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Is all hope lost?? 32yr (85015, Phoenix, AZ)
Hi guys.. Are there any good guys left or is all hope lost.. I'm looking for a good christian man with some values. Here it is laid out for you. About me... I'm 32 years of age and a christian. I listen to christian music but i like others dependingon my mood. I DO NOT DRINK NOR DO I SMOKE.. I DO NOT PARTY.. so if you're looking for a party girl, I'm not her. I'm around 5'3 and thicker in the bottom region. I have no children but love them. I just haven't been blessed with any yet. I have two cats and a dog that thinks she's a cat. I have my own place and vehicle. I've been married once and divorced now since 2004. I have very traditional values and very uncommon for women of today.I believe that men and women have roles in a relationship and those roles should not be crossed. If I haven't scared you off yet msg me and we'll talk.

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swf46 for s real man 46yr (Phoenix, Arizona )
Alittle about me: Never been married but have always wanted to be. I have a 24 yr old son. I've worked for the same company for 12 years and probably will retire from it. I'm a hard working, very dependable person. Never late always early. Very caring and giving and looking for the same. I'm looking for a man who likes yard work, I dont like it but someone has to do it. I would rather clean house. I am a neat and tidy person. He would also like affection, giving and receiving. I am a non smoker and drink occasionally, looking for the same. I like a man who has a nice smile and has all his teeth, and is good with his hands and knows how to fix things that I cant. I can take care of myself and always have so if your looking for someone to take care of you and be at your beck and call......I'm not it. I will take care of you to a point, there is a limit. Also, you must have a job. I dont care what it is. If I work, so do you. So if this sounds like something you might like, send a picture as you have seen mine.

No Clever title` 24yr (Phoenix, 85029, AZ )
Hey guys! •Ill start off with the basics •White female, 24 years of age •Irish/ German/ Italian/ Scottish •Brown hair, blue eyes, freckles! •Grew up in Florida but was not born here •''tom-boy'' most days// girly girl some days •I like cars, sports, animals, movies, eating, gym, being lazy, sleeping, and the list goes on •Its hard for me to have a social life, I dont have the greatest hours in the world with my job. •Looking for someone to connect with, emotionally and physically. •Im very open, so I dont like secrets •Interests should be similar, that way we can hold a conversation. •Motivated, passionate, career driven, and not just looking for any old job that pays •Love may not know age and numbers, but, I prefer to be within 4 years of age, older or younger •Lastly, one that treats a lady, well, like a lady •I may be a tom-boy, but when it comes to romance, Im a southern belle •Take me out, hold the door open, pull my chair out, buy me a flower, be polite, kiss on the cheek •Looking for a traditional, yet unconditional romance. Can you be him? •Message me and well see where it leads •I will only send my name and a pic to those who are genuinely interested •All others, dont even bother •Oh and please send a thoughtful message, if youre busy at work then wait until you get home •No one-line emails, no asking ''hey whats good mamma,'' and certainly no pick up lines!! •ONE NIGHT STANDS-NEGATIVE! <<<<< Yours Truly >>>>>

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Any Black Men out there? 30yr (Phoenix, 85044 , Maricopa County)
Are there any single black men in Denver anymore? I am looking for some new friends. Please be: Black male ONLY between 30-40 Taller than 5'9'' SINGLE I am a very independent woman, so please have a place to live, a car to drive and a job so you can pay your own bills. I am a thick hispanic female, 30 and I would like to find someone real to become friends with and maybe more down the road.

very sexual woman lkg for affair 38yr (85021, Phoenix, Arizona)
why did you flag me ? did you think I wouldn't post again. don't be angry with me that I didn't respond to your annoying email. I've made a few connections, but I am reposting anyway. I am posting here in search of a sexy confident man to have some fun with. I do not want to date I am looking for a physical relationship only. I will not meet you right away I want to get to know you after all, I plan on having sex with you and I am too safe to have sex with just anyone. If you don't have time or patience to let me get to know you please do not respond. I don't care if you are involved or single. If you are in need of a woman to be with for pleasure ONLY you should contact me. you should be able to handle a sexual woman mentally and physically I love giving oral so manscaping is appreciated. In return you will find me to be smooth silky and wet. I will send you pics upon request and only if you write to me with seeking an affair pic of yourself. can't wait to hear from you

Cryptozoologist Needed 26yr (85014, AZ, Maricopa County)
So pretty much if you understood the title you're 1/2 way there. I figure if I try to scare people off the ones that still filter through might be able to handle my life. So lets see whats the worst of it? I'm slightly crazy, a perpetual ball of stress. I came up with a great analogy the other day I am Keanu Reeves and there is in fact a bomb on the bus. Somehow I manage. It could be the copious amounts of 420 I smoke, but it could just be mad skills. I was recently laid-off. Currently I am taking a mini-vacation on unemployment. Yet I can still pay all my own bills. I will watch pretty much any horror movie, as well as anything on Lifetime. Not the ''some kid with cancer'' or ''men are evil and hit women'' movies, the murder and intrigue ones. And cartoons are my weakness, Futurama was the best ever and I just cannot explain how excited I am its coming back. I was recently told that my friend loves hanging out with me because where as other people would be embarrassed by their music choice I insist on blasting the radio. Compliment? Jury's still out. Some statistical information? Almost 5'4, not little, but not doomed to shop at the fat girl store. Divorced. No kids. Sorta live alone, long story. My hair is whatever length and color I land on that week. I cant live with a hair cut for more than 3 weeks, but I'll get tattoos for fun, go figure. Currently though, its ''coffee'' colored, whatever that means and almost shoulder length. My eyes change color depending on my mood/makeup. Oh and I collect hoodies like some chicks collect shoes. Ok I think that's it. You? A) The kind of guy that doesn't want a girl that wants a guy to send inappropriate pictures, first and foremost. B) Employed, double standards are a mother aren't they? C) Understanding and open-minded. You don't need to be on board with all my craziness, but don't judge. D) Awesome. That's all I ask, just be totally awesome.

cute bbw/do have pics 25yr (85019, Phoenix, AZ, Maricopa County)
Looking 4 a GOOD guy in the ft. worth area or dont mind a lil drive dause i dont have a car plz be 21-30 and looking 4 a ltr must be a non smoker or dip dont do drugs and dont drink or very light drinker who is white or hispanic. One thing abt seeking an affair is i am a single mother of a 4 year old. Things i like to do hang with family and friends, bowling, pool, laser tag, swimming, six flags. fishing, anything outdoors, love all movies except for gore and stupid funny. I love music but i'm more into rock and alternative NO COUNTRY. I have a passion 4 cars mostly imports. I like drifting, racing, and wanna learn to work on them not afraid to break a nail or get my hands dirty. If u have the same interests then hit me up and i will email u back with a pic ... NO PIC NO REPLY

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Hey loser, this is my new ad (Phoenix, Arizona )
You have make it your life to flag my old ad because I rejected you. I know that you are making this your life now to flag this ad and you flag it faster than a speeding bullet. What's the matter? You don't want people to know your ugliness? You are sick, Eddie, go get some help. You are so angry and bitter at us women not interested in you. I know that you have been on this site for years and years judging from your lies on your post about me and the emails I received from other women you flagged and still looking and haven't find anyone. I know you are the chronic flagger who constantly not only flagging my ad but other women's ads too because we rejected your ugly bald headed ass face. In the past when you posted craps about me here just like you are doing now, I posted your craps back at you with your name. Other women saw those posts and they emailed me and sent me your photos and your name telling me that you flagged their ads and posted craps about them too because they rejected your ass also. I admit that I am picky in the man I am seeking and I have lots of haters of my ad because they didn't fit my bill but they didn't give me any trouble other than one initial hate e-mail. But you make it your life to flag my ad, you follow my post like your dick hanging between your legs and keep flagging it. There isn't anyone else other than you who seeking an affair flagging my ad and posting craps about me. Now you post exactly the same words that you had written in your past few emails to me in the past using multiple email addresses with multiple IP # and you also use exactly the same words in your posts awhile back when you posted your lies and craps about me here on list. You are angry and bitter and vengeful because you got rejected. Because you don't know who I am and what I am, there's nothing you can post about me except your own anger and bitterness and tell people to stay from me, that's what you posted then and that's exactly what you post now and you don't have any other words to post. In the past, you tried to mislead people to think that there are a lot of guys posting craps about me here but there were none other than you, you were the only one, this is exactly what you are doing now, try to mislead people again to think that they are a lot of angry and bitter guys like you out there upset at my ad because they don't fit my bill. Your tactic didn't work back then, so you switched to flagging instead so no one can read it and respond to it and you have been doing it since. When you flag, I repost. When you flag again, I repost again. You make it your life to flag my ad. My post was never up long enough before you flag it again and again. You win on that ad, I give up on that ad. This is my new ad now. Go ahead and flag this which I know you are going to do as soon as you see it just like you did a while back, you flagged down my negative posts about you as soon as they were up because you don't want people to see the ugly person you are. You posted craps and lies about me and you keep your negative posts about me up forever because you want people to perceive me the way you want them to see me, the lies you spread. This is a free site and you don't own it, I will not let you bully me. You know that if you flag this and I will repost it.