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sbf for ltr.............over 30yr (91436, Encino, CA, Los Angeles County)
Im looking for someone for friendship first. Simply because thats the way it should be. Someone extremely attracted to rubenesque women. Definitely a guy with a slightly submissive side. Someone that is in touch with their feelings and someone that isnít afraid to express them......someone that isnít afraid to shed a tear or two. Not necessarily a crybaby......just not someone that refuses to cry because they donít think men should cry. Someone that doesnít put people in categories because of gender, race, religion, disability, or any other attribute Someone that is honest 100% percent of the time......and someone that expects the same from everyone else. But someone that isnít naive enough to believe that everyone is telling them the truth. Someone smart enough to fend for themself so that they arenít hurt by othersí dishonesty. Someone that I know will come forward with the truth if he makes a mistake. Someone that isnít afraid to tell me the truth even if I donít want to hear it. Someone that I know will be faithful.....and if he was to slip would come forward and tell me. I want someone that can make me smile.....someone I can laugh with. I want to be able to smile at the very sight of this words needed. Someone with a sense of humor....someone I can joke around with that wonít get easily offended. Someone dark like me. Someone that finds humor in the little things in life...but is able to be serious if the situation calls for it. Someone that isnít too proud or stubborn to ask for forgiveness and someone that is willing to grant forgiveness when it is asked for and when it is deserved. Someone that realizes that people make mistakes....and that is all they are is mistakes. Someone that will love me through my mistakes and failures. Someone that will encourage me to continue on and learn from my mistakes. Your photo will get mine. Serious responses only . Type ''sinderella'' in the subject line so that I know ur not spam.

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I'm a list-maker... 18yr (Encino, California )
In efforts to describe myself I have concocted this list to paint a semi-picture of what I am all about and what I am looking for. I like to get all dressed up and go out to eat somewhere new. I like to wear PJ's and cuddle while watching a movie I've already seen a million times. I love body art, but don't have any myself. I value a sense of humor, wit, and confidence above most things when getting to know a person I like to walk around downtown with nothing specific in mind taking it all in. The most perfect thing to do when its nice out is go out to a park and eat sushi and read and go on the swings when all the younger kids are eating lunch. There is nothing I enjoy more than a man who will challenge me in every way possible, a man who is fiery, animated, and ready to say exactly what is on his mind; yet, a man who is ready to get it all right back at him. I am looking for a man who is in touch with his childish side, yet knows when to get serious. My preferred mode of transportation is walking. I really enjoy the bands Animal Collective and Vampire weekend, but nothing can top classical music I consider myself to be politically conservative. I enjoy a heated discussion with a well informed, witty companion. I have shoulder length black hair. I am young, but I'm no fool. I am looking for a man who knows that its a waste to take himself too seriously. I wear a lot of black, but I wish I wore more orange. bubble tea is a superior beverage Despite the clarifications the south Park episode has made about ginger people and their general mockability, I still love me a ginger guy :) My favorite time to be outside is when it is very windy I have greenish/hazel eyes ART = LIFE I think that the books ''A Clockwork Orange'' and ''Brave New World'' are kick ass. I'm 5'3 I rarely paint my nails and wear a lot of linen. I often write my to do list on my hand. Men who have beards are quite appealing. I have pictures, if you do. I am looking for a fun and light relationship where its not all about giving things up for the other person. I am looking for it to be about enjoying who you are with for who they are and not what you hope to change them into. I wish I didn't rely as much on my cell phone. I enjoy an occasional 420 indulgence. I'm quite sarcastic and candid .

Big N Pretty 36yr (Encino, California ) a beautiful blk woman.... a big gurl...loookin to hang out 2night

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Woman Seeking Something 41yr (91436, Encino, CA)
Here is the deal I am an unencumbered SBF who does not fit the black girl mode that most are looking for. I am well past 25 and I have more than a few pounds to loose. One guy contacted me and said he really liked black women and then starts telling me about Zoe Saldana. First of all Zoe Saldana is Dominican very young and probably doesnt weigh 100 lbs soaking wet so his attraction to her has nothing whatsoever to do with my reality. I would like to begin dating but I don't have the first idea of how to go about doing it. I am on a dating site and men contact me but I am not sure what to do after that. I read the emails and check the profile but don't proceed further. Some are easy to dismiss if they live too far or are ridiculously inappropriate for me agewise but I do not feel that I know how to make a ''connection'' anymore. My profile is short and pretty concise but perhaps it comes off too harsh. Maybe you can critique it for me. I am on and my handle is SheThe1. I would appreciate input. Thanks.

last time, what i want is hard to find but i know its out there 38yr (Encino, 91316, CA )
so im 38, look much younger and feel younger, im seeking an affair i have children, i hope to find a man with children, the idea of a bunch of kids around is nice, im pretty, sicilian and irish look italian and raised with italian tradition and values so i treat my man real good but at the same time im strong willed, im an er nurse, im not looking for someone to save me financially, i make plenty of money and love my job, im ready for someone to come into my life, its important to me that he be in the military or even fire or police, its not the uniform, im not that silly, i grew up in a town with a military base and had a couple relationships with guys on the base, i was too young to realize what i had i guess, i find that a man who leaves for work in the morning to spend his day saving lives and catching bad guys and day after day putting himself at risk is a very sexy thing, a big part of the reason i havent found someone is that all of that is really that important to me, ive been through too much up until now to settle, im very happy and content in my life and would like to have someone in my life with me, also i just dont know where to go to meet people, so ill try this

Redhead looking to commit 42yr (91316, Encino, California)
Hello there I am 5 foot 4 inches and 170lbs. Red hair and blue eyes. I want to find someone who is into commitment and not just fun. I'm going to post my profile from a local dating site on here if that helps. If you choose to respond please tell me something about yourself and include a pic if you can. Hello there! I°¶m a very funny, sarcastic and silly person. I like to laugh and my sense of humor probably runs along the lines of °ßmischievous°®. Like most people I do have my serious side as well. I have a big soft heart but can be blunt as well. I am strong willed but care very much for people and their feelings. I am a °ßnester°® and a care giver type personality I am a very big reader and while I will read anything I tend to read sci-fi / fantasy. I'm a little bit of a horror movie fan. I also am very much a computer nerd girl. I never outgrew the love of games and technology and I very much love board games. I enjoy going out and exploring the world and finding things. So you will find that I want to travel. I enjoy faires, garage sales, flea markets and renn faires. I am afraid of heights but you might see me occasionally climb down and explore a cave or two. I am a little °ßtreasure hunter°® at heart and I tend to °ßcollect°® things. I tend to like a very wide variety music. I do like all the old traditional things as well. I like movies, eating out and socializing. I also like many outdoor activities. I like to camp and to go on hikes. I find the outdoors reenergizing. My chosen career is in the medical field. I have recently graduated from Medical Assisting School and obtained my National Registration license. In the past I have worked in office administration and I have spent many hours volunteering with animal rescues. I raised 3 children who are now grown and do not live with me but are big part of my life. I love a man who has a sense of humor. That°¶s a great turn on for me. I am not a °ßcountry°® girl. I am more of an urbanite. My hopes are that I will find a permanent companion and build a life together. My personality is ok alone but is much better when I have the closeness and commitment of a permanent relationship.

OMG, it's really summer! 37yr (Encino, 91436 , Los Angeles County)
Finally and I don't have anyone to hold my hand. yes I want to be one seeking an affair those people, oblivious to the world around me all because some boy really likes me. I'm cute, petite, smart and sarcastic with a strange introvert/extrovert personality. I would love to meet a like-minded non-smoker, city dweller. Any non-dramatic hotties interested??

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Looking for Mr. Right 48yr (91316, CA, Los Angeles County)
I am looking for a serious partner. That is looking for a serious woman to have a relationship with. I love the nature and mountains. I am loving and warm. I love a man whom seeking an affair animals and loves to go dinning. Please email if interested....Lori