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cute asian into white boys 18yr (Menifee, California , Mojave Desert)
HEY THERE! if there is one thing I find hot its white guys guys who dress nice is into indie music and foreign films! Prefer clean cut! but facial hair can be sexy ;) I like smart guys who are funny not into guys who are into drugs or anything sketchy artist, musicians, writers, students wanted! send me a picture! and maybe ill email you back!

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Seeking One Very Special Man 53yr (92584, Menifee, CA)
I'm 53, former school teacher and college counselor. I have been involved with business the past 19 years. My only daughter is 22 and attending graduate school in Iowa. I am seeking one very special man who is willing to make me a priority in his life. He must be able to communicate and express himself openly. I have been divorced since 1990 and looking forward to a new journey in life. I enjoy the simple things in life and mostly casual environments; boating, walks on the beach, tiki bars, Raggie music, etc. I would enjoy meeing a man who is intelligent, with a gentle heart, strong shoulders and stimulating mind. I prefer someone close to my own age so no 20's, 30's or 60's please. If you think you might be that man, I'd enjoy hearing about your interests, career, family, children, etc. Please include age and recent photo...

need to meet sincere christian male 56yr (Menifee, 92584 , Riverside County)
Needs to meet a christian male. No gold diggers or baggages. We will talk about the rest later.

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Take me to the country (92584, CA, Riverside County)
Blond sweetheart 28. Lots of energy, very respectful, teachable, love to serve a good man. Love to clean and cook, exercise,read, write. Am very creative and artistic. Love kids. Am very easy going and never bitchy. Looking for a good solid man who likes to get dirty,play with cars,drink beer,and love on his woman. Preferably over 40. With lots of experience in life and has good humor. I would love a cowboy! xoxoxo kisses all over

Tall, Quality Man only please-Let's Ride 55yr (92584, Menifee, CA, Riverside County)
Hi, my name is Paula. I am looking only for a quality man as quantity isnít my style. I realize I am going to have to wade through til I find you. I would suppose you might be in the background looking on and not have an ad on list. That would be great as I have no interest in anyone I see here today. I am 5í10Ē, and have started the gym a month ago, and I am healthy and fit for any other activities you might suggest. Not a daring as I use to be but still active. I would love to find a guy 6í+ as I like to wear boots and pumps when I get a chance, who likes to dance, hike, ride the Harley and anything else we think of. I love old cars, working on things, anything, learning, growing my garden and so much more. Iíd like to think that I am easy going although I have been told I am a strong and direct woman. Sex and passion are important and necessary and will grow in time, and I hope it will, although I have been known to fall in love-at first sight. Apparently, it didnít work out, so I am looking for something more solid, it may take some time. Hopefully, not to longÖhaha As I own my own home and truck, I would like an equally yoked man to that degree. Although raised a Baptist, I am more a spiritual woman, thank God daily for the gifts he brings me and generally look forward to everyday with happiness and excitement at what each day brings. Keeping a positive spin on things is important to my personality and me. Iíve learned this well. Hopefully, you have too. Itís easy for some to be negative, and it will irritate me. Fair warningÖhaha. Please be a non-smoker, and if you have a med card for the other thatís fine. Please donít be a re-hab person as I like to have cocktails every now and then and donít want anyone whoís addicted to anything in anyway actually. Intelligence, and the ability to communicate openly, honestly, and comfortably will get my attention and keep it. Although I appreciate the beauty of a younger man, I have always been attracted to older men and I enjoy the depth of an older manís wisdom, growth and experience. Itís very sexy to me and I can see the beauty that lies there and want to know he feels the same. No I am not the model I use to beÖI hope I am a better, more beautiful woman than I have ever been and have matured gracefully. I will certainly strive for that always. If youíre still reading and would like to meet meÖplease seeking an affair me a little bio about -yourself and a picture or two also. Without these I will not respond. Thanks for stopping by and good luck on your searches.

Friendship first... 36yr (Menifee, 92584, CA , Mojave Desert)
Just looking for a cool, funny, laid back guy who wants to take the time to really get to know someone on a friendship level. The rest should all come naturally. I'm attracted to big, tall guys with a little hippie-vibe to them. I'm fairly laid back, few extra pounds, funny, cool. I guess I'm looking for me...but in a guy ;) I would prefer if you didn't have kids as I would love to be your number one priority. Also, looking for someone in the age range of, let's say, mid 30s to early 40s. I would love to meet someone to go see live music with, fireworks on July 4th , movies at the Mayan, hang out at the pool at my apartment complex, drinks and dinner at The Hornet, Scrabble at a coffee shop, listening to my latest iTunes playlist on my couch, maybe a night of camping this summer 26yr (Menifee, 92584, CA , Mojave Desert)
And I get more lonely with each passing day. I came back here to help care for my grandmother, but everybody I knew has moved on . I'm not looking for anything serious - but I wouldn't say no if it heads that way, either. I'm a 26 y/o swf who works second shift and could use a friend and more.

Goth gurl seeks goth boi 24yr (Menifee, California , Mojave Desert)
I'm not your average girl I don't act much like a girl, I don't dress like a typical girl. I'd rather wear combat boots and bondage pants then a skirt and heels. I have black spikey hair, piercings, a couple tattoos, and I intend to get alot more body modifications done in the near future. I guess if your to label me my style would be considered goth/punk. But there's alot more to me than meets the eye. I like to have fun, I smoke alot, I drink alot, and I don't say no to drugs. But I also have a steady head on my shoulders, I work alot, and I love my job. I fix and build computers for a living. Music is more important to me than anything or anyone else.. music is life, music is everything I love all types of music except for country and rap and there are a few exceptions in those genre's that I like. I'm especially fond seeking an affair industrial/j-rock/goth/alternative. I love technology, computers, android phones, etc I'm a geek at heart. I love the darker side of things, the occult, dark humor, dark art, dark music, dark fashion and dark literature.. I am a LaVeyan Satanist, Deal with it. I enjoy wandering through cemetries, going to the industrial club, causing havoc downtown and being mischievous I also enjoy staying home and playing video-games, hanging out and snuggling. I am a bit obsessive with Japanese culture, my favorite musician is Japanese, I love manga/anime, J-RPGs I love the fashion, one of my odd quirks is that I only eat with chopsticks. Yes I LOVE Nihon. And I intend to move there eventually. I'm looking for someone who appreciates music, art, and literature as much as me someone who has a dark personality like mine, but a good heart as well. Someone who is extremely passionate and sexual, someone who would be submissive to me, as I am a domme. Someone who is faithful and loyal, sweet and caring. someone who can have fun in almost any situation. A man that is not afraid to dance, a man that is not afraid to be passionate, anyplace, anytime Someone open with his sexuality, perhaps even bi-sexual. He has to be in touch with his feminine side, I like girly boys.. it's just my thing, and no that does not mean cross-dressers, just guys that are feminine in looks, androgynous even. I need someone who makes this a lifestyle like me. Someone that can stay out all night even when they have work the next morning, someone that can be completely random, almost crazy, someone adventuress, someone strange. Someone that only likes to go out at night. Personality of course is the most important thing and if you lack one, don't bother contacting me. I prefer younger guys, however age is just a number, so if you really think we'd be a good match, don't worry if your a few years older. I will send you a picture if you send me one in your email.

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looking for a sugar momma? 45yr (92584, Menifee, California)
I'm an attractive, successful woman. I'm 45, divorced and a busy professional. I'm looking to experience a sugar mommy relationship with a hot young guy. You should be between 18 and 30, attractive, intelligent and respectful. Your seeking an affair picture is essential, discretion assured.