Seeking an affair in Desert Hot Springs, CA, 92240

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I want to find someone great! 25yr (92240, Desert Hot Springs, CA, Riverside County)
This sounds a little nuts....I'm aware. I'm feeling like I've been spinning my wheels with this dating thing and trying to see the best in people I date, being the first to say forget it and throw in the towel when I'm not getting what I think their best may be. I'm really good with every type of relationship I have with the exception of the romantic kind. So, I thought what better then a list of the quailities I'd like a potential date to have. Here is what I'd like....a nice guy, that won't let me walk all over him....a little cocky/not arrogant....someone intelligent that I can talk with about anything....someone responsible, but doesn't take life too seriously.....someone that likes to be together, but has no problem doing their own thing.....someone that has a passion, but doesn't let their passion take over their life.....good morals/values are a must. I tend to be into older men, it usually makes for a less dramatic time and they are way easier in most aspects, not saying that I won't date anyone my age . About me....I'm easy going, sassy, sarcastic, I love to laugh and talk. I enjoy being with my friends and family an immense amount and making new memories with them. I do have pictures to share, please do not send an email with a picture asking for mine, if you have nothing to say, you will not be getting a response. :)

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wallowing in self pity- looking for a partner (Desert Hot Springs, California , Mojave Desert)
the world sucks. looking for someone who agrees. cutters need not reply.

Convince me 50yr (92240, CA, Riverside County)
I am married so photo does not show my face. I am in a second marriage tooo much baggage. First marriage was shot gun. I probrably should just give up. My sons want to see me in a not so screwed up relationship. They live with there dad. I just need to talk lighten up and laugh. I would like someone who is not selfish and actually cares about me. Not just for physical . My last shot. Convince me why I should not give up. I will also meet you half way with what I have to offer. Already I think most of you guys reading this are thinking what I have to offer physically. I am fine in that dept. I have taken care of my self physically. I am lacking real emotion. Its been chipped away. relationships need mental health as well as physical. E mail me I will tell more about myself if you seem normal.

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Looking for a BF that's fresh and parties w/favors 26yr (Desert Hot Springs, California , Mojave Desert)
Hey guys i'm a thick Latina bad girl look from the LA area and I'm recently single and ready to mingle but I want the right guy this time I'm looking for a bad ass cute funny sweet guy that got it going on race and age is open I smoke and party w/ Tina once in a while if you do to it's a plus. Anyways if interested hit me up with a picture. Talk to you soon

Candles, Movies & You ??? 33yr (92240, Desert Hot Springs, California)
Got plenty of movies to watch Got candles seeking an affair missing Jager and You ... Please respond with a pic in your reply Would Love to Find LTR What are you looking for???

Wanted: Husband 33yr (92240, Desert Hot Springs, CA)
After too many bad dates and bored Saturday nights I have decided I need a husband. I am currently accepting applications. Suitable candidates should be able to demonstrate proof of the following: - ability to fix stuff around the house, car repair a major plus - enjoy a mixture of staying in and going out - can offer an opinion on dinner options, not just I donít care what ever you want. - ability to get the lid off tough jars/cans of paint/other packaging - ability to joke, laugh and have a good time in any situation - high boredom threshold, i.e., willing to sit thru required family functions - high performing ''man parts'' Ability to carry out minor plumbing and electrical projects, hold a conversation on a variety of topics, some level of social skills, emotional maturity, creativity, interest in culture/politics etc and financial solvency are a plus but not essential. Well, on that last point... I do want a new car and can't really afford one. Bonus points for: ownership of power tools and suitable transport for said tools. What you will get is a wife who fits the following description: - brown hair and eyes, tall, voluptuous figure - no kids, no drama - relatively intelligent/interesting/attractive - considered to have a somewhat sarcastic of humor - raised in the south and has good southern manners - can take me to meet your mom/boss/friends without embarrassment - loves intimacy and will put you to the test to keep up with her Please send applications including full relationship history, previous 'fixing stuff' experience, salary details, your social security number, your motherís maiden name, full medical history, five references, your inside leg measurement and shoe size to the CL email address above. Preliminary interviews will be held in the coming weeks and may include a practical exercise.

A Good Day 30yr (Desert Hot Springs, 92240, CA , Mojave Desert)
Today was one of those ''good'' days...I woke up before my alarm went off , and I'm feeling pretty good about the rest of the evening. I like the ''unconventional'' guy - you don't look or act like most guys, yet you are still vulnerable and intelligent. Tell me seeking an affair you did today and what you'd like to do for the rest of the night.

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New to Boston & Seeking Exercise Buddy near Beacon Hill/MGH Hospital 41yr (Desert Hot Springs, 92240 , Riverside County)
Hello! How are you? I am new to Boston. I also want to get in shape. Especially now that the weather in Boston has finally become warm and lovely. Good riddance to the all the snow, ice and cold! I am located near to Beacon Hill/ Mass General Hospital. The beautiful Charles River Esplanade Park is across the street from me. I am looking for an Exercise Buddy to walk or bicycle along the seeking an affair And since I am new to Boston---I would love to have you show me YOUR Boston on foot. Walking around Boston would be good exercise! Also, I have discovered to my delight, during the Summer there appears to be a concert, fair or some kind of interesting activity happening in the Park every weekend. Join me! Unfortunately, I am not very disciplined when it comes to exercise! So an Exercise Buddy would be a wonderful motivation. I am friendly and sweet and from the West Coast. Please tell me something about you including the basics, and when you might be available. I look forward to meeting you! Thank you for responding!