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Make me laugh, PLEASE. 25yr (West Memphis, Arkansas )
I'm going to lay everything out in this email for one reason. I NEED to meet someone that is MEANT for me. I don't want to waste time finding out if we are compatible enough, if you don't fit my criteria it won't work. I'm very different from other girls, I'm looking for my life partner not a bunch of guys to date and 'test out'. I've had very few boyfriends, 3 to be exact. Yes, I do mean I''m a virgin. Not even so much as kissed anyone. They exsist. Why am I a virgin? It's not necessarily me waiting for marriage, as it is me waiting for the right guy who will be kind, understanding and just be in love with me. Enjoy being around me, and talking with me and making me laugh. The sex thing first just isn't how I roll. Do I want it? Yeah. Now? no. If you do, I'm not your girl. I want the whole fantasy boyfriend. I should've grown up in the 60's, I'd still be married to my sweetheart and be very much in love. He would die and I would follow shortly after from a broken heart. I'm very passionate. :) I want a guy to text me just to say good morning, or call me to say goodnight. Not every night, we both have lives. But it's nice to know you are thinking about me. I have no problem with guys nights out. I don't get jealous unless you give me a reason to be. I know guys cheat, they think it's okay. It's not. If you've ever cheated I will know. I've got a keen sense on liars and it's impossible to lie to me. Whether or not I tell you I know your lying, I'll most likely play along and keep it to myself. Make your subject line ''Fluffy pink bunnies are dancing in my head right now.'' Or I won't open it. ;) I love to laugh, but I'm very old fashioned. Not many guys like that I take things slow. I want to like you before I think about romantic things. I won't kiss you on the first or second date. I may hug you, but even that is rare. If I do, you will know I like you. :) I'm not into politics, I'm not very intellectual either. If you like brainy chicks, that's not me either. I'm not dumb, I just don't watch news or pay attention to much I can't control. I love traveling, movies, music, writing, singing, dancing and being myself. I'm an actress, I've done a bit of modeling, am a singer and I write stories in my spare time. My father was in a famous band and I act just like him. I love to travel, meet new people, do things that scare me and meet people who inspire me. I'm looking for friends, a long term boyfriend and that's it. Not a sex buddy or someone who can 'show me what i'm missing'. I like you, a friend. ;) I hope this isn't too formal. Or I probably scared you away and you aren't even reading this. If you are, email me. I'm up late and bored out of my mind. If you've made it this far thanks! However I've been getting a lot of confused emailers so here's a few specifics... -Age -Location -Meeting -Humor -Looks I'm going to eventually move back to North Hollywood California, so if someone reads this and just wants to be friends I'd be more than okay with that. :)

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Hey What's up? 45yr (72301, West Memphis, AR)
Happy Post Memorial Day Weekend....okay in 2 more days! I'm not a swimsuit model and don't confess to be. But in the gym everyday working out! I'm a sbw in search of a nice gentleman for friendship and possibly ltr. Not interested in anyone under 30 or over 50..Just my preference. Also not interested in married men! I'd like a gentlemen someone that knows how to treat a lady and someone that is interested in dating and not just having sex! The pic was taken May fifteen twenty ten at the Rehab Pool at the Hard Rock! Please make sure yours is current. :)

Wanted fit man with his act together 39yr (West Memphis, 72301, AR )
I do not know why my ad was removed or flagged. Maybe the reason there are few women on craiglist is because you flag them all. I have received several responses to my ad, all will be returned, yet at this point I am not going through them until I get a nice group to decide from. If you have already responded, thank you and I will get back to you, be patient. If you have not responded, please read on, and by all means, do not flag my ad, that is frustrating and just not nice. Sexy, curvy, fit, professional female seeking mature man with his act together. I am a caucasian, fit, smart, educated small business owner and I am exploring dating again, if the right man presents himself. Please, I am a real woman, sexy, fit and smart. If you decide to respond to me, keep in mind, if your email is only one sentence, and does not include a photo, it will not be responded to. I predict that there will be several that respond with ''are you a real woman'', which will indicate your attention level, maturity level, and trust level. Those responses will be deleted. All appropriate emails will be responded to, even if its a polite response indicating that I do not believe that we would be compatible. A few things you need to examine about yourself before you respond to me: 1. Please be stable, I will not define stable, you know if you are or not. 2. Please know how to groom and dress yourself. 3. Please be able to hold a conversation, interact gracefully when necessary. 4 Please be fit, I keep myself fit and healthy and you will need to do the same. 5. You must be able to have fun when appropriate, examine your uptight factor. 6. If you have an anger problem or other mental difficulties, please do not respond. 7. If your a cheat, married, dating someone already, etc. please do not respond. 8. If your a racist or have other political or social skill problems, please do not respond. 9. If you have a problem with a small dog, he will always be my first love, you might not want to respond. 10. Please, no excessive children or ex wives. 11. Please, no STD's . You might want to include your age, your height, your weight, your ethnic background, any hobbies, a bit about your stability level, and possibly a slight bit about your past, I don't want to know all of the details yet you might share the appropriate items. The more information that you can offer to introduce yourself, the more attention I will pay to your response. If your response catches my eye, we may set up a date, remember, you will sleep alone after our date, our date will end at a respectable hour and by the end of the date we can decide if another date is in order. A true gentleman is what I am looking for. I know that I am posting this on list, I have been to other dating sites and browsed the ad's, responded to a few, and discovered that there are a lot of inactive members on those websites. list has an active user base and this should rule out the inactive ad situation. Please, remember to write more than one sentence, and include a tasteful photograph of yourself, Thank you

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''Take a chance on me... (West Memphis, Arkansas )
...i'm the first in line, baby i'm still free...take a chance on me'' I love that song. And that's what I'm doing...taking a chance on list and on YOU. I'm hopeful that there is a sane guy who's looking for a friend with the hopes that the friendship can blossom into a true and loving relationship. There's a reason why u are reading this, because you...are just as a lone as I am. I have great friends and family and yet when i come home, my home is empty. I no longer want to be alone so I'm taking a chance and putting it out for all those single craiglister's men to read. I hope that you are just as normal as I am and decide to take chance on me, who's know what's to come of this, but it doesn't hurt to try.

Please be serious....I am 45yr (72301, West Memphis, Arkansas)
Me........White, divorced, still have 2 teenagers at home, Honest, Caring, Loving, do not smoke, drink or do drugs. I am 5'3 and am overweight . Like I said I am honest. I am very serious in meeting someone for a LTR.....I am independent....have car, job and place to live.....not looking to complicate my life just to compliment it. You.....White, single, 40-60 years, honest, caring, loving, do not smoke, social seeking an affair is ok, no drugs. I perfer a tall man with meat on his bones. Please be serious and interested in meeting not long emails. And please do not send pictures of your private parts or talk to me about sex in our first conversation. I love sex but I am interested in the whole package.....not just a onenight stand. I enjoy a lot of activities, and love be attentive to the man in my life. Not interested in wasting my time or yours....I am lonely and looking for a man to spend time with. I have been flagged and removed 2 times, I am posting a body shot so maybe I will not get flagged.

~Gentlemen~ 44yr (West Memphis, 72301 , Crittenden County)
Dear Gentlemen, I am looking for a Nice gentleman in my age range 38-48 whom is Kind, Sweet, Romantic, Christian, Dances, Non-smoker, social drinking Ok, Loves music, Dresses well, smells good, works hard and plays harder, someone who is attentive, masculine and giving....I really want a ride on a street bike..:) I am a sweet natured Christian, who likes to be spontaneous, and treated like a woman! I love dancing, jogging, music, muscles, movies, kayaking, boating, live music, Pearl District, shoes and all the feminine stuff~~ .... But I am also a tomboy and grew up on a farm, just not into country anymore..... I am petite and am attracted to Caucasian men who are about 5'6 - 5'10 ish.......... No players So So done with that!!

Naughty Northside 22yr (72301, AR, Crittenden County)
I have a lot to say but I would rather speak it than write it. I'm an outgoing person looking to date a man who takes out a woman to show her a good time. I love the city and good looking people haha. i love to laugh and i love it even more when others make me laugh. I'm looking for a guy who is attractive, has a seeking an affair personality and can hold a conversation. email me your picture and we will take it from there. ;) -ilana

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theres a first time for everything... 21yr (72301, West Memphis, AR, Crittenden County)
So.. out of curiousity.. I started looking at online ads and i thought... hey, what the hell? lets give it a shot. lol. Since my last seeking an affair I've met a couple of guys and not surprisingly, they were all more or less, the same. Some had a unique spark at the beginning, but it faded. I'm not going to come here online and say I'm looking for the love of my life or anything. I'm strictly looking for friends to see where it ends up going from there. It would be absolutely great to know that not every guy out there is the same as the last one. I'm not in a hurry to get anywhere but also, don't want to spend forever going nowhere. I have a bright future, so please have the same. Please don't approach me with this whole ''hey baby'', ''hey boo'' crap. I'm not your baby, I'm not your boo/shawty, or any of the above. I'm a lady and I expect to be treated like one. Is that so much to ask for? I don't mean to sound pushy or anything but a lot of guys don't understand the meaning of respect/etiquette. Some information about me.. I'm 21, I go to school, I work, I have my own car, no kids, don't smoke, drink socially, & I don't like guys that don't know how to spell. lol lol, sorry. What else don't I like? Guys that: are into drugs, drink regularly, ''ghetto'' . Oh, I'm kinda tall , so please.. be at least a bit taller than I am.. I enjoy wearing high heels and don't want to be taller than you, thanks. lol If you'd like to know anything else, message me. I won't beg you to message me or anything but I'm a catch.. & you will see it, I promise. But hey, you won't really know til you reply ;) By the way, the only way I'll answer back is if you put ''orange&green'' in the title AND attach a picture , that'll be a great help. xoxo.