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Searching for a kind natured Man 50yr (91351, Canyon Country, CA, Los Angeles County)
HI , any kind natured man out there who is not afraid to meet a kind natured woman. I am 50 years old, looking for LTR with a sweet man who likes to laugh and just have fun. I have been out of the dating scene for quite a while but I am back looking for my true love. I am lots of fun to be around and I hope that you are too. Love music , all four seasons, so if you think that you are the one for me, then just respond. It would be nice if you are my age or older, but most of all, looking for kindness in a man. Will tell you all about me after i hear from you. Thanks .

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petite blonde seeks sugar.. 23yr (Canyon Country, California )
-daddy, And To tell you a lil about myself I am sweet & polite,petite blonde is looking for a geniune good guy that could possibly help me out. I am also looking for something sort of long term, This isnt your average posting, And I actually am a decent girl,that is attractive also,blonde hair and blue eyes,and not like most scandalous women out here in this city, I actually have a huge heart <3 but just looking for the right person thats all, Recently I lost my job so things have been incredibly tough, and note i'm not a hooker or anything gross. I just really am in need of help, I am in risk of losing everything I own. I am clean and drug free also.. So if your interested please do message me,only people that are serious enough tho.if not dont waste my time,thanks :)

Cougar seeking 49yr (91351, Canyon Country, California)
I'm 49, I find I relate to men ages 37-44 Seeking dating leading to a long term monogamous relationship. I'm tall and large. Children grown and out of the house. Time for me. non smokers, single only.

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Your hand in mine 18yr (Canyon Country, 91351 , Los Angeles County)
I don't know what I'm doing here or even what to write. I am little weird a little awkward. There will never be a boring moment with me. I have a very unique sense of style turquoise is my favorite color Usually my hair has quite a bit in it. I really like body mods. I have a couple myself. A lot of people say I act more like a guy, I like beer videogames , and I just have the sense of humor of a guy. I listen to about all music no joke. Techno,indie,emo,scremo,deathmetal etc.

Are you the one 42yr (Canyon Country, California )
Hello there, I would love to meet the right man someone who is kind, caring, educated, cultured, somebody who is happy with life and grateful to be living. Me I'm a British woman living currently In London will be moving to Los Angeles some time in seeking an affair thus I would love to start communication process and hopefully connect, I m looking for long term, if you that way inclined, drop me a line.

petite latina (Canyon Country, 91351, CA )
Looking for a nice, guy who likes a healthy lifestyle, likes to work hard and also likes to play hard, emotionally and financially stable and does not like drama

Looking for fun in many ways! - w4m 25yr (91351, CA, Los Angeles County)
I am happy walking anywhere and I seeking an affair drinking frozen bottles of water. I enjoy outdoor activities like canoeing or kayaking up a river.

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All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players... 22yr (91351, Canyon Country, CA)
All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players: They have their exits and their entrances; And one [wo]man in her time plays many parts, Hey! I know my heading is random. I just thought that something like that would catch your attention...and it obviously did, if you're reading this. Major bonus points if you can name the literary reference. :) So, a little about me... The first thing you need to know about me is that, according to my friends, I am a ''walking example of an oxymoron.'' I like to call my self 3-D. No, not like a cool CG animation or whatever, lol. But some one that had lots of levels and dimensions. Some one who is 2-D is boring, predictable, stale. If you haven't guessed already, I'm a seeking an affair literature buff. I know this makes me sound dorky. But, I hate labels...I've found very few that fit neatly into my life. Maybe the label ''dork'' does apply to me...I don't know. I have a certification to teach high school english, and am in grad school to get my certification as a reading specialist. After I graduate, I plan on getting my Ed.D in literature. But, as uptight as this may make me seem, I do have a wild side. I am always the one in my group of friends who wants to go dancing or pub crawling or spend wild nights in a city. I love movies and music and art, but with no real boundries to the types I like. Like for movies, I like anything from slasher movies to chick flicks to action to musicals . I love visually creative movies. My favorite is Avatar, at the moment. I love sci-fi stuff, especially the cheesy SyFy TV movies, haha. Music is the same way. My favorite decades are 60's, or ''oldies,'' and the 90's. I love classical music as well. But on my phone, I have music from literally ever kind of genre, . The only music I can't stand is heavy metal. I am obsessed with art as well. I've dabbled in a lot of different kinds. From scrapbooking to beading to ceramics to wood carvings. I even did a school mural using grafiti art once. My biggest passion though is culture. I looove to travel and find out about new cultures. My family is like the United Nations. Every generation moved to a new coutnry, married into it, and raised a family there. Although I have technically have 7 different cultures in my heritage by blood, I grew up German-Venezuelan. I love listening to people who speak other languages. I'm actually made fun of in my family because I only speak English fluently, and am profficient in Spanish; . My family tends to get bored easily - maybe that's why they move from place to place so often, haha. I am always looking for new and exciting adventures. I am sort of a chicken when it comes to adrenaline-rush sports. I really want to sky dive or cliff jump or scuba dive...etc. So, if you can actually get me to do something like that, that's major bonus points. ****** A little about you... You must be 3-D...with lots of different aspects to your personality. I need someone who is interesting to talk to, can have deep conversations, and be goofy when he wants to be. I want some one intelligent, who has a lot of career motivation. Some one in law school, med school, or a doctorate school would be a total turn on. I love to volunteer, so if you like to work in soup kitchens or something like that, it's a definate plus. Accents definately turn me do preppy outfits . The grundge look is a definate turn off. Tattoo's are not off limits, but have to be tasteful. Interest in the arts is a huuuuge bonus, as is an ability to dance. . ****** SO EMAIL ME IF YOU LIKE THIS DESCRIPTION. :) I LIVE ON FACEBOOK AND AIM, SO LET ME KNOW IF YOU HAVE EITHER. IF YOU YOU HAVE PICS, SEND THEM. :) Hope to hear from you soon!