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im worth itt 20yr (Fair Oaks, 95628 , Sacramento County)
im running a little behind on some small finances , and im willing to do anything for your help and attention.. please get at me im positive we can work something out, hurry....... :)

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Seeking a us citizen professional 30yr (95628, CA, Sacramento County)
Hello, I am filipina and is a single parent of two boys. I am 30 years old. I am still a student and is working part time. I am here trying to seek a us citizen professional that is not looking for sex so if thats what you want don't bother replying. I am just here to get to know a real man that is a us citizen professional and knows what he wants. My interests are being family oriented with my boys and when I feel like going out for adult fun I enjoy casinos concerts don't like clubbing. I also enjoy roadtrips. So if you would like to chat send your pic and state your bio about yourself and just to let you know I don't like to communicate through email only by phone. So if you like to just email do not reply.

**Everything**...We...*****reflects*** on...tomorrow:)** ) 39yr (Fair Oaks, California , Greater Sacramento| Gold Country)
A little about me... Life is to short for games and drama..I am looking for something more than what alot of people on here are...Sure everything begins with friendship of course:) HISPANICS CAN APPLY:):) I am a smart,Charming, witty, spontaneous, adventurous, and loving person. I am honest, loyal and have a great sense of humor... I am very kind and respectful and expect it in return. Material things are not important to me, glad to have the necessities of life. I wake up each day and Thankful that I am here to make the best out of each day no matter what it throws at you. if your dealt lemons, ''then make lemonade''! I am beautiful on the inside and out. I love the outdoors and don't mind just doing whatever. I am adventurous and spontaneous. I might want to watch a movie or take a road Living a stress and drama free life are very important to me. What am I looking for in a partner?... WOW! This is the important part:) I would like someone who is not shallow or only has one way of thinking. Good chemisty is important. Someone who is funny, likes to have a good time, and also knows when to be serious. Honesty and respect are my big huge factors. Someone who is not afraid to show emotions or feelings. Someone who is romantic. I am simply looking for my best friend , someone who will be beside me even if I am wrong. Someone to walk the end of the earth with me. ...a kind, loving,affectionate, man. I am somewhat of a spritual person. I would like a man that is not sarcastic, great values and morals...Dang it are there any more GOOD men left on the planet? I am not into phone sex, meeting at your house, or a sexual encounter...PLEASE respect that! AGES: 32 TO 48.....NO PHOTO-NO RESPONSE:) ONLY FAIR... MAKE IT A BLESSED DAY!

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Mutually Beneficial 30yr (Fair Oaks, California , Greater Sacramento| Gold Country)
Well...I am not looking for the typical mutually beneficial relationship...I have done this once before and it was great...maybe telling you a bit about that would give you a better idea of what I am looking for. I met a wonderful man who was going through a divorce. He was a few years older than me but in good shape and clean cut. He was funny, outgoing, sweet, and thoughtful. We would see eachother atleast once a week. We would go to lunch, go hiking, watch a movie...we became very close. Although sex became a part of our was much more than that. He listened and gave great advice...and I hope I did the same. He also helped me out finacially with 00 per month to take care of my expenses while I went to school. Due to issues with his divorce we had to call things off...against both of our wishes....although we will probably always be good friends. I was hoping that maybe there was another wonderful man like him out there that is generous in taking care of my monthly expenses, kind, and who can appreciate the time spent with a wonderful woman like me. BTW...I am tall, beautiful, funny, outgoing, a good friend, fit, and lots of fun. If this sounds like a good match for you then I hope to hear from you soon. If you are just looking to hook up with a hot woman for money...or if you are not willing to send a pic and actually meet for a cup of coffee...please do not reply. :-) Thanks

why not??? 26yr (95628, Fair Oaks, California)
Just like the country song says ''I have been looking for love in all the wrong places'' lol... not necessarily saying that list would be the best place to look but hey at this point what do I have to lose?? Right?!? So about me 26, latina, no kids, no drama, and definitely no bs. Not actually looking for love per say but looking for something other then a hook up, sex, or casual encounters. Friendship is good to start with but also open to it becoming more. I am a bbw, thick, voluptuous plain and simply put I am a big girl. so you would have to enjoy a big woman... I hate to sound cliche but I do carry it well, I'm a very classy lady and believe in being clean and neat. Also have found myself looking to seeking an affair healthier so I can live longer. I would love for you to be intelligent, tall, respectful, goal oriented, with a car and job, open minded, have children/ or want children. I'm open to almost all ethnicities but have found that I have more in common with most Hispanic and black men. Have never dated Caucasians but like I said open to all. So if any of this peaked your interest and your open to make a new friend then email me and lets see all the possibilities ;)

Looking for the one. 37yr (95628, Fair Oaks, CA, Sacramento County)
I am a fun loving girl looking for that special someone. I am 37, employeed full-time, have my own place and am going to school to better myself. I have been divorced for a couple years now and am ready to look for that special someone. I am looking for someone who is easy going, and fun loving. Someone who is sure of themselves and someone who wants to share their life. I enjoy trips to the mountains, movies, listening to music and long walks in the park. I am pretty easy going and love to laugh. I am romantic and sensitive, and very sensual. Is there anyone out there? Pic for Pic...

Little Freak Undercover 26yr (95628, Fair Oaks, CA)
Iím seeking a nice young man to spend some quality time with that is gainfully employed. When I say gainfully employed I donít mean you walk around selling your bags of drugs, stolen stuff, food stamps, bootleg movies, cdís, etcÖ. I want to meet a man that pays taxís and able to vote in local and federal elections is a real turn on. Whatís even sexier than a man that paysís taxes is and educated man I know youíre wondering do you qualify as educated to me only if you have at least a BA or BS. If you have a higher degree seeking an affair great you donít have to have a degree if you can prove you have something going on for yourself career wise. The one thing I wish for most of all that is to meet a man that believes in waiting until marriage to have children. If, you believe that marriage is a forever thing without cheating then you have won my heart forever.

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Sitting with my Sketch pad 53yr (Fair Oaks, 95628, CA , Greater Sacramento| Gold Country)
Thinking....Hmmmm...... If I could design a guy just for me. Just for me.... I would skip the frogs and snails and well you know... I would like to make him with a bit a laughter and level headiness, not someone who is ripped and buff, but a real guy. More likely stocky to a little over as I said a real guy. He would not be someone who wishes to take on the Hood to the Coast race nor clamber up Mt Rainier. Dare devil nor bad boy were never his nick names. He is more likely to watch sports than play them and he is fine with that. I do not care if he owns a bicycle, but it is not his mode of transportation, he owns at least one car. He is a good, nice guy and wears that proudly. Unlike I read from guys, I do not know one woman who wants other than a NICE guy. Bad boys are for B movies. He most likely also does not count a street bike or a monster truck on his list of must haves in the toy dept. He is stable, what some may consider boring and dull who think bungee jumping is something to mark off their to do list this summer. We both laugh at such nonsense! He is very sure of himself and has nothing to prove to anyone. See above :) He has had more success than failure in life as he has always stayed the course and has not been swayed by fads or the latest craze. Someone dependable and steadfast. The person I want to meet is not only Conservative in nature, but in life and his political views. He thinks body art and peicings are as silly as blue hair and chain collars. He most likely wears business casual to work, but owns a suit. He has probably been at the same place for years, not because he has not had offers, but because he values loyalty and security. He has a house because he is not an apartment type guy and he loves animals and they need a yard. He considers them family, not because he has no one, but because they just are. He is more likely divorced than never married. He is healthy and able bodied, the clean cut type and I prefer a taller guy. He is non smoking, and because he is not a party type he does not get drunk . No drugs not even 420 friendly. He loves the USA and can tell you what is going on in this country. As he is more concerned with who represents us than the latest Blazer scores. He votes. He is not serial dating anymore than I am, but he is also not going to stop completely looking for ME. He is marriage minded and knows dating leads to forever. I am someone who embraces God not religion. I do not care if he does, but he does not let it consume him or define all of who he is and what he bases his life on.. What I bring to the mix: I'm a healthy and able bodied, very creative nice, fun, silly, serious, honest, loyal, dependable, affectionate, romantic, good natured, educated..... And sensual if I love you. I have Been called beautiful most my life, I prefer pretty. I am 53 athletically built/curvy I could stand to lose 10 pounds, but I carry it well. I am a non smoker and do not drink, no, not a 12 step just a seeking an affair taste to me. I have never been inside a bar and will keep it that way. I am allergic to smoke and cannot be around it. And really do not like any tobacco products I like the outdoors, sunshine, warm temps, walking, boating, horses, country, music, traveling ..... I love animals writing, baking, history, old houses, dinosaurs, treasure hunts, real estate, politics , the country, God, friends, family ... Myself- and YOU :) I am not going to tell you all the things people say to get you to respond I am going to tell you who I am so you will know who you respond to. I'm not perfect and I don't expect you to be either, I lived with perfect for over 20 years it gets tiring. But please have as clean a past and history as I do. If you actually read all of this without a pix and want to take this further to exchanging pix and info and see if 2010 can be our year should we see a match and see an attraction please write me.