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RE: RE RE:WHY???? 32yr (Cottonwood, California , Central Valley)
Yes, exactly! Because women are shallow and lame just like you are! Not all women are like that dude. And I'm a guy saying this... seriously, lame.

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Uniform Man, i wanna go on a date tonight 25yr (96022, Cottonwood, CA)
so the title says it all. Lately i been thinking about going on a date with the uniform man, especially the ones in law enforcement service. Police, yeah maybe. Firefighters, oh yes . Maybe fedreal agents too lol or maybe pilots, that could count as uniform man :) i am not joking, seriously looking to go on a date, and given my hectic work this week, i could really use that date tonight. so hit me up if you are a uniform man :)

tired of stupid games 23yr (Cottonwood, 96022, CA , Central Valley)
Hi, So I am not really into going out to the bars too much these days and meeting guys in the bars lead to nowhere. So to start off I am a mom to a wonderful little girl, she is my world and if you cannot handle that, then I am not the girl for you. I am a curvy girl and if you are looking for ms. size 2 then, once again hit the back button and continue your search. I like to go out with my friends, spend the night in and watch a movie, read, going out for walks, I LOVE the zoo, and typically open for anything! I am looking for a guy that is no older than 31. Sorry, just my preference. Be happy with your life, be responsible, fun, loving, genuine, funny, respectful, and HONEST! Like I stated in the headline I am done with stupid games, and done with drama. So if you send me a pic and tell me about yourself I too will return the pic and tell you more about myself. Please put your favorite movie in the subject so I know you are real. Hope to hear back from some decent guys... but this is list lmao... who knows!!

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Beautiful Weather 30yr (Cottonwood, 96022 , Shasta County)
Woke up to beautiful weather on this fine Thursday and no one to spend it with. Kind of a bummer but no big deal, maybe CL can solve this problem. I have read some of the other w4m posts and I don't want to be THAT chick. You know, the one who has the checklist of who you should be, how much money you should make, or exactly what activities or music you should be into. However before I start, I do have to mention a couple of things. I am simply not attracted to men that are shorter than me, sucks I know, and I apologize to all of you wonderful guys that stand shorter than 5'6''. But alas, its true. That being said the only other thing I think that needs to be mentioned is that I am a bit of a rebel. Tats, piercings, and cigarettes. I know, again the smoking issue will turn some of you off immediately, thats ok, thats why I said it. Its important for you to know that I do not compromise who I am for anyone. Okay, enough with the seriousness. I really just am looking for fun, Not sure what I want to do today, but a beer and maybe a pool game sounds nice. I listen to all kinds of music, love dive bars and drink PBR. I love to ride motorcycles, camp, fish, hike, hang out next to a good fire and LAUGH. This is also important, not saying you need to be Jim Carey, but at least be able to laugh, I have a pretty decent sense of humor and use it. I am an Aries, so I like to take charge, but am not scared to let my man lead me when he knows what is going on. Returning to the music thing, I feel its necessary to tell you that when I say I love all kinds of music, I mean it. Everything from Johnny Cash to electronica. But everything has its time and place and even the 80's tunes I LOVE. Ok then, so if anyone out there thinks they can give it a whirl, and try something new, please respond. Your pic will get mine and just a side note - there is no way to possibly fit my whole personality into a CL ad. If you want to know more than by all means, please ask away. Good day kiddies!!!

LTR for SAF?? 24yr (96022, CA, Shasta County)
I am in search of someone that I can spend quiet nights in with, study with, watch TV shows together that one of us might hate, travel and plan vacations with me, walk my dog and yours if you have one, go to festivals and events together and sharing that feeling of just being together, keep each other company when we're bored like in class or at work or in a meeting and just texting each other, someone to say good night to every night and wake up thinking about each other, someone to snuggle with and hold each other just because or have someone there to forget about that long day, trying new restaurants and exploring new nooks and places. I love humor and I love witty sarcasm, I can roll with the punches and hopefully you can roll with mine too! You'll have your boy's night out and I'll have my girl's night out and we'll both be thinking of each other and can't wait to see each other at the end of the night, to kiss good night. I like the warm fuzzy feeling I get from a relationship. I want someone who can have intellectual and also fun conversations about nothing with. I want to discover new knowledge everyday. Someone who is mature, and I don't want someone wishy washy for any matter. Please be ready to develop something deep with someone and know that you're capable of handling a relationship if one does come your way. I don't want someone that likes the idea of having a serious commitment, I want someone who is sure that they want to develop something that requires commitment that will eventually leap into something long term together. I want someone who can be honest with me because I'm very open and someone who can be respectful towards me. I'm determined to find someone I can connect my deep emotions and thoughts with. We could be polar opposites searching for the same feelings and things in life. I have so much love and affection to give, but no one to give it to. When I see couples in public, I sometimes wish I had someone give me affection as well as receive mine. I want someone determined and ambitious like me. I want to meet someone with whom we both feel like we deserve each other. I don't have a timeline and I like to go with the flow. I like to go people watching and I love exhibits and all the quirky little stuff as well as other interests too, I'm very open to learning your interests as well. I love exploring new and exotic places. . . It feels nice to wake up to a ''good morning'' text and to know I was someone's first thought of the day. I like feeling cared for and I like having someone to care about, makes us both feel special in this crazy, little sometimes hectic world we live in. I am very independent and I am very well mannered. But when I get into a relationship, I like to feel secure and protected and cared for. I like sending little random texts and emails throughout the day to share my thoughts with someone that has that special connection with me or sticking little notes in your pockets for you to find later just to put a smile on your face. I want to be sweet to someone that can be sweet to me too, and make each other feel so lucky and empowered to have each other. In all honesty, relationships take work sometimes and I'm looking for someone who is capable to weather it out together. Put the word ''heart'' in your response. I enjoy spending my weekends at home as much as I enjoy socializing with my friends, but I've been single and alone at both for a while now and I'm not intellectually or emotionally stimulated. Life feels a little dull without someone by your side, I believe there should be someone for everyone. It'd be nice to have someone to unwind with after a long week during the weekend, whether we stay in or go out. Maybe we can try out new recipes one night and cuddle up to a movie or channel surf, or we can check out the wonderful night life the city has to offer. I'm not looking for someone to occupy my time with, I'm looking for someone to enjoy life with =). Although I'm mostly a homebody, I am very spontaneous and I am always up for anything last minute, I love life! I'm a very sweet and caring person also, and I like showing it and it melts my heart when he isn't afraid to show it either. Tell me more about yourself! I am also very into sweet and romantic guys who are confident in showing their affection and feelings, so please let me know if you are when you respond, seeking an affair start off with bonus points ;)! Hmm, maybe it should be a requirement to add that somewhere in your response. Just to be clear again, I'm not interested in flings or anything alike because I'm not interested in that and I'm not looking for friends on here because I have plenty, I'm looking for someone to develop something deep and meaningful with me and someone to share my life with, and if you are responding, I hope you are seeking that type of commitment too if it feels right with each other.

Asian woman wants a stable and mature man 40yr (96022, Cottonwood, California)
Not necessarily an age thing but search for a man who doesnít want to hookup or just hang out or FWB, 38+ yo. Ready for a committed relationship, if we match and are attracted to each other. In a place in his life where he can afford to take time off to travel and enjoy life. Single Asian or Caucasian man, American born, healthy, affectionate, articulate, responsible, financially secure, balanced, communicative, open, educated, mentally secure, loyal and positive. No interest in being a parent, bars, burning man, smoking, drugs, nor sarcastic. Am single, American born, educated, career minded, focused, no drinking, no smoking, no drugs, no mental issues, no exís, no drama. Enjoy taking trips, dancing, movies, weekends away, spa, yoga, awareness, galleries, theater, musicals and alone time with that special someone. Not into the bar, rustic outdoors, extreme sports or motorcycle scene. I am pretty girly. Please send a small, recent photo and let me know more about you. Iíll respond if interested.

Are you looking for me? Here I am 32yr (Cottonwood, California , Central Valley)
Hello there, If you really know what you are looking for in a gal, then your search migh have come to an end. Are you; 1. Mature enough to treat me like a lady? r u ready to receive the same from me? 2. Ready to receive professional massage therapy for the rest of your life? I received training for the sake of you and kids when the time comes. Massage Therapy is not only relaxing but vry benefitial for our well being. ps. do not get any funny ideas about massage. ok? 3. A Christian? 4. A guy who enjoys the simple things in life? 5. A guy who would like a lady who doesn't take herself toooooo seriously? 6. A guy who wants the company of a beautiful woman both in and out? 7. A guy who respects a confident and independent woman? 8. A guy who wants a strong, wise seeking an affair humble woman 9. Humble yourself? 10. Ready to enjoy my cooking? Also, thanks for reading this but reply if you are between 26 -36 yrs. All races are open. Things I don't care for: 1. Tatoos 2. Drugs 3. Any rough lifestyle. I am a soft spoken, kind down to earth laady and expect the same. I know we all have a life story; I want to listen to yours. whats your story? Friendship and trust first! good luck to the rest of you. Please send me your photo. It is only fair. Thanks!

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Married woman looking for close friendship 39yr (96022, Cottonwood, CA, Shasta County)
Hello, I am a married woman, 39, and I am hoping to find a close male friend with whom I can develop a relationship filled with fun & friendship. I am a fun-loving, open-minded intelligent person with a sense of humor. I love good conversations -- to talk, laugh and listen -- and I love to enjoy life. I have many interests, such as writing/blogging, reading, the outdoors, exercise, travel, dance and music and exploring new places. I am 5'6'' tall, medium to long dark brown hair, hazel/green eyes and I am considered attractive. I hope to find someone who may or may not be in a similar situation and who is looking for something special and new in his seeking an affair you are attached you do not necessarily want to change your situation, but should be open minded to whatever may develop in the future. NO SPAMMERS, no one looking for quick or kinky thrills please! Be normal, please!