, verbally ubusive, totally in love with themselves or think of a woman as a toy or trophy. prefer someone who has been married or had kids and not interested in having more kids. you must not be left wing politically or agnostic or atheist. spirituality and belief in god is a must. please send photo and some stuff about you.....too many wierdos out there...I wont post picture but for the right one...will send you many.

Looking for a black professional in his 50's 54yr (Rancho Cucamonga, 91701, CA , Mojave Desert)
I am in need of a professional black man in his 50's to fulfill a fantasy. must bring along another black man. seeking an affair my fantasy is with two black men with big hard cocks. Pictures are a must. Please show this white professional woman how a black man can chew and suck pussy, fuck a tight ass and pound my pussy.

Summertime...and the living is easier (91730, Rancho Cucamonga, CA)
Or at least that's how I feel about summer. I love the long days and how it makes me want to eat out in the backyard or lie in the hammock reading a book. Eat BBQ at the outdoor table. Hang out with friends over a bottle of wine. I love that summertime is outdoor time. The problem is that as much as I love my friends, I wish I had a special guy to hang out with sometimes too. Do you like to cook? Do you at least like to eat? We might get along since cooking is one of my favorite things. I like cooking all kinds of things and I'm about as far removed from vegetarian as I can get I'm not necessarily looking for a full-time boyfriend because I have a pretty busy life already . I'm a full-time mother with a full-time job. I'm amicably separated from my husband and we're on our way to figuring all that goes along with disentangling the parts of our lives that need disentangling. And holding on to the good stuff which includes being good parents to our 2 kids and remaining the good friends that we've always been. It really is friendly which is a gift for all of us. Maybe you're in a similar place in your life...getting divorced or just breaking up from a long-tern relationship. Maybe you have kids and maybe you don't. Maybe you want a friendship that is somehow different from the other, great friendships in your life. Someone who is the first person you think of when you want to talk or laugh or try out a crazy idea. Maybe there's been too much drama in your life lately and you'd like some simple, easy times without it. Bonus points if you really miss kissing and sex. It's been my experience that there has to be some other kind of chemistry between 2 people for the sex to be great but if the last year has taught me anything it's that my assumptions are sometimes wrong. So even though I'm not looking for one-nighters or booty calls I'm pretty flexible about the details of this hasn't-happened-yet relationship. Age and physical details don't matter to me as much as connection and chemistry. Life experience matters, emotional maturity matters. But tall/short/skinny/chunky/hair color/race don't really matter to me. But if it's important to you...I'm a white woman about 5'8''. I'm in my mid-40s. Dark hair /blue eyes. Curvy but not fat. Dress pretty casual most of the time, but I dress up nice too :-) I'm a city girl who likes going out in nature especially to the coast. I love movies but I can completely lose myself in a book. I'm outgoing friendly and moderately social but I also really value my alone time. Love to cook especially for and with friends and family. I appreciate good beer and wine as well as dive bars and diners. Politically liberal. Not at all religious. Not a sports fan but I can appreciate watching a good basketball game on TV . If any of this sparks your interest, drop me a line...

Petite Brunette 35yr (Rancho Cucamonga, California , Mojave Desert)
Looking for a fun, ambitious, fit, outgoing guy who likes to travel, dance, and enjoy life for long term or just fun, depends on you! I'm independent, outgoing, smart, have a great sense of humor. Would like to meet seeking an affair that is kindhearted, honest, and hard worker. If interested drop me a line, and I would love to tell you more about me.

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Big Girl looking for Strong Dominate Man 35yr (91730, Rancho Cucamonga, California)
BBW in dallas area looking for a smart, strong, financially secure dominate man who is looking to teach a newbie. I looking for a single, OLDER gentle Dom who wants to take care of a sweet BBW. If seeking an affair are interested please let me know. I will respond with a picture on request.