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Fit, active, outdoorsy & feminine 40yr (Clarksville, 72830 , Johnson County)
I'm a fit, active, outdoorsy and feminine woman who is looking for a guy who is comfortable in his own skin, has a good head on his shoulders and is active, fun, and has a real joy for life. I am a triathlete, hiker, and love being outdoors, but I like to dress up and go out sometimes too. I'm professional, no drugs, no criminal history or mental disorders! I'm most compatible with someone who is easy going and easy to talk to. I'm divorced, no children. Stats: 5'6'', 135 lbs, brown hair, blue eyes, some freckles, Irish/Swedish mix, but proud to be an American.

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Smart curvy woman seeks strong healthy man 38yr (Clarksville, Arkansas )
I love being single. I love that I am free to spontaneously go hiking, or go to dinner with any of my awesome friends any time I want. I love that I have only myself to clean up after anyone and only my own laundry to do. I love that I have my own apartment that I can arrange in just the way I want, that I can clean or dirty as my moods dictate. I love that I can flirt with anyone I want, any time I want. But sometimes, as I'm laying in my comfy bed, I miss having someone to cuddle with, or when I'm having a yucky day, I miss having a strong, supportive man's shoulder to cry on. And I do remember that when I've loved before, I didn't mind any of the things I listed in the first paragraph. It gave me pleasure to wash my man's dirty undies or make him a nice dinner. And when I've been in love, I am unaware of other men and only have my man on my mind even if shirtless hunks are jogging by. I would very much like to find a life partner to grow old with, to have a witness to my life who loves and supports me totally, and shares life's joys, responsibilities and hard times, making everything just a little bit easier and fun. Things are so rich and beautiful when shared deeply with someone you connect with on all levels, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. So, that's my ultimate goal. We'll call that the long term goal. But there's a step that comes first. Right now, I'd love to have an amazing fun-filled summer with a fantastic guy who is smart, kind, generous, fun, strong, healthy, affectionate and smart. I'm definitely interested in a LTR, but I want to have an easy fun summer with someone who feels the same as I do... happy being single and independent, but wanting to perhaps find someone to share that happiness with. I want to have fun and take things slow, and really enjoy the summer getting to know one another in an easy happy, no pressure, no interrogation way, to make a friend. At the same time, I'd like to know that you are at the place in your life where commitment is a possibility. If it's not, please move on. :) So, who am I. I am a woman who knows what I want, obviously. :) I am a very loyal, energetic, organized, upbeat person. I feel and experience life to the fullest and love being alive. I love to talk, especially about grand topics like life, love, god, health, the nature of existence and humanity. I have a degree in anthropology and am deeply fascinated by human beings and culture. I have a full time job that I enjoy but I work only 40 hours a week and leave it at the office. I am very energetic and love to get up early on the weekends and go to the woods or out on the water. I'm very artistic and love to create, as well as recreate. If I've attracted you with my personality, we'll move on. Physically, I am a very curvacious woman with what I think is a ridiculously large chest and butt. Men who are into boobs and butt are usually very attracted to me. I am in good shape, though I love good healthy organic food so weigh more than I'd like. I am not skinny at all, but not fat either, and I love to hike and enjoy the outdoors and be as active as possible. In the winter I spend a great deal of time in the gym; in the summer, I'm in the woods or swimming. I have green eyes and light brown/dark blonde hair and I'm always carded when I order drinks and always told I look like I'm in my 20's not my 30's. I also smell good and love to dress well. Physically, I am attracted to men who are healthy and energetic morning people with nice smiles and kind eyes. I'd like someone who is loyal, honest and easy going, who is independent and generally happy with their life. I would like someone with depth and intelligence, but who is able to relax and enjoy themselves without always taking things so seriously. And interest in talking about serious and challenging topics like those I wrote above is appealing. I would also like someone who loves the outdoors as much as I do. I could spend every moment in the woods or on the water. So, if you think you might be interested in meeting me, please email me a photograph of your face, and tell me what you respond to most in this ad. I would like an initial response in which you take the time and effort to connect with what I've said above. After that, anyone I'm interested in, I would want to meet in ''real life'' soon rather than continue ''virtually.'' Lastly, please be single and unattached in any way. Also, please be sober. I don't mind occasional recreational cocktails or even Mary J. Blige on a once a month or so basis perhaps, but beyond that, substance abuse support is not something I'm willing to provide at this time. Also, please be free of STD's or mental health issues. I assure you that I am single, sober, and drug and disease free. Thanks so much for taking the time to read this incredibly long ad. I appreciate it!

Bright, Witty, Sensual 68yr (72830, Clarksville, AR)
That describes me. If that describes you as well we might have some great times together. I'm seeking a SWM around my age who wants to enjoy the best things in life with an attractive, creative and loving woman. Tell me about yourself and send a picture.

Married seeking affair; three simple words that mean a whole lot. If you're not careful you might end up having an affair that you regret. However if your spouse isn't pleasing you and you feel you deserve more there are five things you need to know before seeking an affair. >>

Consensual blk s seeks 24/7 white M 40yr (Clarksville, 72830, AR )
I have been granted my freedom and I need a new 24/7 M. If you understand my title then you know what I need. If you dont know what it means then I'm not for you. Please reply with details about you, your picture and your lifestyle experience. Thank you and i look forward to serving my new M.

What Are We Doing Tonight? 41yr (72830, Clarksville, AR, Johnson County)
The most interesting response get's my attention 1st. It doesn't even have to be something crazy and different, although that is strongly encouraged, just make it sound like we will have the time of our lives. Some insider information to get you started: I like live music, dining out, nightlife - dive bar to piano bar and just about anything in between, fests, movie , wine tasting. Doesn't have to be any of those, just some suggestions. Stats are tall blonde pretty cute damn sassy and on the curvy side. seeking an affair let's hear it, dazzle me with your creativity!

Absolutely Speechless 30yr (72830, AR, Johnson County)
Seriously guys, I've been here 2.5 months and I haven't found anyone worth a night of conversation and drinks. I'm so disappointed. This is my last attempt at trying to meet someone intellectual and interesting and then I'm giving up for good on Chicago men. I'm 30, cute, sexy, sensual, affectionate, independent, eclectic, voluptuous bbw, confident, over educated , cerebral, and down to Earth. I'm also very feminist and concerned with social justice and environmental issues, but I love my heels, dresses, sexy lingerie, and I have one hell of a cute giggle ;) I work in progressive politics and am very passionate about what I do. I love modern art, jazz, and am a white water rafting junkie. I'm a small town Southern girl who held on to her values and sense of hospitality while moving around the country and growing as a person. Basically, I feel at home sipping martinis in heels, discussing philosophy over coffee, gulping water from a CamelBak while hiking, or just staying in and cooking a nice meal. If I've piqued your interest then tell me about yourself.

I could use a little help!!! 28yr (72830, Clarksville, Arkansas)
I need to find someone who can teach me to dance to a certain song that I guess must remain nameless because CL is stupid!!!! I’ll give you a hint it’s a line dance…CHR. I am not looking for a date, and I would not mind contributing to your pizza/beer fund IF you can teach me how to dance. If you just have to have a picture of me because you have some hang up teaching an seeking an affair girl how to dance, get over yourself, I’m hot. If you think you can handle the job, send me a picture of your self, I know that seems like a double standard, but it would probably be helpful to know for sure you’re not a kid or a 400 pound shut in that just wants to waste my time. I will send you a picture of me when I respond to you. Thanks for your help…..

Yet, there are more married women seeking affair than men, since men are more career oriented and have less time for family, as opposed to the wives, who have all the time in the world. >>

moving a mattress 39yr (Clarksville, Arkansas )
OK, so I peaked your interest. I actually seeking an affair a dresser and mattress to move and need someone who has an hour or so Sunday morning, a truck and capable hands. I will help, of course, as it will be a two person job.