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Nice, sweet girl looking for someone awesome 26yr (Lemon Grove, California )
Hello, I've posted before on here. Nothing has seemed to work out. I am a 26/ female from Somerville. I work. I like movies, video games, going into Boston or just staying in and cuddling. I am looking for someone who does not lie, does not play games, sweet, nice, plays guitar, at least 6'0'' or taller , I like guys with glasses and beards, geeky, artistic, fun, wants to go out and do things. I don't want someone who is just looking for sex. I want someone I can spend time with and get to know. I would like someone from Massachusetts, has a job, no children, non-jerk type. So please be real and sweet and like girls with curves and be about wanting something special. Hopefully I find someone. I am a good girl. I work, I'm nice, I'm caring, I'm loyal, I'm attractive, I have a good job, also have a wicked sense of humor . Hope to hear from you. If I don't respond, please do not turn into a psycho. Also, if we are talking and you don't think things are working, don't just ignore me, tell me they aren't working. I want to meet someone who is respectful. Someone who I turned down keeps flagging this so I don't know how long it will be up for. Also, if I don't respond right away, it isn't because I am not interested, I have a way of losing track of emails, so I am sorry in advance haha.

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Needle in a Haystack....prove me right 26yr (Lemon Grove, 91945 , San Diego County)
Is the best term to describe trying to find a great catch via list... or so I have found. I'm not going to lie, yes, I have posted before, yes, I have met a *few* people, and yes, none of it has really worked out how I'd like. I have a few friends, if I would fess up to actually seeking out love or something like it on list, who would easily explain my malaise- ''youre not going to meet a good guy via a free website mostly known for selling Is the best term to describe trying to find a great catch via list... or so I have found. I'm not going to lie, yes, I have posted before, yes, I have met a *few* people, and yes, none of it has really worked out how I'd like. As for me, a brief run down. I'm 26, college educated, and still semi not sure what I want to be when I grow up . Dabbling in many a creative form, and would like it if you had a little bit of creativity in your veins as well, but that's certainly not requisite. I love a good cocktail or 5 and like them even more in the summer outside, and even more more with witty hetero convo. I am a huge fan of Larry David, and wish I could be a little more like him, even though he is slightly despicable. I prefer dogs to cats, but who doesn't? I love laugh, and I love to make other people laugh. most of the time, I'm pretty damn good at it. I'm wavering between being an avid and fairweather sports fan, I sort of go through spurts. Most of all, I really am looking forward to meeting you, you cute, normal, funny needle in a haystack. please, please, please no naked pics or 'wat up sweets' emails. while this does harbor images of you being a prick, it does not make you the needle.

Hot brainy professional woman seeks man of action 47yr (91945, Lemon Grove, CA)
me -not much taller the fifth shelf in a library -shaped like hourglass -legs like Marlene Dietrich -hopes to help others -writes more everyday than the average teenager sends text messages you -have more ideas everyday than the average grown up sending text messages -work hard for the uncommon good -know the color of your mother's eyes -can possibly imagine the height of the fifth shelf in a library

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Good Things in Life Take a Long Time... 52yr (Lemon Grove, California )
Ok, here we go.... I'm hoping my ad will attract someone who has come on for an occasional checking things out and willing to take a risk, and not someone who lives here and responds every ad. I say what I mean and mean what I say, so please don't respond if you are not my type. Know what you want too. I am looking for a companion/partner/friend, leading into a LTR, and possible marriage. Reading these ads is a little scary to me, but I am going to put myself out here in the hopes you are on here for the same reason. SWF seeks professional conservative, clean-cut SWM aged 50-55. Please be divorced and available, not ''separated, but we live in the same house for the sake of the kids and money''. I am too old, er...I mean mature for that B.S. and don't want to waste my time or yours with it. No addicts, career daters, or marrieds please. Have most of your hair , 5'10''-6'1'', and be in decent shape for your age. Enjoy a variety of activities, outdoors and in. Kids are grown and don't need your constant supervision, so you have time to ''date''. Be reasonably old fashioned, as in you were taught to open doors and treat a lady right. I won't get on the back of your Harley, but I can bait your hook for you if you fish and camp. The outdoors are awesome in the summer, but the Broadmoor is open year round! Me...professional female, stable, kids grown or in college, like dining of all kinds, movies, sports, camping, fishing, traveling, music, and a variety of activities if it involves laughing with the right person. 5'3'', 120, attractive and in reasonably good shape. I am 52 however, not 29. I know this ad may sound a little harsh. I am actually a fun, warm person, but I do know what I am looking for, and you should too. I have an active, healthy life, but want to compliment it with the right man. Please provide a picture. Sorry, but chemisty DOES matter. We all are attracted to certain looks and types. I hope we both find our match! P.S. The title of my ad is words from a song by Chicago, you have to remember and have liked them to date me!

Simply just a click away (91945, Lemon Grove, California)
I have tried this before and I think I am not explaining myself clearly. I want a relationship with a regular seeking an affair who in turn wants a relationship. Not a friendship with benifits....a relationship. I am looking for a guy that does guy things..Has interest of his own..does bonehead things.. you know a regular guy. Please dont be on the rebound....and please be respectful. I have posted a pic. Please do the same. I hope to hear from you....!

an uncomplicated situation 47yr (91945, Lemon Grove, CA, San Diego County)
Craving Uncomplicated fierce love Tired of endless emails and long drives to no where Just want it easy -- with someone SINGLE - You have a nice house we hang out drink wine, watch movies, eat sushi and strong coffee ... skinny dip in the pool have great sex and you only live down the street. This is not a quest for casual sex ... Perhaps it is time to settle down. Respond with exact location a bit about you basic physical stats and maybe a pic tell me your intentions ------ Be over 50 Over 6 foot Over 200 lbs and Over dating the masses

Mickey from India (Lemon Grove, 91945, CA )
I met you about a year and a half ago and let you go. I have not forgotten you and am very sorry for being so ridiculous . . . . Please if you see this message contact me . . . I have fiery seeking an affair hair, am older and my first name starts with a D. My phone number has changed so you need to email me and we will take it from there.

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I am in need of true love!!!! 25yr (91945, CA, San Diego County)
Hi, My name is Melisa and I am trying this out for a while, dont really know what its going to do. A little bit about me and my life. I am a 25 yr old woman with 2 boys and a girl on the way, I live seeking an affair my parent and i have a dead end job that i dont want anymore. So if that is ok with you please only send pictures at this time and then maybe a phone number afterwards